Wyoming Winds

Gillette College district starts receiving money

Trustees for the newly formed Gillette Community College District had and still have a long list of things to do before it achieves true independence.... more


Trustees approve UW reorganization, no layoffs

A major restructuring of academic programs at the University of Wyoming earned approval from the school’s board of trustees this week, but without layoffs and the deep budget cuts that were originally anticipated.... more

Cheyenne resident wins NPR’s ‘Sunday Puzzle’

Twenty-five years of listening to NPR’s “Sunday Puzzle” prepared Marion Yoder for the phone call of a lifetime. ... more

Powell family shares a love of classic cars

The Cole family has a love of classic cars, pickups and motorcycles that now spans a generation.... more


Teton commissioners stay the course on mask mandate

Activists opposed to the county’s mask mandate are continuing to wage a campaign of public comment and protest, aimed at having county commissioners lift the face covering requirement in Jackson Hole.... more


Wyoming news briefs for November 19

News from across Wyoming.... more


Feds to reconsider two elk feedgrounds following CWD discoveries

Following recent discoveries of Chronic Wasting Disease in feedground-supported elk herds, the U.S. Forest Service will conduct a detailed environmental review that could decide the fate of two Wyoming winter feeding operations.... more


Group asks for Jackson building moratorium

Eyes throughout the town of Jackson and beyond were focused on the Jackson Town Council on Monday as councilors heard from the public and discussed the idea of an emergency moratorium on building permits, as well as other options to solve the town’s housing crisis.... more


New path proposed for Sinks Canyon ‘via ferrata’

A much-debated man-made climbing route soon might be installed in Sinks Canyon State Park, but on a different cliff with no peregrine falcons.... more


Prosecutor’s office barred from manslaughter proceeding

After being barred from a recent hearing involving a man awaiting sentencing for manslaughter and other charges, the Laramie County district attorney has asked a district court judge to reconsider her actions.... more


Wyoming news briefs for November 18

News from across Wyoming.... more


Cody hospital vaccine mandate policy on hold

The West Park Hospital District board is taking a week to address some of the concerns raised by a series of impassioned speakers and board members before voting to approve a mandatory vaccine policy.... more


Campbell County Commissioners vote against using CARES dollars for vaccination campaign

Campbell County Commissioners voted against using federal dollars for an educational campaign about the COVID-19 vaccine, with one commissioner worried that the campaign would be veering into the territory of vaccine mandates.... more


Woman killed, multiple buildings lost in Clark nighttime blaze

A fire erupted on Monday night in Clark, claiming the life of one resident — along with two homes — as it rapidly burned across 300 acres near Line Creek. ... more


Power plant at risk of premature retirement

Unit 2 of the Jim Bridger Power Plant is six weeks from violating federal air quality regulations, putting the plant at risk of premature retirement, Gov. Mark Gordon revealed Monday.... more


Wyoming news briefs for November 17

News from across Wyoming.... more


Ski closures recommended in saga to protect Teton bighorns

The decline of a rare, isolated bighorn sheep herd, high on the scoured granite slopes of the Teton Range has long been a flashpoint in the perpetual balancing act between western wildlife and outdoor recreation.... more

Water agency seeks $281 million for dams, domestic supply, other projects

In what could be one of the biggest requests to the Legislature in years, state water development officials are eyeing $281 million or more to fund agricultural irrigation works, dams, reservoirs, domestic water projects and other programs.... more


Ratepayer liability for coal carbon capture limited to 2%

Public utilities that add carbon capture technology to coal-fired power plants in Wyoming may increase rates by a maximum 2 percent to cover the cost, according to rule revisions the Wyoming Public Service Commission adopted Friday.... more


Wyoming GOP votes to rebuke lawmakers

Wyoming Republican Party leaders on Saturday decided not to rebuke a Park County official who wrote an obscene email to state Sen. Tara Nethercott.... more


Chronic wasting disease makes more inroads into elk feeding region

Chronic wasting disease has been detected in elk that dwell along the southwestern flank of the Wind River Range in an area where 80 percent or so of the animals congregate each winter on densely-packed feedgrounds.... more


TerraPower chooses Kemmerer for nuclear reactor

TerraPower, Bill Gates’ nuclear power company, announced Tuesday that it has chosen Kemmerer as its preferred site for a planned nuclear reactor.... more


Wyoming news briefs for November 16

News from across Wyoming.... more


Prosecutors to seek life sentence in 2020 crime spree

Park County prosecutors say they will seek a life sentence for a man accused of being at the center of a 2020 crime spree. ... more


Barrasso says caution needed in Medicaid expansion debate

U.S. Sen. John Barrasso thinks Wyoming should decide against expanding Medicaid.... more


Wyoming GOP votes to withdraw Cheney recognition

Wyoming Republican leaders voted this weekend to no longer recognize Rep. Liz Cheney as a member of their party.... more


Gordon unveils proposed $2.3 billion budget

Gov. Mark Gordon proposed a balanced general fund budget of nearly $2.3 billion for the 2023-24 biennium Monday that will be considered by the Wyoming Legislature during the 2022 budget session.... more


Wyoming news briefs for November 15

News from across Wyoming.... more

Fossil fuels boost revenue outlook, but add more budget volatility

Wyoming’s revenue outlook has improved by $845 million on rebounding markets for coal, oil and natural gas just as lawmakers prepare for the upcoming budget session in February. But there’s a dose of bad news in the state’s revenue analysis.... more


School board told of more teen violence amid pandemic

There has been an “extreme increase” in violence among Fremont County youth as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Riverton school board heard last month.... more


Religious exemption may be only out for some unvaccinated Campbell County Health employees

The Campbell County Health COVID-19 vaccine policy implemented this week will pose the decision to the organization’s 1,100 or so employees to either get vaccinated, file for a religious or medical exemption or lose their jobs.... more


How Congress’ massive infrastructure bill will impact Wyoming and its residents

Congress recently passed a $1.2 trillion infrastructure package, and experts say the measure could help remedy longstanding issues in Wyoming.... more


Wyoming sees highest inflation increase since early 2000s

The Wyoming Economic Analysis Division recently reported that through the second quarter of this year, the state experienced the highest rise in the average annual inflation rate on all items since the 2008 recession.... more


Wyoming news briefs for November 12

News from across Wyoming.... more


Grizzly 399 and family pass through Jackson

When Cache Creek Drive resident Ann Smith got word after dark Tuesday night that Grizzly 399 and her string of cubs were traveling down the streets of Jackson, she immediately went to see for herself.... more


UW delays bulk of reorganization until 2023

After pushback from stakeholders on and off campus, the University of Wyoming’s administrators have opted to delay for more than a year much of their plan to reorganize the university.... more


Short-term Wyoming coal outlook good, says mine official

The question of what the future of coal in Campbell County will entail long-term, remains unanswered. But in the near future, Powder River Basin coal is projecting to do well.... more


Committee approves bill to collect juvenile crime data

The Wyoming Legislature’s Joint Judiciary Interim Committee on Thursday voted to sponsor a draft bill lawmakers hope will compel the state to finally collect juvenile justice data.... more


Grizzly deaths approach record, high population cited

Grizzly bears are dying at a record pace in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, but wildlife officials say that’s a sign of a population that has reached its carrying capacity.... more

Man reflects on letters he sent from Vietnam

Dave Olsen found them 26 years ago.... more


Volunteer hunters reduce Grand Teton exotic goat herd

Ninety miles hiked, five mountain goats seen, four nonnative goats killed, meat from two billy goats recovered.... more


Blockchain community to be established near Clark

A 40-acre parcel west of Clark will be the new home to a blockchain community.... more


Wyoming news briefs for November 11

News from across Wyoming.... more


Public notice petition dismissed

A judge Wednesday dismissed a petition to overturn a pair of ordinances exempting Mills and Bar Nunn from state statutes requiring public notices to be published in a newspaper. ... more


ACLU demands Wyoming, Teton County halt forced sobriety program

The ACLU of Wyoming is threatening to sue the state for its use of the 24/7 Sobriety Program on people who have been arrested but not convicted.... more


Johnson County officials fear school, hospital staffs will quit due to vax mandate

Johnson County Healthcare Center is preparing for an impending COVID-19 vaccination mandate for its employees after the Biden administration announced its rules for health care facilities and large companies.... more


Laramie County DA responds to second State Bar charge

In her response to the Wyoming State Bar’s second formal charge against her, Laramie County District Attorney Leigh Anne Manlove denied allegations that she made false claims or excuses about her office’s inability to access evidence.... more


Wyoming news briefs for November 10

News from across Wyoming.... more

A retired UW professor’s epic quest to find a boulder

On Aug. 13, 1842, Charles Preuss — the cartographer on John Fremont’s mapping expedition of the Oregon Trail from the Missouri River to the Continental Divide — set up his materials deep in the Rocky Mountains and sketched the scene before him. ... more

BLM pulls 264 parcels from oil and gas lease sale over grouse concerns

Wyoming will see a federal oil and gas lease sale in early 2022 due to a federal court ruling that ended the Biden administration’s 2021 moratorium. But the size of the lease sale will be much smaller than industry, and state leaders, hoped for.... more


Power station workers protest vaccine mandate

Somewhere around 85 protesters peacefully gathered at Basin Electric Laramie River Station near gate No. 1 last Friday from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m., where they called out to cars driving by and held up the multiple signs that were created voicing their displeasure.... more


Sheridan school officials oppose bill removing local control

Sheridan County School District 2 administrators strongly oppose proposed legislation that would move monitoring kindergarten through third-grade curriculum from local control to a statewide level, and those administrators expressed such opposition with local legislators Monday.... more


Special session costs exceed $233K

The daily rate of the recently completed special legislative session cost taxpayers about $8,000 more than originally projected, the Legislative Service Office told the Star-Tribune this week.... more


Tracking grizzly 399 now easier

The way Hilary Cooley sees it, Grizzly 399 and her four cubs are now better positioned to stay alive and out of trouble until they den up for the winter.... more


Wyoming news briefs for November 9

News from across Wyoming.... more


Wyoming School Boards Association keeps distance from national letter to president

The Wyoming School Boards Association is upset about a recent letter sent from its national organization to U.S. President Joe Biden, Riverton school board chairman Carl Manning said.... more


Lummis, Western senators renew push for state management of grizzlies

A group of Republican senators from Wyoming, Idaho and Montana are calling on Democratic leaders to take “immediate” action on a bill that would return management of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem’s grizzly bears to state governments. ... more


Campbell County hospital staff takes brunt of relentless inpatient wave

The most obvious and norm-altering effects of the COVID-19 pandemic may already have passed for many people in Campbell County. Looking around the community, life may seem ordinary once again.... more


Patient surge hits Cheyenne hospital

An increase in people seeking care for a variety of illnesses strained Cheyenne Regional Medical Center staff last week.... more


Wyoming news briefs for November 8

News from across Wyoming.... more


Into thin air: The twists and turns of a 20-year disappearance

Some young cops believe they can solve every case.... more


Gaming reg fix weighed during special session, but vote failed

An attempt to tighten Wyoming’s loosened gambling regulations during the special legislative session failed last week when the House opted not to introduce a corrective bill. ... more


Biggest U.S. coal plant will halve production

The biggest coal-fired power plant in the country gets all of its coal from Wyoming. A second of its four units is now slated for retirement, halving total capacity before the end of the decade. ... more


Wyoming news briefs for November 5

News from across Wyoming.... more


Divided commissioners support ‘via ferrata’ plan for Sinks Canyon

On a split vote, the Fremont County Commission has endorsed a letter of support for further Sinks Canyon via ferrata planning. ... more


Student arrested for mask violation sues state, schools

A Laramie High School student who was arrested for trespassing after refusing to comply with the school’s mask mandate is suing the governor, public health officials and six local school districts in an effort to overturn executive and public health orders related to COVID-19.... more


Special session bill supports mandate legal challenge

The only bill to come out of the Wyoming Legislature’s weeklong special session will not be as far-reaching as some expected, but it will define the state’s legal battle against the federal vaccine mandate, if enacted as law.... more

Jackson's Biggest Rockstar t-shirt will benefit Global Down Syndrome Foundation

Kickstart my heart, why don’t you?... more


To Henry, it’s more than horsing around

Nestled near a now-dry fork of the Cheyenne River some 40 miles and northwest of Douglas sits 88 Ranch, a 100,000-acre mix of private and leased public lands. The ranch spans the foothills of the Bighorns and the high scrub desert of the Wyoming plains. ... more


Wyoming news briefs for November 4

News from across Wyoming.... more


One bill emerges from special session

One bill dedicated to fighting the federal COVID-19 vaccine mandate emerged Wednesday evening as the Wyoming Legislature ended a seven-day special session. ... more


Campbell County commissioners' meeting had extra security; board accused of violating open meetings law

Six officers were assigned to the commission chambers Tuesday for the Campbell County Commission's regular meeting after the county sheriff had been asked to provide extra security.... more


Feds seek tighter methane rules

After an Obama-era methane rule was repealed by the Trump administration, reinstated in court and then struck down for good last October, the federal government is once again tightening methane regulations. ... more


Wyoming news briefs for November 3

News from across Wyoming.... more


Gillette, Campbell County plan for post-coal economy

Gillette and Campbell County appear to be bursting with economic activity despite a series of coal company bankruptcies, mine layoffs and a forecast for more of the same. ... more

Wyoming climate data holds ominous clues about life, economy

Extreme temperatures broke records in June, setting the stage for an unusually hot, dry and smoky summer. Conditions were severe enough to inspire many Wyoming residents to take stock of what appear to be changing climate patterns in the state. ... more

Wyoming residents observe a changing climate and quality of life

We talk a lot about the weather in Wyoming because, like it does in any place occupied by humans, it unites us. Talking about a changing climate in Wyoming, however, can be more difficult. ... more


Torrington school board lifts mask mandate

The Goshen County School District Board voted to rescind the mask mandate in the district on Oct. 28. ... more


Judge orders release of Glenrock police chief report

State District Court Judge Thomas Rumpke ruled Friday partially in favor of the Glenrock Independent Publisher Matt Adelman’s lawsuit against the Town of Glenrock to release the majority of the Stedellie Report. ... more


Senator’s Facebook post to ‘fix bayonets’ criticized

A Facebook post made Friday by a Campbell County legislator calls into question where the line is between figurative and literal language amid a politically polarized national and state climate.... more


Legislator drops plans for censure of colleague

A Gillette lawmaker no longer plans to seek the censure of Rep. Steve Harshman, who was caught on camera last week cursing a colleague. ... more


Bar brings new charge against Laramie Co. DA

The Wyoming State Bar in mid-October filed a second formal charge against Laramie County District Attorney Leigh Anne Manlove, claiming that false statements and excuses about her office not being able to access crime lab results have impeded the administration of justice in the county.... more


Wyoming news briefs for November 2

News from across Wyoming.... more


Proposed bill would stabilize pension plan

The Wyoming Legislature’s Appropriations Committee reached a milestone in a months-long conversation last week as it approved a bill draft addressing the state’s quickly depleting Fire A pension plan.... more


Kanye era comes to end in Cody

The Kanye West experience is coming to an end in Cody. Whether it was good or bad for the town, most Cody residents can likely agree it was a memorable presence.... more


Pot petition signatures ‘on track’ for February deadline

Petitions are circulating throughout the Cowboy State in support of two ballot initiatives proposing reshaped marijuana legislation in Wyoming. Just over a month into the signature-gathering process, the initiatives are “on track” to potentially make it on the November 2022 ballot.... more


Anti-vaccine mandate bills get first Senate OK

As the Wyoming Legislature’s special session resumed Monday, lawmakers focused on revising the two remaining bills designed to push back on vaccine mandates. But regardless of where they sat on the issue, many lawmakers seemed frustrated with the legislative product.... more


Wyoming news briefs for November 1

News from across Wyoming.... more


Business council funding for tribes still confounds lawmakers

State lawmakers continued to express confusion this month about tribal eligibility for economic development programs in Wyoming.... more


Campbell County GOP executive committee calls out state GOP for 'misogynistic actions'

The executive committee of the Campbell County Republican Party Central Committee is concerned that the Wyoming GOP is intentionally trying to keep women out of politics.... more


Crypto mining pioneer moves headquarters to Cheyenne

In a state well known for its mining industry, one West Coast startup is ushering in a whole new wave of miners as Wyoming continues to lead the nation in digital asset technologies.... more


Wyoming revenue estimate continues to improve

Buoyed by unexpectedly high oil and gas prices, revenue collected by Wyoming during the 2021 fiscal year far outstripped earlier estimates. ... more


Wyoming news briefs for October 29

News from across Wyoming.... more


Study: CWD will hurt feedground numbers, hunting

New research predicts that both elk numbers and hunting opportunity will decline in northwest Wyoming as a result of Chronic Wasting Disease infection in elk that winter mostly on the National Elk Refuge near Jackson.... more


Story House Inc. promising 435 film industry jobs in Sheridan

A new business aims to bring the film industry to Sheridan.... more


No criminal charges to be filed against Campbell County library staff

The Weston County Attorney’s Office will not pursue charges against members of the Campbell County Public Library after reviewing the relevant case law and the books alleged to violate the law.... more


Vaccine mandate bills continue their advance in Wyo. Legislature's special session

Three major bills fighting back against the Biden administration’s vaccine mandate advanced to third reading Thursday, a final step before they can move to the opposite chamber. ... more

Axe throwing league brings unique sport to town

In small, circular motions, the man polished his blade razor-sharp with a small whetstone before pulling the remainder of his arsenal from a hard plastic carrying case.... more

A Jackson Hole survey for winter ticks

Troy Koser was inspecting the remnants of a “tick ball” that clung to a blade of grass.... more

Artist changes the Frannie landscape with new art installations

An area artist going by the pseudonym Greg Wymoing — no, that’s not a typo — wants you to think. And smile.... more


Wyoming news briefs for October 28

News from across Wyoming.... more


Faculty urges UW to slow reorganization plans

The University of Wyoming’s Faculty Senate voted Monday to ask UW’s administrators to postpone a proposed reorganization that would move several programs from the College of Arts and Sciences to other colleges on campus.... more


School districts examine end of ‘snow days’

The days of Johnson County students building snowmen with their friends or drinking hot chocolate on the couch during a snow day may soon be coming to an end.... more


Campbell library board votes to keep contested book in teen section

The Campbell County Public Library Board voted Monday to keep “This Book Is Gay” in the teen section.... more


COVID vaccine compromise measure gains support in House

A bill forcing both sides of the vaccine mandate issue to make compromises is gaining momentum in Wyoming’s House of Representatives.... more


Senate agrees to review one COVID bill

Day 2 of the Legislature's special session was a short one for members of the Wyoming Senate, who passed two bills Wednesday morning before adjourning.... more


City of Douglas revises public documents fee schedule

The Douglas City Council has revised a 2015 resolution charging residents for public documents to provide many of them for little or no cost.... more


Program applauded by law enforcement, opposed by ACLU

Between 7 a.m. and 8 a.m. Monday morning, 26 people filed through Sheridan law enforcement offices to blow into a plastic tube. They returned Monday night. And they will return every 12 hours until their case is decided.... more


State might use ARP money to clean illegal dumps on Wind River Indian Reservation

State officials want to use federal American Rescue Plan funding to help clean up illegal dump sites on the Wind River Indian Reservation. ... more


Legislature advances 10 bills to start Wyoming special session

The special session called to push back against the Biden administration’s vaccine mandate was supported Tuesday morning by both chambers of the Wyoming Legislature, which together advanced 10 bills for committee review.... more


Wyoming news briefs for October 26

News from across Wyoming.... more


North Platte fishery showing resilience after Mullen Fire

A year after last fall’s Mullen Fire, fisheries within the burn area appear healthy, Wyoming Game and Fish Department biologists report.... more


Teton County lawmakers consider special session on vaccine mandates a 'waste of time’

When Wyoming legislators convene today, they are expected to discuss a flurry of vaccine-related bills that Jackson’s representatives say are a waste of time and energy.... more


Committee cuts $60.1 million from recommended education cost adjustment

The Wyoming Legislature’s Joint Appropriations Committee voted Monday to reduce the recommended external cost adjustment for K-12 education by $60.1 million.... more


Wyoming news briefs for October 25

News from across Wyoming.... more

‘Good medicine:’ Buffalo delivered to home on the reservation

On a clear October morning on the Wind River Indian Reservation, Eastern Shoshone tribal member Jason Baldes stood in front of a semi trailer parked on an expanse of patchy dirt surrounded by agricultural lands, snow-crusted outcroppings and pale blue sky. ... more


Dems, GOP in pitched battle over special COVID legislative session

Wyoming lawmakers are deeply divided along party lines over the need for, and structure of, a forthcoming special legislative session called to fight proposed federal COVID-19 vaccination and/or testing rules.... more


As closure nears, miners grapple with next steps

With four weeks left before Wyoming’s last underground coal mine shutters, the employee transition is well underway. ... more


Out-of-state contributions boost Cheney campaign

An unprecedented amount of out-of-state money is pouring into Rep. Liz Cheney’s reelection effort, as she campaigns in one of the nation’s highest-profile congressional races. ... more


Critical race theory won’t be taught in Carbon County

The Carbon County School District No. 2 Board of Education has passed a resolution that prevents the critical race theory concept from being taught in the district’s seven schools.... more


Businesses to state lawmakers: No more mandates

“No more regulations or mandates on Cheyenne businesses” was the clear message from the Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce on Friday as state legislators gear up for a special session this week to discuss ways to fight federal COVID-19 vaccine mandates. ... more


Wyoming news briefs for October 22

News from across Wyoming.... more


Wyoming sugar beet harvest strong despite delays

Despite losing about 300 acres of sugar beets in the spring, Wyoming Sugar’s 2021 crop should push 32 tons per acre and finish above 19 percent in sugar content.... more


Ongoing testing program tracks UW COVID-19 spread

University of Wyoming students and faculty may experience a new kind of pop quiz this fall semester. A random 3-percent sample of on-campus UW students and employees is being tested each week for COVID-19 as part of the university’s COVID-19 response. ... more


COVID-19 hospitalizations hit all-time high

Wyoming hospitals treated 249 COVID-19 patients on Thursday — the most at any point during the pandemic. At the height of last year’s surge in November, 247 people were hospitalized with the virus, while active cases neared 12,000 — roughly 2 percent of the state. ... more

Commitment to conservation leads volunteers to extreme locations in effort to save trout

An effort that’s saved hundreds of thousands of fish from local canals began with a fisherman with a big heart accompanying a ditch rider on the Cody Canal.... more


Sholly grapples with record Yellowstone visitation

Yellowstone National Park Superintendent Cam Sholly has every square foot of pavement mapped out in the 2.2 million acre Park. He’s scrutinizing the 1,750 acres of pavement in the hope of finding answers to the rising traffic congestion.... more


Ambushed hunter kept his composure after grizzly mauling

Jeremy Dickson is known for his calm demeanor. Wife Carmen says he’s even analytical in his thought processes. Even after being mauled by a grizzly bear.... more

Former Air Force pilot becomes oldest to paraglide

Fred Miles doesn’t speak much, but he can hum his way around a melody, and the one coming out of his mouth this past summer as he looked down from the top of the Bridger Gondola at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort was “Take Me Home, Country Roads,” by John Denver.... more


Wyoming news briefs for October 21

News from across Wyoming.... more


Simpson remembers Powell as patriot

Former U.S. Sen. Al Simpson has many fond memories of the late U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell, but none more prominent than the way he heard Democrat Robert Byrd, a 51-year senator from West Virginia, speak of Powell after he heard him give a speech.... more


Residents angry over end of public comments at commission meetings

The Campbell County Commission has suspended public comment at their meetings until further notice, but that didn’t keep people from speaking up and speaking out against the commissioners Tuesday.... more


Wyoming still most hesitant state for vaccination

Wyoming remains the most vaccine hesitant state in the nation, according to the latest numbers from U.S. Census Bureau polling. Wyoming children ages 12 to 17 now fall into that category as well.... more


Wyoming aims to expand sports betting by end of year

The first month of legalized sports betting in Wyoming wrapped up only a few weeks ago, but the state’s gaming commission is already anticipating expansion in the near future.... more


Scientists optimistic about Mullen Fire recovery

Late in the summer of 2020, as hunting seasons ramped up and the world reeled from the COVID pandemic, a fire ignited in southeast Wyoming’s Snowy Range. ... more

Oil and gas industry continues to show signs of recovery in Wyoming

Wyoming’s oil and gas industry continues to show signs of recovery from the 2020 pandemic shockwave that drove the price of oil below $0 per barrel, spurred layoffs and stalled production.... more


Land swap would create 38,000-acre public block in SE Wyo

An Albany County land exchange proposed by the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and the U.S. Bureau of Land Management would consolidate a 38,000-acre block of public land around the Mule Creek Ranch 50 miles southeast of Casper.... more

Cheney v. Trump: House race raising, spending at record clip

Hailed as the marquee event of the 2022 midterm elections, the campaign of incumbent U.S. Rep. Liz Cheney, R-Wyoming, versus a field of challengers is already on track to be by far the most expensive in state history.... more


Evanston school district asks parents’ help to end TikTok pranks

Uinta County School District No. 1 has asked for parental help in putting a stop to students attempting to pull off school pranks modeled after challenges circulating on the social media app TikTok. ... more


Oil prices may increase as Converse County rig count jumps to 10

Is $80-plus a barrel the new normal for oil prices in the country right now? How about $100 per barrel by mid-2022? ... more


Poll: Medicaid expansion popular

A new poll commissioned by four nonprofits shows significant support for Medicaid Expansion in Wyoming, a government health insurance assistance program for those who can’t afford insurance and aren’t offered it by their employer. ... more


Wyoming news briefs for October 19

News from across Wyoming.... more


Campbell County Commission not allowing public comment on library issues

The Campbell County Commission will no longer be taking public comment relating to the Campbell County Public Library.... more


COVID spikes in state prisons

Cases of COVID-19 at Wyoming prison facilities have spiked to their highest total since the start of the pandemic. ... more


Tribes shorted on federal funds due to joint-powers structure

The Eastern Shoshone and Northern Arapaho tribes have missed out on multiple federal funding opportunities because of the cooperative government structure imposed upon them by the federal government, state and tribal officials said this month. ... more


Teton areas eyed as off-limits to help bighorn sheep population

An interagency collective of biologists is recommending that 21,233 acres of high-quality winter habitat in the Teton Range be made off limits to humans to help an imperiled, declining herd of bighorn sheep stage a comeback.... more


Barrasso: ‘I’m pro-vaccine and anti-mandate’

While some Wyomingites and Republican officials have been hesitant to endorse the COVID-19 vaccines, U.S. Sen. John Barrasso has no such qualms.... more


Wyoming news briefs for October 18

News from across Wyoming.... more


Wyoming gambling overgrown, says tribal leader

Wyoming’s gambling is overgrown, according to Northern Arapaho Business Council Chairman Jordan Dresser. ... more


Man who killed friend sentenced to prison

A Gillette man who shot and killed his friend in 2020 will serve three to 10 years in prison.... more


Legislature to hold special session on mandate

The Wyoming State Legislature has voted to hold a special session to combat federal vaccine mandates, but another obstacle remains. ... more


Changes in state economy affect education system

As the economic landscape of Wyoming changes, so does one of the most equitable education systems in the country.... more

Laramie woman sets up Free Little Pet Pantry

Angel seemed excited as she sniffed at the now-familiar converted kitchen hutch filled with pet food, treat, toys and other items.... more


County jails are unintended fallback for people with mental illness

Dennis Gross is sitting in the Teton County Jail, where nearly everyone involved in his case agrees he shouldn’t be.... more


Facebook group offers place to recollect and share Casper’s history

When Roy Barnes left Casper at age 16, he didn’t look back. ... more


Wyoming news briefs for October 15

News from across Wyoming.... more


Lawmakers advance $25M cost-of-living hike for teachers

Wyoming teachers and staff may see an annual cost-of-living adjustment as lawmakers advanced a $25 million hike that would start in 2022. But it’s unclear how far that might go toward bringing salaries in line with a national average that has outpaced the state in recent years.... more


EPA backs Bighorn Forest’s plan for aerial herbicide spraying

Aerial spraying of chemicals — including one banned in Europe — to kill sagebrush and invasive plants appears to be “the most-reasonable option” for the Bighorn National Forest to meet range and habitat goals, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency says.... more


Groups seek to elevate young voices on Wyoming’s future

Several groups are encouraging young Wyoming residents to get more involved in local and state civic matters, and endeavoring to involve more youth in shaping the state’s future.... more


Federal jury convicts three in NuTech securities fraud

A federal jury in Cheyenne returned guilty verdicts against three men related to a stock fraud involving NuTech Energy Resources Inc., a company that claimed to operate coalbed-methane wells in Wyoming.... more


UW unveils latest restructuring recommendations

University of Wyoming administrators have published the latest recommendations for restructuring the state’s sole public four-year university, amended with input from faculty and college deans.... more


Wyoming news briefs for October 14

News from across Wyoming.... more


Crook County treasurer resigns

A civil trial that was to consider the removal of Mary Kuhl from her position as Crook County Treasurer will no longer be necessary because her letter of resignation was accepted by the county commissioners on Friday, Oct. 8.... more


Grizzly encounters increase

Grizzly bear country is growing.... more


Committee approves bill giving tribes access to grants

Lawmakers advanced a bill draft Friday that would make Wyoming Business Council grants as accessible to local tribes as they are to other governments.... more


Health officials encourage flu vaccination

Following an unusually quiet 2020-21 flu season, a Wyoming Department of Health official says the need for flu shots remains important to help protect Wyoming residents from influenza as the COVID-19 pandemic continues.... more


Legislators prepare bills fighting vaccine mandate

Some Wyoming lawmakers are already working on bills for the impending special session aimed at fighting the Biden administration’s vaccine mandate for all companies with over 100 employees.... more


Wyoming news briefs for October 13

News from across Wyoming.... more

‘Defiant Five’ win temporary freedom in wild horse roundup

Their manes and tails flying in the air, the wild horses trot, canter and gallop ahead of the buzzing, weaving helicopter.... more


Petito strangled weeks before body was found, officials say

Hundreds of thousands of people watched live and millions reacted as Teton County Coroner Dr. Brent Blue announced in a video press conference Tuesday that Gabrielle “Gabby” Petito, 22, died by strangulation.... more


Lawsuit alleges abuse of grade school student on bus

Facing claims that its bus driver and superintendent did not react properly to sexual abuse on a school bus, Fremont County School District 14 is being sued in federal court.... more


Wyoming hospitals report critical staffing shortages

Four Wyoming hospitals have recently utilized crisis standards of care, and more than half a dozen have sought information on those standards from the state health department, though no hospital was actively in crisis care as of Tuesday afternoon, health department spokesperson Kim Deti said via email.... more


Legislators recommend $72 million adjustment to schools

The Wyoming Legislature’s Joint Education Interim Committee voted Monday to recommend adding an external cost adjustment worth more than $72 million to the state’s next K-12 education budget.... more


Wyoming news briefs for October 12

News from across Wyoming.... more


West puts ‘West Ranch’ up for sale

Kanye West’s ranch is now for sale, symbolizing the likely final page in the hip-hop and fashion mogul’s saga in Cody.... more


Park County GOP declines to discipline member over email

Leaders of the Park County Republican Party have decided not to take action against a precinct committeeman for a vulgar email he sent to a state lawmaker last month.... more


Trooper chief says shooting is evidence of challenges for officers

The fatal exchange of gunfire between a Lander man and a state trooper on Sinks Canyon Road in June is just one among many signs of increasingly challenging times for law enforcement, according to a state police leader.... more


Cheney campaign sees second-highest fundraising quarter

Rep. Liz Cheney’s House reelection campaign enjoyed its second-biggest fundraising quarter ever this summer, a Cheney aide told the Star-Tribune. The donations came on the heels of Cheney’s all-time fundraising record, which occurred one quarter earlier.... more


Wyoming news briefs for October 11

News from across Wyoming.... more


College districts to start separation talks

At least Pax the Pronghorn is safe.... more


Congress considers new fees on hardrock mining

The federal reconciliation debate is plodding backward, and hardrock mining royalties are back on the bargaining table.... more


Man sues Cheyenne police over DUI testing

A Cheyenne man is suing three Cheyenne police officers in federal court for allegedly violating his civil rights, after a municipal court judge ruled that one of the officers lied to a judge about the man’s refusal to take a blood alcohol level test.... more

12-year-old Powell farmer is youngest crop insurance holder

It’s been a busy year for Tag Thompson. He bought his first tractor, using money he earned from selling his steers. He farmed his first field, signing a contract with Briess Malt & Ingredients for his 10 acres of barley. He also paid off a loan that had helped finance the purchase of his first two cows while continuing to raise cattle through his own company. ... more

Independent film very much alive in Cheyenne

It may not seem like there’s an independent film scene in Cheyenne, but there is – you just have to look for it.... more


Sheridan boy gets time on ‘jumbotron’

Kasen Kaeding is a typical 7-year-old boy with an abiding love of golf, football, hibachi steakhouses and “SpongeBob SquarePants.”... more


Wyoming news briefs for October 8

News from across Wyoming.... more


More information needed on missing, murdered Indigenous people, leaders say

Recent data suggests Indigenous people continue to make up a disproportionate amount of Wyoming’s homicides and missing persons cases, but tribal members say even the best numbers are not telling the full story.... more


Standoff over mask requirement forces lockdown of school

Laramie High School was locked down for about 90 minutes Thursday morning during a showdown of wills between school administration and a 16-year-old junior who was arrested and removed from the school in handcuffs.... more


Vaccine mandate spurs hospital staffing worries

Crook County Medical Services District is starting to see difficulties with staffing on the horizon. CEO Micki Lyons last week shared her concerns over the impending federal vaccine mandate with the board of trustees.... more


Wyoming news briefs for October 7

News from across Wyoming.... more


Sheridan school board rejects call for resignations over masks

The Sheridan County School District 2 Board of Trustees responded to calls for board members to either voluntarily resign or be recalled, with board members unanimously approving a motion at their regular meeting Monday to reject petitions filed by a concerned group of citizens.... more

Commissioners continue to field library comments

For the past three months, Campbell County commissioners have gotten used to fielding public comments at their meetings regarding the Campbell County Public Library.... more


Mine reclamation at risk with coal fee lapse

Entangled in the congressional infrastructure debate, Wyoming’s biggest source of mine cleanup funding expired last week, raising questions about the future of reclamation.... more


DCI makes missing persons site easier to use

The Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation now has an easier-to-find list of the state's missing persons.... more


Wyoming news briefs for October 6

News from across Wyoming.... more


Wild horse advocates cry foul on enormous roundup, removal

Federal contract wranglers plan to round up 4,300 wild horses in southwest Wyoming — permanently removing about 70 percent of them — starting Thursday in an undertaking that culminates years of conflicts among land and wildlife managers, ranchers and horse advocates.... more

State to help coal communities compete for economic diversification funds

The Wyoming Energy Authority and Wyoming Business Council have joined forces to help coal communities compete for federal stimulus dollars aimed at diversifying their economies. ... more


Wyoming may seek grizzly delisting on its own

The state of Wyoming is prepared to petition for the authority to manage grizzly bears on its own, without support from neighboring states in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.... more


School board rejects contract for company with ties to superintendent

A contract to hire an education consulting company connected to then Cody superintendent Peg Monteith was pulled from a Cody School Board agenda in early June after board members received information revealing the personal relationship.... more


Committee examines possible business tax

Trying to make Wyoming less reliant on mineral wealth, legislators are considering a new tax for businesses in the state.... more


Special prosecutor picked to look into library allegations

A special prosecutor has been appointed to investigate whether criminal charges should be brought against the Campbell County Public Library for allegedly spreading obscene materials.... more


Wyoming news briefs for October 5

News from across Wyoming.... more


Man charged in Cheyenne woman’s murder ruled unfit for trial

Another delay has occurred in the prosecution of a former Cody man accused of first degree murder as he was recently determined still mentally unfit to stand trial.... more

No regrets for teacher fired over mask requirement

Amanda Smith probably won’t be returning to her classroom at Henry A. Coffeen Elementary School, not after Sheridan County School District 2 terminated her for refusing to comply with the district’s mask requirement.... more


Uncertainty surrounds first lease sale since December

Scoping is over for the first oil and gas lease sale since December.... more


Gold, copper mine could mean millions for state

A plan for a potential gold and copper mine near Cheyenne is steadily progressing, with a company putting forth vast community outreach efforts in recent months for a project that could bring hundreds of jobs and millions of dollars to Wyoming.... more


Wyoming news briefs for October 4

News from across Wyoming.... more


Tribes, enviros pan Wyo wolf kill policy in ESA petitions

Several conservation organizations and numerous Native American tribes are citing Wyoming’s wolf predator zone — the roughly 85 percent of the state where wolves can be killed at any time by any means — as evidence of the need for renewed federal protection of the gray wolf.... more


Gillette library reviews book challenges during ‘Banned Book Week’

During a week designed to focus on books being challenged for being inappropriate, the staff at the Campbell County Public Library were spending some of their time responding to more than a dozen forms challenging books in the library’s collection.... more


Tourism boom fuels increase in taxable sales

After declines in five consecutive quarters, total taxable sales in the state expanded 12.1 percent in the second quarter of 2021 compared with 2020, largely due to the record-breaking boom in tourism at Wyoming’s national parks, according to a year-by-year comparison recently released by the Wyoming Department of Revenue.... more


Game and Fish tracking deer, pronghorn disease

The Wyoming Game and Fish Department announced earlier this month that it’s tracking outbreaks of epizootic hemorrhagic disease in white-tailed deer and pronghorn in eastern Wyoming.... more

Rodeo queen wants to bring attention to missing and murdered Indigenous people

Shayla Conner was only a teenager when her cousin Hanna Harris went missing. Nine days later, authorities found Harris’ body on the Northern Cheyenne Reservation rodeo grounds in Montana.... more

Laramie man leaves house, everything in it to local hospice

Jerry Bucher led a fascinating life.... more

Since 2013, Summer of Hope program has resulted in 21 adoptions in Gillette

If you ask Allison Carsrud when, back in 2013, she knew her family would adopt a 7-year-old boy from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, she’ll tell you it was instantaneous.... more


Wyoming news briefs for October 1

News from across Wyoming.... more


Rude comments led to end of Jackson mask complaint site

At first, submissions to the Teton County Health Department’s COVID-19 complaint form were helpful. On Sept. 1, for example, an anonymous tipster wrote that Cultivate Cafe didn’t have public signage announcing the county’s mask mandate, according to records obtained by the Jackson Hole Daily.... more


State says tribes not eligible for Business Council money

Wyoming’s Attorney General says local tribal entities are not eligible for grants and loans through the Wyoming Business Council Business Ready Community Program, WBC staff told the Wyoming Legislature’s Select Committee on Tribal Relations last month.... more


Campbell school vaccine incentive program criticized

Members of the public, including some teachers, came to tell the Campbell County School District’s board of trustees that they were not happy with the decision to offer district employees a $300 incentive for getting the COVID-19 vaccination.... more


Committee rejects proposed energy tax structure

Sen. Cale Case on Thursday proposed a new energy tax structure that would be shared across all electricity producers. But a motion to have a bill drafted for the plan failed by a vote of 4–9 in the Joint Revenue Committee.... more


Wyoming news briefs for September 30

News from across Wyoming.... more


Missing and murdered Indigenous people issue continues to plague Wyoming

With all the national coverage of her disappearance and the discovery of her body in Wyoming, the name of Gabby Petito is familiar to most.... more


Crook County treasurer objects to new charges

County Treasurer Mary Kuhl has objected to new charges filed against her in the civil case that seeks her removal from office, complaining in a response filed with District Court that it’s unfair to add new information so close to the date of her trial. ... more


Determining the need for affordable housing in Saratoga

Is there a need for affordable housing in Saratoga?... more


Interest in parasitic medicine for cattle on the rise; health officials urge caution

In one year, the number of calls to the regional poison control center doubled from the five previous years on complications related to ivermectin.... more


Wyoming news briefs for September 29

News from across Wyoming.... more


Rep. Sommers: Game and Fish won’t let 400 Dell Creek elk starve

A Sublette County legislator is confident Game and Fish Department personnel “will work their butt(s) off” to ensure some 400 elk that depend on the Dell Creek Feedground don’t starve this winter. Rep. Albert Sommers, R-Pinedale, made his comments after U.S. District Judge Nancy Freudenthal ruled the wildlife agency has no permit to operate the feedground.... more

Ranchers face difficult choices after brutally hot, dry summer

Prolonged drought conditions, intensified by record-breaking heat, have prompted Wyoming cattle ranchers to either buy supplemental feed at higher-than-normal prices or cull their herds.... more

Wyoming loggers fear extinction as federal forest policy evolves

The Pearson family is as much of a fixture in this corner of Crook County as Devils Tower. ... more


‘Nightmare’ elk hunt turns heads on the levee

If Bob Geringer had another shot, he says he wouldn’t have pulled the trigger.... more


Campbell County Commissioner says county should stop funding the library

A Campbell County Commissioner said he does not believe the Campbell County Public Library should receive funding from the county.... more


Converse County hospital battles nursing, employee shortages and surge in COVID-19 cases

A longtime Memorial Hospital of Converse County nurse known for not ever complaining looked wearily at CEO Matt Dammeyer as he checked in with her Friday. ... more


Wyoming news briefs for September 28

News from across Wyoming.... more


Park County GOP official apologizes for letter, won’t resign

A Park County Republican Party official who sent an obscene message to a state lawmaker about vaccine mandates has apologized for language he used. However, the Powell resident says he will not resign his position within the party — pushing back against calls from the state’s legislative leaders to step down — and has doubled down on his criticism of state Sen. Tara Nethercott. ... more


Gillette hospital sends mandate protest to Biden

In addition to airing out the uncertainty surrounding the upcoming federal vaccine mandates expected to affect Campbell County Health employees next month, hospital trustees decided to send a formal response to the man in charge himself.... more


BLM to round up half of Wyoming’s wild horses

The Bureau of Land Management will round up most wild horses in five herd management areas in southwestern Wyoming, beginning as soon as Oct. 7, the agency said Friday.... more


Wyoming news briefs for September 27

News from across Wyoming.... more


After dry summer, ag producers likely need extra feed for winter

After a second hot, dry summer in a row, Wyoming’s cattle producers are concerned about heading into winter without enough feed.... more


More Wyoming residents eligible for boosters

A wider swath of Wyomingites is now eligible for Pfizer COVID-19 booster shots after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention authorized the additional inoculations.... more


Prosecutors express concern about State Bar charge against D.A. Manlove

A group composed of the state’s county and district attorneys has raised concerns about the Wyoming State Bar’s formal charge against Laramie County District Attorney Leigh Anne Manlove. ... more


To vaccinate or staff? Gillette hospital board fields public concerns over vaccine mandates

People came out in droves this week to lament the impending federal vaccine mandates that are expected to affect Campbell County Health employees next month and may lead to a significant loss of staff.... more

COVID survivor asks community to vaccinate

The symptoms for Kristi and Andy Gabriel came on at the same time. From the beginning, Kristi had it worse.... more

Groups frustrated with BLM management of horses

When it comes to wild horses and burros, their advocates and opponents mostly agree on one thing: neither is satisfied with the BLM’s management of the species.... more


Problems persist with illegal killing of Greater Yellowstone wolves

The way Lane Bunner tells it, the wolf was chasing his Jack Russell terrier, had closed to within 40 yards or so, and he had to make a split-second decision.... more


Wyoming news briefs for September 24

News from across Wyoming.... more

Wyoming’s crypto sector’s fate up to federal regulators

After years of laying groundwork, the future of Wyoming’s cryptocurrency banking industry now lies in the hands of federal regulators, officials with Wyoming U.S. Sen. Cynthia Lummis’ office told lawmakers Tuesday.... more


Low enrollment sinks UW’s projected revenue by $2.3 million

Small freshman classes the past two years, and a wait-and-see approach to attendance during the pandemic, have pushed enrollment at the University of Wyoming down 6.3 percent from the fall of 2019.... more


Legislative committee considering bill to limit non-compete agreements in Wyoming

Legislators have voted to delay until their next meeting a bill that, if passed, would void all future non-compete clauses in the Wyoming marketplace.... more


First rulings issued in Wyoming Gun Owners suit

A court issued two rulings in the case of a prominent gun rights group versus some of Wyoming’s top elected officials.... more

Federal court issues arrest warrant for Laundrie

The U.S. District Court of Wyoming issued a federal arrest warrant Wednesday for Brian Christopher Laundrie, the boyfriend of Gabrielle “Gabby” Petito, whose body was found this past weekend near Grand Teton National Park, according to the FBI.... more


Wyoming news briefs for September 23

News from across Wyoming.... more


Protesters urge noncompliance with COVID vaccine mandates

Dozens of residents gathered in Cody on Saturday to rally against the mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations proposed by President Joe Biden’s administration.... more


Governor suspends Crook County treasurer

Meanwhile, an amended version of the verified petition for her removal has been filed by the Attorney General’s Office. ... more


On anniversary of Antelope’s death, community expresses mixed opinions of groups using him as figurehead

Two of the late Anderson Antelope’s immediate family members have opposed using him as a social justice figurehead.... more


Legislative leaders ask Bray to step down

Tory Bray, a precinct committeeman for the Park County GOP has resigned his position as secretary for the Park County Republican Men’s club after he was asked to, but still remains a committeeman.... more


Wyoming news briefs for September 22

News from across Wyoming.... more


Strong, expensive Sam Adams brew can be sold in Wyoming

Good news for Wyoming beer drinkers.... more


Plan would use poison to restore Yellowstone cutthroat trout

Wyoming has launched a long-range plan to restore Yellowstone cutthroat trout to the Bighorn Basin and make parts of five watersheds the sensitive species’ exclusive domain.... more

Anti-vaxxers commandeer committee meeting to protest mandates

A group of activists that included healthcare workers commandeered a meeting of the Wyoming Legislature’s Joint Committee on Labor, Health and Social Services Thursday to demand legislative action against COVID-19 vaccination requirements at medical facilities around the state.... more


Petito’s death ruled homicide

The search for Brian Laundrie continues three days after his partner Gabrielle “Gabby” Petito was found dead near the Grand Teton National Park boundary at the Spread Creek Dispersed Camping Area.... more


Layoffs from Bridger mine closure not surprise

When the Bridger Underground Coal Mine shuts down in November, 92 workers will lose their current jobs, down from the 94 reported by the mine’s owner earlier this month.... more


National Guard deployed to help hospitals with surge

Amid a surge in patients hospitalized with COVID-19 across the state, Gov. Mark Gordon announced Tuesday that he had activated members of the Wyoming National Guard to assist with mostly non-medical tasks at hospitals in the state.... more


Wyoming news briefs for September 21

News from across Wyoming.... more


Trial delayed in fatal abuse case

A trial has been delayed for a Cody man and woman who stand accused of fatally abusing a 2-year-old child earlier this year.... more


State works to address unemployment insurance increase

When it comes to recent changes in unemployment insurance taxes, the numbers are staggering and, for many small businesses, unsustainable.... more


Park County GOP official lashes out at legislator in email

A Republican official in Park County told Sen. Tara Nethercott in an email that if he was as “despicable a person as you, I would kill myself.”... more


Investigators focus on cause of Petito death

An autopsy was scheduled Tuesday for the remains found Sunday in a dispersed camping area bordering Grand Teton National Park that match the description of Gabrielle “Gabby” Petito — a 5-foot-5-inch, blond-haired, blue-eyed adventure blogger who hadn’t been seen or heard from since late August.... more

Man survives and recovers after rescue from truck fire

The last thing Shane Fortner remembers is driving by the last big hill before entering Gillette.... more

Neighbors, history buffs want to save Swinging Bridge

At first Jason Dewey said that “more than half” of the reason he bought a property and built a home along a four-lane highway — five, if you count the turn lane in the middle of Highway 89 — was the view of Swinging Bridge just to the east.... more

Laramie businessman sees new potential in antiques

It’s the larger-than-life wide eyes and goofy grin that first get your attention.... more


Wyoming news briefs for September 20

News from across Wyoming.... more


UW readies to comply with Biden mandates despite Gordon’s opposition

Just minutes before Gov. Mark Gordon on Wednesday unveiled a “two-pronged plan” to combat a federal mandate for large employers to either vaccinate or regularly test all workers for COVID-19, University of Wyoming trustees directed administrators to budget for compliance with the directive. ... more


Trooper acted properly in shooting, report says

A Wyoming Highway Patrol trooper who was shot by and returned fire on a Lander man on Sinks Canyon Road in June acted within the law, according to a Friday statement by Fremont County Attorney Patrick LeBrun.... more


Bill to allow ‘tourism improvement districts’ moves ahead

During a Joint Corporations, Elections and Political Subdivisions Committee meeting in Sheridan earlier this month, legislators agreed to forward a piece of legislation authorizing the creation of tourism improvement districts.... more


Vaccine mandates questioned

Several health care workers and a handful of non-medical personnel spoke against vaccine mandates at a Thursday legislative committee hearing in Casper.... more


School nurse resigns over quarantine rules

Kay Dersham says she no longer wants to put her nursing license or her ethics on the line after the recent decision made by the Laramie County School District 2 Board of Trustees.... more


Wyoming news briefs for September 17

News from across Wyoming.... more


Balow cites student’s notes in backing anti-critical race theory bill

Wyoming Superintendent of Public Instruction Jillian Balow is backing proposed legislation to deter public schools from teaching aspects of critical race theory, citing one student’s notes as evidence of the threat to the state’s education.... more


Remains of kayaker missing since 1995 recovered

he bones of a 24-year-old Pennsylvania man who drowned while kayaking the Hoback River 26 years ago have been found in Palisades Reservoir and confirmed to be those of the missing man.... more


Balow, Racines among first women to participate in One-Shot Hunt

Seven women — two of whom have strong Fremont County ties — have made history as the first women selected to compete in the One-Shot Antelope Hunt, which began Wednesday and runs through Saturday. ... more


Pneumonic plague case found in Wyoming

A rare case of the potentially deadly pneumonic plague was recently detected in a northern Fremont County resident.... more


Wyoming to ask for delisting of grizzlies

Wyoming will petition the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to remove federal protections from grizzly bears in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, Gov. Mark Gordon said Thursday.... more


Wyoming news briefs for September 16

News from across Wyoming.... more


Lawmakers mull adding judges to alleviate court backlog ‘crisis’

Wyoming may expand its district court system to address case backlogs and staffing shortages in several counties around the state.... more


Crook County Treasurer responds to charges

Crook County Treasurer Mary Kuhl has responded to the verified petition filed against her by Wyoming Attorney General Bridget Hill, which seeks to suspend her from office.... more


Feds consider relisting wolf as endangered species

Responding to concerns from environmental groups, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service said Wednesday that it will study whether gray wolves in Wyoming and elsewhere in the West should be relisted as a threatened or endangered species.... more


Campbell County School District to offer $300 incentive for staff to get COVID-19 vaccine

The Campbell County School District will offer a one-time $300 incentive for district employees who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19.... more


State plots 2-front vaccine mandate fight; Gordon plans legal action, possible special session

Gov. Mark Gordon is planning to combat President Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate through legal action from the state attorney general and a special legislative session, he announced Wednesday.... more


Wyoming news briefs for September 15

News from across Wyoming.... more


Researchers look for clues as toxic blooms plague Wyo waters

It can look like green paint spilled on the surface of a lake. Or like cottage cheese. Or grass clippings. ... more


Game and Fish now requires CWD sampling from some hunters

For the first time ever, the Wyoming Game and Fish Department is requiring some hunters to collect samples from deer they kill to help monitor the spread of fatal, incurable chronic wasting disease.... more


Bucking statewide trend, Teton County GOP still accepts Liz Cheney as a Republican

Teton County’s GOP will continue to recognize U.S. Rep. Liz Cheney as a Republican.... more


Sheridan school board approves termination of staffer for not wearing mask

At least one Sheridan County School District 2 staff member has been officially terminated for not wearing a mask to work.... more


WEA president responds to new transparency bill aimed at critical race theory

Grady Hutcherson, president of the Wyoming Education Association, has mixed feelings on the Civics Transparency Act, a bill recently introduced by state Sens. Ogden Driskill, R-Devils Tower, and Dan Dockstader, R-Afton, to address concerns about critical race theory being taught in Wyoming K-12 classrooms.... more


Tourism bounces back as nation looks to travel

Sales and use tax collections for Wyoming’s hospitality and leisure sectors experienced significant growth this summer compared to last year, state reports show.... more


Hate crime draft bills voted down

Two draft bills addressing bias motivated crimes, or hate crimes, failed to be sponsored Tuesday by the Wyoming Legislature’s Joint Judiciary Interim Committee.... more


Wyoming news briefs for September 14

News from across Wyoming.... more


Pro Pot Push: Petitions for medical marijuana and decriminalization initiatives now circulating

A small group of people gathered at Dalbey Memorial Park Saturday evening in what may be the start of a more large-scale movement toward less restrictive marijuana laws throughout Wyoming.... more


Judge: No choice but to release suspect in eye-gouging

New insight has emerged regarding the June release of an accused eye-gouger from the Wyoming State Hospital. The elderly victim of the suspect’s attack on Thanksgiving Day died two weeks later.... more


Gordon, lawmakers talk about fighting vaccine mandate

Gov. Mark Gordon is working with Wyoming legislative leaders and the state’s attorney general to explore what options are available to fight back against President Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate for companies that employ over 100 workers, a Gordon spokesman said Monday.... more


Balow leads fight against critical race theory in Wyoming

State Superintendent of Public Instruction Jillian Balow showed her full support Friday morning for legislation designed to fight back against critical race theory in state schools.... more


Wyoming news briefs for September 13

News from across Wyoming.... more


Pressure builds for candidates to drop from House race

Pressure is building for challengers of U.S. Rep. Liz Cheney, R-Wyoming, to drop out of the race following former President Donald Trump’s Thursday endorsement of new entrant and former Republican National Committee member Harriet Hageman.... more


Bouchard meme suggests Fauci execution

Wyoming Sen. Anthony Bouchard, R-Cheyenne, posted a meme on his congressional campaign’s Facebook page accusing White House Chief Medical Advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci of lying and suggesting that Fauci should be executed.... more


Flood of complaints prompts removal of Teton Co. mask violation page

An online form that people could use to report possible violations of Teton County’s mask order was taken down this week after people trolled the form.... more


Fremont County central to redistricting talks

State lawmakers are considering several proposals to alter the makeup of the Wyoming Legislature, with Fremont County central to the discussion.... more


Wildfires burning higher, study says

Western wildfires are spreading farther. They’re burning hotter. And now they’re climbing higher.... more


Laramie students protest Albany Co. mask mandate

Cheering back as a chorus of honking horns sounded support, about two dozen Laramie High School students protested Friday afternoon at the southwest corner of Boulder Drive and Grand Avenue.... more


Cheney calls Hageman entry into race ‘tragic opportunism’

U.S. Rep. Liz Cheney, R-Wyo., called former Republican ally Harriet Hageman’s challenge for her seat “tragic opportunism” in a Friday morning call with Wyoming media.... more

Company woos WyoTech students with jaunt on private jet

Those weren’t rock stars or major social media influencers you may have seen boarding a private jet at the Laramie Regional Airport on the morning of Sept. 1.... more


Police officers looking for supportive communities moving to Casper

After the nation erupted in months of protests following George Floyd’s death last year, Andrew Lincowski knew he wanted to go back into law enforcement. ... more


Wyoming news briefs September 10

News from across Wyoming.... more


Lawmakers advance runoff election legislation

Wyoming lawmakers advanced a proposal Thursday to shift the state’s elections to a runoff system. Conservative activists favor runoffs as a way to avoid the type of vote-splitting they believe has helped elevate more moderate candidates in Republican primaries.... more


Illegal political robocalls rankle Wyoming voters

In the wee hours of Aug. 30, phones across Wyoming began ringing.... more


Wyo sage grouse counts fall again, marking a 5-year trend

Wyoming’s 2021 count of male greater sage grouse declined 13 percent compared to 2020, extending the downward trend of the troubled bird’s key population indicator to five years.... more


Gordon says state ready to challenge vaccine mandate

Wyoming is prepared to challenge a federal vaccine mandate in court, Gov. Mark Gordon declared in a statement Thursday.... more


Laramie school trustees adopt mask mandate after heated meeting

Another week, another school board meeting, another extension of the mask mandate in local schools. ... more

Trump endorsement in hand, Hageman announces House bid

Cheyenne attorney Harriet Hageman announced her candidacy Thursday for Wyoming’s lone seat in the U.S. House of Representatives, launching her bid to oust current Rep. Liz Cheney, R-Wyo.... more


Central Wyoming College mask mandate reinstated

A mask mandate was reinstated Wednesday at Central Wyoming College to guard against the spread of COVID-19.... more


Wyoming news briefs for September 9

News from across Wyoming.... more


Sources say Trump will endorse Hageman against Cheney

Hageman, a former Cheney ally and a 2018 Republican candidate for governor in Wyoming, did not respond to numerous requests for comment, nor has she formally announced her candidacy.... more


Marine’s body to be returned to Jackson Friday

The body of Lance Cpl. Rylee McCollum, the local U.S. Marine who was killed in Afghanistan on Aug. 26, is scheduled to return to Jackson on Friday around 4 p.m.... more


Laramie school mask debate boils over

An unruly and disruptive group of local residents nearly derailed Wednesday’s Albany County School District Board of Education meeting minutes into it. ... more


Cheyenne school trustees adopt mask mandate

The Laramie County School District 1 Board of Trustees voted unanimously Wednesday night to require students and faculty to wear masks indoors to slow the spread of COVID-19.... more


Wyoming news briefs for September 8

News from across Wyoming.... more


The ‘Cowboy Catholics’ and federal funds

In 2015, tiny Wyoming Catholic College made a big splash on the national education front by refusing to participate in federal student-aid programs, claiming that accepting federal money would impinge on the school’s academic and religious freedoms.... more


Bighorn Forest plan for weeds, sagebrush sparks battle

Conservationists are criticizing a plan by the Bighorn National Forest to use aerial spraying to kill mountain big sagebrush and larkspur, native plants the critics say shouldn’t be destroyed to improve grazing for domestic stock.... more

Fraud case rocks Lander, Catholic College

Many were impressed with his fresh ideas and unbridled enthusiasm about the future of the ambitious young college, as well as his vision of the business potential of his new hometown.... more


Tourists change the way they use of Grand Teton Park

Zach Kariya and Cailey Baker were quite certain of the number of hikers they’d passed since the last checkpoint on their way down from an eight-hour hike to Amphitheater Lake and Garnet Canyon.... more


New community college trustees gather info

Chairman Robert Palmer said that while the board has not taken action on appointing a district president yet, he hopes it reaches a consensus on who to hire in the next 30 to 60 days.... more


More Wyoming residents seek vaccination

Nearly 8,800 people in Wyoming received a first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine within the last two weeks. That’s the highest amount statewide since this spring, when the shots first became available to the general public.... more


Mask mandate approved for Torrington schools

The Goshen County School District approved a motion for K-12 mask mandates during a special meeting.... more


Wyoming news briefs for September 7

News from across Wyoming.... more


Protest and passion mount around via ferrata proposal

Protest and passion continue to mount around a proposal to build a via ferrata in Sinks Canyon State Park, dividing the central Wyoming outdoor recreation community.... more


No plans for inquest into 2019 shooting, coroner says

Fremont County’s new coroner says he has no plans to initiate an inquest into the fatal 2019 shooting of Anderson Antelope by a Riverton police officer.... more


Sheridan residents rally against mask requirements

More than 120 people packed the council chambers and adjacent hallway last week at Sheridan City Hall to organize and oppose mask requirements being adopted by local school districts.... more


Woman works to establish missing persons database

In 2019, Desirée Tinoco started a Facebook group after hearing about two men missing in Wyoming, whose cases weren’t getting much coverage.... more


Wyoming news briefs for September 6

News from across Wyoming.... more


COVID-19 infections, controversy disrupt first days of school

Less than two weeks after opening their doors, school officials around Wyoming are finding that hygiene protocols and mask and vaccine recommendations may not be enough to prevent COVID-19 outbreaks and keep students in classrooms.... more


Afghanistan becomes flashpoint in race to oust Cheney

U.S. Rep. Liz Cheney, R-Wyoming, has an extensive foreign policy record.... more


Dayton mayor relieved of duties

In a special meeting Thursday, the Dayton Town Council voted 4-1 to relieve Mayor Norm Anderson of many responsibilities, essentially reducing him to figurehead status.... more


Legal sports betting goes live in Wyoming

Gambling sports fans in Wyoming are no longer required to bet through sketchy offshore websites to win, or lose, a quick buck.... more


Attempts to remove Cheney from conference continue

Far-right House members continue to push to oust Rep. Liz Cheney from the Republican Conference following her appointment Thursday as vice chairwoman of the Jan. 6 Select Committee.... more


Health officials fight ‘two pandemics’ amid COVID misinformation

When COVID-19 began to take over public consciousness in the U.S. around March 2020, public health departments set to work, tasked with providing the best information, resources and preventative care possible at the time to their communities.... more

Gillette teens interview authors for Library of Congress

What did two Gillette teenage girls share in common with Washington, D.C., man, born in 1983, who happens to be a best-selling author of young adult books and has sold more than 6 million copies since 2014?... more

COVID patient raises money for CNA’s shoes

Bob Vines went to the emergency room at Cheyenne Regional Medical Center on July 17 with COVID-19.... more

Group works to save heritage of primitive weapons

For most of his life, Ned Dunn has been shooting black powder muzzleloader weapons. The Powell resident loves everything about the guns first developed in the 16th century, from pouring his own musket balls to the smell of the powder burning. Dunn is trying to preserve the traditions of the Wyoming mountain man, but, as he puts it, he’s running out of time.... more


Wyoming news briefs for September 3

News from across Wyoming.... more


Water board votes against big wells in troubled Ogallala Aquifer

The state engineer should not authorize eight high-capacity groundwater wells in the diminishing High Plains Aquifer east of Cheyenne, a Laramie County board recommended with a 4-1 vote Tuesday.... more


Teton commissioners extend mask mandate to Dec. 31

The Teton County Board of County Commissioners voted 3-2 Thursday morning to extend Teton District Health Officer Dr. Travis Riddell’s mask mandate through the end of 2021.... more


Officials say oil rebounding, but work with feds needed

A year after its prices dropped below zero, oil seems to be on the rebound, but a lot of work remains to be done under the Biden administration.... more


Nearly one-third of WMC patients in for COVID

Nearly 30 percent of patients at Wyoming’s largest hospital are being treated for COVID-19. The majority of them are under 65 years old.... more


Bill changing absentee ballot counting rules gets committee nod

At least one bill related to elections will be introduced by committee during Wyoming’s 2022 legislative session, while the fate of two other proposed bills is murky.... more


Wyoming news briefs for September 2

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Hundreds of Laramie County School District No. 1 students quarantined

Less than two weeks after the start of the new school year in Laramie County School District No.1, there have been 466 quarantines mandated on students and faculty. ... more


In Sheridan: Families withdraw students, teachers suspended following school district vote to require masks

The decision by Sheridan County School District No. 2 to require masks not only has some residents upset but withdrawing their children from district schools and has reportedly led to the suspension of at least two teachers who chose to defy the policy change.... more


Moorcroft woman arrested for child abuse, aggravated assault

A Moorcroft woman has been arrested on 16 separate counts of child abuse as well as one of aggravated assault and battery.... more


Albany County school board gets an earful on mask mandates

Wednesday’s special meeting of the Albany County School District 1 Board of Education to listen to public input on a potential extended mask mandate for students and employees soon found a rhythm reminiscent of a State of the Union address. ... more


Governor: No mask mandate ahead

Gov. Mark Gordon stressed Wednesday that he will not be issuing a statewide or K-12 mask mandate like he did last year, even as schools opened and COVID cases surged across Wyoming. ... more

Rylee McCollum: A Jackson kid, a lifelong Marine

And, according to his father, Jim McCollum, Rylee loved competition and overcoming obstacles.... more


Wyoming news briefs for September 1

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Pine Bluffs school board member: ‘I think they’re prepared to have sick kids’

In response to nearly 10 percent of students in Laramie County School District 2 being quarantined after the first week of school, as well as nine staff members, the district's Board of Trustees held a special meeting Monday night that lasted more than three hours.... more


Shrinking communities brace for budget impacts

It’s not so quiet in Mills anymore.... more


PacifiCorp holds course to exit Wyoming coal

Wyoming’s largest utility, Rocky Mountain Power, will decommission its entire coal-fired power fleet in the state by 2039 while continuing to add wind, solar and battery storage to its six-state operating system, according to preliminary details of its 2021 Integrated Resource Plan.... more


Wiggins Construction customers complain of shoddy and incomplete work

In the spring, Wiggins Construction LLC began aggressively pushing a new promotion, offering a free AR-15 rifle with the purchase of a new roof. The campaign generated a lot of praise and controversy on social media and elsewhere, and it received local and national media coverage.... more


Former Jackson police lieutenant claims wrongful termination, sues town for $1 million

A former Jackson Police Department lieutenant who was at the center of a controversy last year because of what many viewed as an offensive Facebook post is suing the town of Jackson for $1 million, claiming he was “wrongfully and forcefully” terminated by the town without being afforded constitutional due process.... more


Group marches in Sheridan, reminds citizens to stay abreast of election law changes

In light of continued allegations of voter fraud during the 2020 election, the Wyoming Legislature, like many state governments, is rethinking some of its election statutes.... more


Oil and gas lease sales set to resume next year

The Biden administration on Tuesday set an end date for its pause on federal oil and gas leasing. The first onshore lease sale since December will be held by early 2022.... more


Wyoming news briefs for August 31

News from across Wyoming.... more


'In a blink:' Gillette reflects on 20 years in Afghanistan erased

When Jonathan Decker first stepped foot in Afghanistan in 2013, the status of the War on Terror was in a malaise between the purpose it began with and the debacle it is in now.... more


COVID hospitalizations continue to rise

The number of hospitalized COVID-19 patients in Wyoming rose to 195 on Monday — the most since Dec. 10. ... more


Cheyenne man pleads not guilty to first-degree murder, child abuse charges

In his first appearance in Laramie County District Court, a man accused of killing a local 2-year-old and putting his body in a dumpster pleaded not guilty to 11 felonies Monday afternoon.... more


Wyoming news briefs for August 30

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Oversight panel debates harm of sage grouse hunting

Wyoming should adopt a species-specific permit system for sage grouse hunting to better account for the fall take, a university professor recently told a state panel.... more


‘Mock inquest’ held to review man’s 2019 death

A mock theater inquest into the 2019 killing of Anderson Antelope by a Riverton police officer took place without incident this month despite concerns about safety expressed beforehand by members of the community.... more


Former Jackson student among Marines killed in Afghanistan

A former Jackson student was one of the 170 people and 13 U.S. Marines killed in Afghanistan after a suicide bomber attacked Hamid Karzai International Airport Aug. 26.... more


Barrasso criticizes Biden on economy, immigration, Afghanistan

U.S. Sen. John Barrasso, R-Wyo., had a late start to the August Congressional recess, but is making up for lost time by crisscrossing Wyoming and listening to the public’s concerns about the economy, immigration and Afghanistan.... more


Cheyenne COVID cases spike after first week of school

As of Friday afternoon, just five days into the new school year, there were more than 170 active coronavirus cases and exposures in Laramie County School District 1 schools.... more

Artist leads students in painting huge mural

Standing two steps up on an 8-foot ladder, face-to-face with white paint strokes beginning to form the head of a buffalo, Hannah Mooney stood where she stood for the better part of the summer, focused and facing the wall turned canvas turned mural on the front of the AVA Community Art Center.... more

Rafting guides rescue dog from hole near Shoshone River

When Cody resident Nick Hummel went down to the bank of the Shoshone River on Aug. 17, he saw a scrappy, 10-pound dog he never expected to see again.... more


Swift fox populations growing in Wyoming

Wyoming swift foxes also seem to even be expanding beyond their historic range into higher-elevation areas like Big Piney and Pinedale.... more


Wyoming news briefs for August 27

News from across Wyoming.... more


Officials face growing pressure to audit Wyo elections

Wyoming officials are facing mounting pressure to audit the 2020 election from pro-Trump activists asserting, without evidence, that the 2020 presidential election was stolen from the former president through widespread voter fraud.... more


Teton County puts mask mandate back in place

As of 4 p.m. Thursday, all Teton County residents, workers, and visitors are required to wear face coverings in public indoor settings, regardless of vaccination status.... more


Judge reduces fines for those who get vaccinated

A Natrona County judge is offering a unique form of community service to help people pay off court fines — getting a COVID-19 vaccination.... more


Supreme Court refuses to limit scope of Manlove charge

The petition, filed by Attorney General Bridget Hill on July 29, said complaints related to an alleged violation by Manlove of the federal Fair Labor Standards Act, as well as accusations that the district attorney created and fostered a toxic work environment within her office, fell outside the jurisdiction of the State Bar’s Board of Professional Responsibility.... more


Wyoming news briefs for August 26

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Man accused of gouging out woman’s eye freed

The man accused of gouging out a woman’s eye on Thanksgiving Day at Lander SageWest Health Care has been released from the Wyoming State Hospital, back into the community under the care of his wife.... more


State seeks removal of Crook County treasurer

On the instruction of Governor Mark Gordon, the Wyoming Attorney General’s Office has filed a civil case with District Court that could see County Treasurer Mary Kuhl removed from office.... more


Campbell County LGBTQ complaints shift to school board

School trustees were the latest of local public boards to hear complaints about LGBTQ issues Tuesday night.... more


Unvaccinated staff in Wyoming prisons leads to rise in cases

Coronavirus cases are again on the rise in Wyoming prisons thanks largely to unvaccinated employees, the Department of Corrections says.... more


Wyoming news briefs for August 25

News from across Wyoming.... more


Wyo preps for less water as drought creeps up Colorado River

As federal water managers declared the first-ever official Colorado River water shortage last week, a top official said he’s confident Wyoming will responsibly implement its plans to store and divert even more flows from the troubled waterway.... more


A tale of two taxes

Voters in Campbell and Johnson Counties weighed in last week on an issue that has long divided voters in Wyoming: whether to tax themselves for government services.... more

School official: Some kids ‘absolutely’ will contract COVID-19

Gov. Mark Gordon’s office, elected school boards and an apparent majority of the Wyoming public have decided that’s an acceptable risk.... more


Teton County ready to implement mask mandate

Teton District Health Officer Dr. Travis Riddell is planning to issue a countywide mask mandate effective Thursday.... more


No single reason for hospitality employee shortage

By Labor Day and the official end of the summer tourism season, the Best Western Sheridan Center may be fully staffed.... more


Rocky Mountain Power completes wind power initiative

Rocky Mountain Power has officially completed its Energy Vision 2020 initiative.... more


Standardized test results normal through pandemic

Wyoming Superintendent of Public Instruction Jillian Balow described the 2020-21 state assessment results as “overwhelmingly normal” Tuesday, despite a school year that was anything but.... more


Wyoming news briefs for August 24

News from across Wyoming.... more


Former Jackson resident recovers $6M in ‘unclaimed propery’

A former Jackson resident has recovered the largest sum of unclaimed property ever possessed by the Wyoming State Treasurer’s Office.... more


Judge rules against stalking claim

Two outspoken local residents sparred head-to-head in Park County Circuit Court on Monday over alleged stalking activity.... more


Campbell Co. officials bemoan lack of state guidance

Campbell County officials are disappointed that there seems to be no guidance from the state level as far as what’s next for Wyoming.... more


Laramie schools adopt mask mandate

When classes begin again for the Albany County School District on Thursday, students in kindergarten through eighth grade will have to be masked up for in-person learning at county public schools.... more


Wyoming news briefs for August 23

News from across Wyoming.... more


Invasive weed continues to spread

Tom Durst noticed the weed years ago in a place called Walleye Bay in Pathfinder Reservoir. It was green and leafy and made it hard for him to fish for the walleye the bay was named after.... more


Legislators begin redistricting process

To protect the honored “one person, one vote” rule, the number of people within each voting district in any given state should generally be the same as in any other.... more


Gillette residents: move — don’t remove — controversial library books

Campbell County commissioners listened to another round of public comment on the library controversy at their meeting Tuesday. There were a few new faces, as well as some familiar ones.... more


State vaccination rates rising

More Wyomingites received a first COVID-19 vaccine dose in the last two weeks than in any two-week period since mid-May, state figures show.... more

Forest Service cabins provide rural getaway

The Sheep Mountain Fire Outlook has one set of bunk beds and one vault toilet. There is no running water, indoor plumbing or electricity.... more

With 50 years behind them, Lewis and Clark Expeditions is still paddling

James Peck and Karen Youngblood had fantasies of a celebratory summer paying homage to the 50th anniversary of Lewis & Clark River Expeditions, a business the married couple has jointly run for the past 28 years.... more


Wyoming news briefs for August 20

News from across Wyoming.... more


Cheyenne city attorney asks AG office to prosecute abuse case

Cheyenne’s city attorney has filed a petition asking the Laramie County District Court to request that the Wyoming Attorney General’s office investigate, and potentially prosecute, a case declined by Laramie County District Attorney Leigh Anne Manlove.... more


State hospitals feel staffing strain; 5 Wyoming facilities report critical shortage over the last 4 days

By the time Wyoming hit its COVID-19 hospitalization peak last November, nearly 250 people were being treated for the virus statewide. The physicians who were caring for them were largely working without days off, filling in for colleagues who had either tested positive or been exposed to the virus themselves. ... more


Wyoming news briefs for August 19

News from across Wyoming.... more


Crook County treasurer returns to work

Despite deciding that the charges against Crook County Treasurer Mary Kuhl merit binding her case over to District Court, Judge Wendy Bartlett of the Circuit Court of the 6th Judicial District determined on Thursday that Kuhl should be allowed to return to the office.... more


Grizzly bear deaths on the rise in 2021

It’s been a tough year for grizzly bears in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.... more


Cheyenne man pleads no contest to voluntary manslaughter, other felonies

A man accused of shooting two people, killing one of them, pleaded no contest Wednesday to voluntary manslaughter and several other felony charges in Laramie County District Court. ... more


'I can't wait': Supporters react to college district passing

On Tuesday night, the long-awaited fate of Gillette College was decided.... more


Vaccine incentive programs to launch

Albany County and the city of Laramie are partnering with other local organizations to boost the area’s COVID-19 vaccination rate, and they’ve put their money where their mouths are. ... more


Wyoming news briefs for August 18

News from across Wyoming.... more


In Yellowstone, Haaland recognizes threats to park, ecosystem

Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland has a responsibility to work with Yellowstone National Park’s ecosystem neighbors to resolve vexing cross-boundary conservation problems like climate change, wildfire, crushing visitation and wildlife that “don’t see borders,” she said Friday.... more

Aging dam above Douglas called ‘catastrophic’ threat

A pair of engineering firms contracted by the state warn that cracks in the 112-year-old concrete LaPrele dam, along with deterioration in its geologic foundation, could result in catastrophic failure. ... more


Multi-billion dollar Natrium nuclear project inches forward

A progress report to members of the Joint Committee on Minerals, Business & Economic Development in Laramie Thursday offered mostly good news to proponents of building a first-of-its-kind nuclear reactor in Wyoming.... more

Sacrifices, scars and service

Military veterans carry a lot of scars, said Scott Ratliff, a member of the Eastern Shoshone Tribe who served in Vietnam, and there’s no magical balm to fix them. ... more


Wyo. board tours state-owned land in Jackson Hole, hears from its guardians

Wyoming State Treasurer Curt Meier stood in the sagebrush near the east edge of Grand Teton National Park overlooking the Tetons, his feet planted on some of the most valuable land possessed by his state.... more


COVID boosters advised for vulnerable

The Wyoming Department of Health is following guidance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in promoting an additional COVID-19 booster shot to certain populations at an increased risk amid the rise of the more contagious and likely more dangerous delta variant. ... more


Gillette college district passes in special election with 70% of vote

Gillette College will become its own community college district.... more


Wyoming news briefs for August 17

News from across Wyoming.... more


Interior secretary pledges support for national parks

While some dignitaries drop into Yellowstone National Park by helicopter, new Secretary of the Interior Secretary Deb Haaland wound up being escorted by bison on her drive in, experiencing the park in the same way as most tourists.... more


Lawmaker looks to layer on AIS penalties

A Cheyenne lawmaker is drawing up new penalties to safeguard in-state waters from record-breaking numbers of watercraft easing down Wyoming boat ramps.... more


Cheyenne man gets life in prison for killing 2, injuring 2 others

A man accused of killing two people, injuring two teenage boys and shooting at another man was sentenced to life in prison Monday afternoon in Laramie County District Court.... more


Gordon: No COVID mandates

Gov. Mark Gordon made clear Monday afternoon that his office would not be enacting any sweeping virus mitigation policies, deferring instead to the federal government and local officials.... more


Wyoming news briefs for August 16

News from across Wyoming.... more


Crypto industry laments failure of Lummis-backed amendment

Wyoming’s cryptocurrency sector is concerned for its future after a Sen. Cynthia Lummis-backed amendment to new tax reporting requirements failed to be attached to a sweeping $1 trillion infrastructure package the Senate passed earlier this week.... more


More than 1 million visit Yellowstone in July

For the first time in its 149-year history, Yellowstone National Park has surpassed the threshold of a million visitors in a month.... more


Interior secretary visits Fremont Co., tribes

U.S. Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland visited Fremont County on Thursday to meet tribal and state leaders. ... more


Campbell library board tells people to follow procedure

If people have a problem with certain books in the Campbell County Public Library, they need to go through the proper channels to challenge those books.... more


Energy Authority unveils strategy

Wyoming plans to chart its path to net-zero emissions with an all-of-the-above approach. ... more


Rancher survives after being struck by lightning

Jack Corson was moving heifers when the lightning struck.... more

Laramie crossword builder’s work appears across country

The New York Times’ crossword puzzle is a cultural fixture and a daily habit for millions of Americans, with completion of the week’s hardest edition, published on Saturdays, a sign of crossword puzzle mastery. ... more

Man builds giant guitar for public display

Laid out across the large floor space inside of the Area 59 workshop — and taking up a lot of it — was about 22 feet of giant guitar.... more


Wyoming news briefs for August 13

News from across Wyoming.... more


Wyo drilling rig count triples during Biden leasing pause

The number of rotary rigs drilling for oil and gas in Wyoming tripled since President Joe Biden announced a pause on leasing federal minerals for development more than five months ago.... more


Clearmont school board to vote on CRT

Members of the Sheridan County School District 3 Board of Trustees took another step forward in voicing their opposition to Critical Race Theory, or CRT, being taught in local classrooms.... more


Census shows Wyo population up 2.3%

America’s least populated state is growing, though much slower than most of the nation.... more


Delegation unanimously opposes infrastructure bills

Wyoming’s congressional delegation is unanimously opposed to both infrastructure bills advancing through Congress, citing costs and the inclusion of what they deemed “far-left” policies in the two packages that total over $4.5 trillion if passed.... more


Wyoming news briefs for August 12

News from across Wyoming.... more


UW to require face masks until Sept. 20

Face masks will be required indoors until at least Sept. 20 at the University of Wyoming.... more


Wyoming revenue outlook improves, state leaders still cautious

Wyoming’s current revenue is well ahead of where economists predicted it would be earlier this year, but that positive development could be temporary.... more


State Bar opposes limit to Manlove review

The Wyoming State Bar’s Board of Professional Responsibility has rejected the claim by the Wyoming Attorney General’s office that allegations involving personnel in its formal charge against Laramie County District Attorney Leigh Anne Manlove fall outside the board’s jurisdiction.... more


Climate change, wildfires cause bird die-offs

Only time will tell the full effects of severe droughts and large wildfires plaguing 2020 and 2021. But the impact for one species has been immediate.... more


Wyoming news briefs for August 11

News from across Wyoming.... more

Masks will be optional for most Wyo students as schools reopen

School districts across the state are taking a wait-and-see approach to updating COVID-19 safety guidelines and protocols as students and staff prepare to return to classrooms amid a surge in infections of the Delta variant in Wyoming.... more


Wyo’s economic recovery lags behind nation

Wyoming’s recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic has been slower than most other states, according to state and federal data, with numerous indicators hinting the state’s economy may not reach its pre-pandemic strength by the time the Legislature meets this winter.... more

Near Togwotee Pass, Continental Divide Trail gets a reroute

Some 550 miles of the Continental Divide Trail — the iconic thru-hiking route that rides the spine of the Rocky Mountains from Canada to Mexico — unfurl across Wyoming. The trail passes through Yellowstone National Park, skips over wind-scoured ridges of the Wind River Range and traverses sagebrush seas in the southern reaches of the state. ... more


Game and Fish asks public to help solve elk, CWD, feed ground puzzle

The Wyoming Game and Fish Department last week wrapped up a six-town tour aimed at launching stakeholder groups to generate “new ideas for management” of Wyoming’s 22 elk feedgrounds, where chronic wasting disease threatens some 14,000 elk.... more


Grizzy 399, cubs move south again

As five grizzly bears swam, wrestled and bounded across her manicured lawn along the Snake River, Brooke Combs shrieked and literally jumped with joy.... more


Fremont GOP joins in rescinding Cheney recognition

The Fremont County Republican Party has joined Carbon and Park counties in voting to rescind recognition of Rep. Liz Cheney as a member of the GOP, according to a resolution obtained by the Star-Tribune.... more


Judge rules for Cheyenne officer in lawsuit

A U.S. District Court judge has dismissed a lawsuit against a Cheyenne Police officer that alleged unlawful seizure and excessive force.... more


Wyoming news briefs for August 10

News from across Wyoming.... more

COVID outdoor visits keep game wardens busy

On the lakes, rivers, in the woods, parks and the desert, business has been brisk. People are rediscovering the great outdoors, one of the positive developments from health officials’ recommendations to be socially distant amid the COVID-19 pandemic. ... more


Two county GOP parties rescind recognition of Cheney as rep

Republicans in two Wyoming counties have voted to rescind recognition of Rep. Liz Cheney as a member of their party.... more


Fire season, pandemic travel contribute to fuel shortage

For 18 months, the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted global supply chains, affecting everything from toilet paper to gasoline, diesel and aviation fuel.... more


Wyoming news briefs for August 9

News from across Wyoming.... more


Wyo Dems retool strategy for 2022

The 2020 elections weren’t fruitful for Wyoming Democrats.... more


Committee looks to solve absentee, truancy woes

“Disconnects” among the school absenteeism and truancy laws in the state are being addressed in a bill being drafted by Wyoming’s Joint Education Committee. ... more


Enzi’s funeral celebration of faith, family, friends, fishing

It never ceases to amaze just how quiet a large group of people can be. More impressive still is when they stop talking suddenly, as if a switch got flipped and turned them off.... more


Letter details frustration with Laramie Co. DA

A five-page letter sent by the Cheyenne Police Department’s Detective Bureau commander to Laramie County District Attorney Leigh Anne Manlove details his frustration with Manlove’s office after she reportedly declined to charge a suspect in a sexual abuse of a minor case.... more


Impact of Wyoming abortion brief unclear

Gov. Mark Gordon announced last month that Wyoming joined more than 20 other states in filing an amicus brief before the U.S. Supreme Court, arguing that states should be left to regulate elective abortions.... more


Young pianist’s skill takes him to state performance

Becky Smylie can’t remember which company’s commercial it was. She racks her brain, pillaging through the blurred memories of the past 13 years to no avail.... more

Jackson renters booted from homes in boom market

It’s a seller’s market, and property owners are cashing out of Jackson Hole at unprecedented rates. For renters, that rapid turnover often means a terminated lease and uncertain future in a state where tenants have limited rights and few options for legal recourse.... more


Solar arrays not as popular as wind farms in Wyoming

Wind farms have been popping up all over Wyoming. Solar arrays, for the most part, haven’t.... more


Wyoming news briefs for August 6

News from across Wyoming.... more


Officials reexamine guidelines, decline mandates as Delta variant spreads

Circumstances have changed with the COVID-19 Delta variant’s incursion into Wyoming, health experts say, prompting officials to issue new recommendations and many to ask whether more needs to be done to increase the state’s vaccination rate and slow the virus’ spread. ... more


Election audit bill fails

Wyoming lawmakers rejected a proposal Wednesday by State Rep. Chuck Gray, R-Casper, to give the Wyoming Legislature the power to audit elections.... more


Wyoming’s fish are in hot water; anglers can help

In the last 60 days, temperatures in portions of northern and southwestern Wyoming have run up to 8 degrees above normal. And that isn’t just highs. ... more


Wyoming unprepared to grab federal coal community lifeline, experts say

Wyoming stands to receive millions in federal stimulus dollars aimed at helping coal- and energy-reliant communities survive industry downturns and diversify their economies. The state, however, is currently unprepared to capitalize on the opportunity, stakeholders say.... more


Report says oil and gas moratorium effect minimal

The Biden administration’s pause on federal drilling leases alarmed the oil and gas industry. But a new report argues that its economic impacts will be negligible — even for Wyoming.... more


Jackson Republican fundraiser prompts protest

At 73, Jorge Colon had never been to a protest.... more


Grizzly 399 back in the southern valley, this time in peak summer

A beloved 25-year-old grizzly bear raising four cubs is once again outside her usual Grand Teton National Park home range and has been on the go through subdivisions and ranchland.... more


Wyoming news briefs for August 5

News from across Wyoming.... more


Wyoming's congressional delegation, Sen. Mitch McConnell to attend Enzi's funeral

Wyoming’s congressional delegation of U.S. Sens. John Barrasso and Cynthia Lummis and U.S. Rep. Liz Cheney, as well as Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, of Kentucky, are expected to attend former senator and Gillette mayor Michael B. Enzi’s funeral services, which begin at 1 p.m. Friday.... more


Supreme Court upholds Wapiti man’s murder conviction

Citing the “overwhelming” evidence against him, the Wyoming Supreme Court has upheld a Wapiti man’s years-old murder conviction. ... more


Wyoming’s COVID hospitalizations continue to climb as Delta variant takes hold

Wyoming hospitals are treating as many COVID-19 patients now as they were in early January, which experts say is a concerning trend as a more contagious and likely more dangerous variant of the virus circulates through the state.... more


Wyoming news briefs for August 4

News from across Wyoming.... more


Greene, other Trump supporters to fundraise in Jackson

Some of former President Trump’s most ardent allies — U.S. House Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene and Jim Jordan and former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows — will be in Jackson Hole to fundraise Thursday for some of the House GOP’s most conservative politicians.... more


Pronghorn population, hunting tags down due to habitat, climate woes

Fewer archers and shooters will pursue pronghorn in the forthcoming hunting season after snowstorms and drought prompted Wyoming Game and Fish Department to significantly reduce the number of licenses it issued this year.... more


Stumbles, stakeholder displeasure led to revenue chief’s ouster

A series of high-profile stumbles and the resulting displeasure of key interest groups led to the forced resignation last month of long-serving Wyoming Department of Revenue Director Dan Noble.... more


UW eyes federal relief funds to ease reorganization

In the wake of drastic budget cuts and significant restructuring plans, the University of Wyoming’s trustees hope American Recovery Plan Act funds can provide a lifeline for certain programs.... more


PAC backing Cheney challenger Gray funded solely by his father

State Rep. Chuck Gray’s father is the sole funder of a secretive political action committee that is boosting Gray’s bid to oust U.S. Rep. Liz Cheney in next year’s Republican primary.... more


Sheridan council says proposed tobacco ordinance not ready

An ordinance requested by Sheridan County School District 2 that would have significantly increased the fines for underage tobacco use in the city of Sheridan, died on first reading in a 4-3 vote Monday night.... more


State’s renewable energy capacity grows

Last year, renewable energy development broke records in Wyoming — and nationwide. ... more


School board meeting over COVID stopped after disruption

The Laramie County School District 1 Board of Trustees shut down public comment early Monday night after a resident began yelling at trustees and refused to give up the mic when his allotted public comment period was over.... more


Constitutionality of new sobriety law questioned

A new program intended to promote public safety and reduce incarceration rates is coming under fire for potentially violating the constitutional rights of people ordered to participate in it.... more


Wyoming news briefs for August 3

News from across Wyoming.... more


It takes a village to combat Crater Ridge Fire

Thirty miles northeast of Lovell off U.S Highway 14, a makeshift town of trailers and yurts appears out of nowhere.... more

2021 finally brings short uptick for thermal coal

Given the choice of what to hear first, good news or bad news, Powder River Basin coal producers and the thousands of people who work the mines are used to asking for the good news —only to be told there is none.... more


Experts split on whether state has hate crime law

Wyoming is widely regarded as one of the last states without a hate crime law, but that assertion is not as straightforward as one might think.... more


Wyoming news briefs for August 2

News from across Wyoming.... more


We’ve been here before: Wyoming nuclear project echoes of past

When state officials unveiled in June that a nuclear demonstration project is slated for Wyoming, they touted it as an advanced technology. But critics of the Natrium project say we’ve been here before — with the same technology and the same assurances made — only to see hopes dashed and massive public investments go to waste.... more


Testimony to JAC: In-state meat industry growing but has more to do

Wyoming’s meat processing industry is growing, a development Central Wyoming College is watching closely. ... more


AG filing seeks to limit scope of Manlove charge

A Thursday court filing by the Wyoming Attorney General’s office seeks to prohibit the Wyoming State Bar’s Board of Professional Responsibility from considering or adjudicating certain allegations set out in its recent formal charge against Laramie County District Attorney Leigh Anne Manlove.... more


Wyoming leads on variant testing

As COVID-19 variants emerge globally, Wyoming is by a wide margin leading the nation in work to identify those mutations.... more

Campbell County couple training pack animals for hunting

Who in the world wants to go on a mountain excursion with a bunch of pack goats? Chances are you do, but you just might not know it yet. The father-and-son team of Shawn and Zach Dorr want to change that.... more

Six years after coin shop murders, police and family hope for closure

No suspects have ever been arrested or publicly identified by law enforcement, and the investigation remains open. ... more

Supaman to the rescue

By the time hip-hop artist Christian Takes Gun Parrish, a.k.a. Supaman, took the stage Friday, he had already danced his way into the hearts of visitors at the Buffalo Bill Center of the West while sharing his messages of hope.... more


Wyoming news briefs for July 30

News from across Wyoming.... more


Guides allege mismanagement of Snake River

Snake River Angler owner Will Dornan says there’s never been anything like the current level of interest in hiring a fly-fishing guide to take a day’s float in Jackson Hole.... more


No charges to be filed in election fraud allegations

The special prosecutor appointed to investigate whether or not criminal charges should be filed in the case of alleged illegal voting at the Uinta County Republican Party leadership elections in March has declined to prosecute. ... more


Health officer recommends mask use inside

State Health Officer Dr. Alexia Harrist is recommending vaccinated residents in areas with moderate to high COVID-19 transmission wear face masks in indoor public settings, she told the Star-Tribune on Thursday.... more


Wyo charge against ‘Dating Game Killer’ dismissed

A first-degree murder charge filed against Rodney Alcala, a man known as the Dating Game Killer, will be dropped in Sweetwater County following his death.... more


Wyoming news briefs for July 29

News from across Wyoming.... more


A perfect storm: contractors struggle to adapt to a host of issues

Local contractors are facing an unheard of set of circumstances: volatile prices, increased transportation costs, material shortages and a rapid rise in new construction.... more


Deer Creek 2 wildfire grows to 3,000 acres

A 3,000-acre wildfire is burning across three Wyoming counties with little containment as of Wednesday afternoon.... more


Crook County treasurer arrested

Crook County Treasurer Mary Kuhl was arrested on Friday on criminal charges related to her conduct as an elected official.... more


Campbell County library board receives both support and calls for resignation

The latest chapter in the Campbell County Public Library controversy may have been the most heated one yet.... more


Wyoming news briefs for July 28

News from across Wyoming.... more


Education committee prefers ‘incremental’ steps to K-12 funding crisis

Lawmakers last week, bolstered by an improving revenue forecast, said they continue to favor spending cuts and tapping Wyoming’s “rainy day fund” to temporarily address an estimated $270 million education-funding deficit. Forecasters had previously predicted a $300 million deficit.... more


Wyo looks to store, divert more water as Lake Powell dries up

As Lake Powell dropped to its lowest-ever level Friday — a decline that has forced dam tenders to unexpectedly release 125,000 acre-feet of water from Flaming Gorge Reservoir — Wyoming stood behind five projects that could divert tens of thousands more acre-feet from waterways in the troubled Colorado River Basin.... more


Proposed ordinance would raise fee for underage vaping on school grounds

Next week, Sheridan City Council will proceed with the first reading of an ordinance increasing the financial penalty for juveniles vaping tobacco on school grounds.... more


Microbes in Yellowstone pools add new branch to the tree of life

It’s not often that scientists get to discover a new form of life, but a team of researchers from the University of Texas at Austin have recently found not just one new species, but a whole group of novel organisms, some of which can be found in Jackson Hole’s backyard.... more


Public notice exemptions spark legal challenge

A judge will decide whether recent ordinances passed in Bar Nunn and Mills exempting the municipalities from publishing certain public notices in the newspaper are valid, after a petition was filed in Natrona County District Court this week. ... more


Colleagues remember Mike Enzi as passionate leader, family man

Former U.S. Sen. Mike Enzi, R-Wyo., sent his longtime colleague Max D’Onofrio an email last month that got lost in a folder somewhere. By the time D’Onofrio discovered it, he realized he’d never get to respond. ... more


Wyoming news briefs for July 27

News from across Wyoming.... more

Enzi dies after bicycle accident

Former U.S. Sen. Mike Enzi died late Monday after being seriously injured in a bicycle accident in Gillette on Friday.... more


Rancher’s request rejected by G&F

A Crandall rancher had his more than $120,000 request in reimbursement for cattle losses caused by grizzly bears and wolves in 2020 mostly rejected by the Wyoming Game and Fish Commission on July 15.... more


Jackson’s water use spikes as drought deepens

Teton County is falling further into a severe drought, but the tourism-charged community is simultaneously using more water than ever.... more


Hydrogen projects get funding

All three hydrogen projects chosen as grant finalists by the Wyoming Energy Authority two weeks ago have been awarded full funding, the agency said Friday.... more

Enzi hospitalized after bicycle accident

Former U.S. Sen. Mike Enzi is hospitalized after a Friday bicycle accident.... more


Wyoming news briefs for July 26

News from across Wyoming.... more


State focusing remaining CARES dollars on business tax relief

Wyoming’s plans for more than $1 billion in federal recovery funds related to the COVID-19 pandemic took on more definition Monday with an emphasis on tax relief for businesses.... more


Company proposes state’s largest solar farm near Riverton

A Wyoming-based public company plans to build a 640-acre solar farm east of Riverton.... more


Delta variant now dominant COVID strain in Wyoming

The highly contagious Delta variant of the novel coronavirus is now the dominant strain in Wyoming, according to the state health department. ... more


Half of Wyoming inmates vaccinated

Last week, when three positive COVID-19 cases were detected at the Wyoming Honor Farm near Riverton, Justin Albertson started getting worried. ... more

Bridger-Teton Forest becomes home for hundreds

A soupy mix of beans, rice and quinoa down the hatch, Erica Robertson prepared to get cozy last Thursday evening at one of her favorite places to call home: Curtis Canyon.... more

Couple turning school bus into home

With the whir of power tools bouncing off the neighboring peaks, a Wapiti couple is transforming a school bus from transportation for kids into the recreational vehicle of their dreams.... more

Gillette residents share passion through YouTube

Magic can happen on a lake. If that weren’t true, not nearly as many people would try their luck casting lines and hooks about trying to catch elusive fish that would prefer not to be caught.... more


Wyoming news briefs for July 23

News from across Wyoming.... more


Bill to mandate ‘equality’ curriculum, thwart critical race theory, fails

Wyoming should clarify and impose its own instruction standards regarding “equality and equal rights” rather than anticipate federal mandates to teach critical race theory, according to Sen. Charles Scott, R-Casper.... more


Family of woman attacked in hospital files lawsuit

The daughters of a woman who died about two weeks after her eye was gouged out last year, reportedly by another patient at SageWest Health Care in Lander, have sued the hospital.... more


After wearing bracelet for 30 years, Sheridan woman attends Krogman services

For Sheridan resident Donna Roberts, it’s a simple story. It’s also one that has impacted her life and that she’s literally worn on her wrist, on and off, for 30 years.... more


Man faces life in prison after Green River shootout

A man the Green River Police Department alleges started a shootout with officers July 6 is facing nine felony charges that could lead to a lifetime in prison. ... more


Jackson nonprofit looks for place to put free house

Land is hard to come by in Jackson, but if you’ve got some, Esther Judge Lennox will drop a free house on your lot.... more


Wyoming news briefs for July 22

News from across Wyoming.... more


Delta variant poses threat to businesses navigating already tricky summer

Last summer, businesses across Jackson sporadically put up signs: “Closed due to COVID-19 exposure.” Even if staff members weren’t sick, they were quarantined because of their proximity to the coronavirus.... more


Community debate over library performer continues

The cancellation of a transgender magician’s performance at the library last week has started a spirited debate within the community, and that continued Tuesday at the Campbell County Commission's regular meeting.... more


Gordon issues rule to increase fuel supply

Gov. Mark Gordon issued an executive order on Tuesday that allows the Wyoming Department of Transportation to deliver additional gasoline, diesel and aviation fuel through Aug. 20.... more


Laramie County DA Manlove denies misconduct in response

In her formal response to a charge made by the Wyoming State Bar alleging “incompetence and lack of professionalism,” Laramie County District Attorney Leigh Anne Manlove rejected that any behavior described by special bar counsel was improper based on professional conduct rules, asking for the charge to be dismissed.... more


Wyoming news briefs for July 21

News from across Wyoming.... more


Hula hoop dispute elicits Sheridan City Council, law enforcement attention

Sheridan City Council and local law enforcement are looking into an instance in which a longtime Sheridan resident was denied access to a free public event last week.... more


Falcons, a via ferrata and the clash of recreation v. conservation

It’s not yet 9 a.m., but the sun shines hot on a July morning near the mouth of Sinks Canyon State Park in central Wyoming. With a spotting scope trained on the cliff across the canyon, Bob Oakleaf sits on a grassy knoll amid whining grasshoppers.... more


Grizzlies on treadmills: Research illuminates bear, human run-ins

Years ago, after lugging a heavy backpack about a dozen miles over Ishawooa Pass in northwest Wyoming, I dropped into a place called the Thorofare.... more


Laramie County COVID hospitalizations reach “concerning” level before CFD

With the city’s largest event right around the corner, Laramie County still accounts for the vast majority of delta variant COVID19 cases in Wyoming – accounting for 74 percent of the state’s delta cases last week, Cheyenne-Laramie County Health Director Kathy Emmons said during Tuesday’s Board of Health meeting.... more


Trump to meet with House candidates; former president will make endorsement ‘in the next few months’

Former president Donald Trump signaled Tuesday that he is making significant moves in his effort to unseat Rep. Liz Cheney. ... more


Wyoming news briefs for July 20

News from across Wyoming.... more


Ranchers demand more money for grizzly-killed stock, again

Wyoming Game and Fish commissioners backed agency staff last week and approved compensation for trophy game damage to stock that amounted to $388,696 less than two ranchers claimed.... more


Man caught with very large amount of meth near Cody

A recent transplant to the Cody area is facing multiple felony charges after he was allegedly caught with some $20,000 worth of methamphetamine last week, plus heroin and marijuana.... more


Church of pastor critical of magic show vandalized

Sometime overnight Thursday, July 15, Central Baptist Church was vandalized.... more


Virtual education grows by 300%

Before the coronavirus pandemic reached Wyoming in March 2020, just over 1,000 students statewide were enrolled in a virtual education program. ... more


Jackson sees more than 50,000 visitors a day

It’s midsummer in Jackson Hole and bumper-to-bumper traffic on Broadway, Snow King Avenue and Highway 22 has felt worse than ever before.... more


Wyoming news briefs for July 19

News from across Wyoming.... more


Gillette grapples with anti-LGBTQ bigotry

It was just supposed to be a magic show.... more


Wyoming elementary students well below nationwide PE averages

Most elementary-aged students in Wyoming receive less physical education than kids in other states — roughly two times per week, well below the national average of 2.5 times per week — according to the first-ever statewide survey of its kind.... more


Wyoming expected to stay dangerously dry

Wyoming’s dry spell is sticking around. ... more


Gordon responds to drought conditions

Gov. Mark Gordon is convening a Colorado River Working Group that will meet regularly to discuss important Colorado River matters and monitor potential impacts to Wyoming, according to a news release from his office Friday.... more


Changes in Hathaway Scholarship open for comment

The state-sponsored Hathaway Scholarship for college-bound high school students received another update this legislative session, but the public will get to weigh in on how the new rules are written.... more


How national parks use social media to track down miscreants

Sandwiched between staff promotion and visitation tips, Yellowstone National Park’s Instagram page has a screenshot from a video taken by park visitor Darcie Addington.... more

Sheridan’s Little Free Libraries: Service about more than sharing books

Little Free Libraries are popping up all around Sheridan and here, just like around the world, the phenomenon is about more than sharing books.... more

Riverton woman key voice for missing and murdered Indigenous persons

At all hours of the day, Nicole Wagon gets calls, texts, emails and Facebook messages.... more

Spare a pair? Couple paying for adoption with shoes

Mikelle Schmit stared at the pile of transparent plastic bags that has only grown taller and wider since May. She inhaled the humid garage air and exhaled relief that she still has more than a month to meet her goal.... more


Wyoming news briefs for July 16

News from across Wyoming.... more


Grand Teton experiments with ‘augmented reality’

Moose don’t predictably appear in the height of summer along the most bustling trails in all of Grand Teton National Park.... more


Wyoming near bottom in ranking of child health

Although Wyoming ranks fourth in the nation for economic well-being, the state ranks 17th in the nation for child well-being and overall health. The two, Wyoming Community Foundation Chief Operating Officer Samin Dadelahi believes the health of children should rank more closely to economic well-being.... more


Wyoming coal production falls by 21% in 2020

Coal production in Wyoming plummeted 21 percent in 2020 as the U.S. saw its lowest yield since 1965, the Energy Information Administration (EIA) reported Wednesday.... more


Magician, others react to threats, canceled show in Campbell County libraries

Magician and comedienne Mikayla Oz and library staff were threatened and harassed to the point where the performances were called off as a safety concern.... more


Wyoming news briefs for July 15

News from across Wyoming.... more


Hydrogen project finalists chosen

Three proposed hydrogen pilot projects have been chosen as finalists for grant funding by the Wyoming Energy Authority, pending approval from the state Energy Resources Council.... more


Groups impress value of vaccinating employees

As COVID-19 case numbers rise in Laramie County and across the state, bolstered by a variant that made up more than half of cases last week, the Cheyenne-Laramie County Health Department is offering to send staff to local businesses to vaccinate employees.... more


Healthcare center struggles to hire primary care physicians

Health care facilities nationwide are experiencing a shortage of primary care physicians, and Johnson County Healthcare Center is no exception.... more


Wyoming news briefs for July 14

News from across Wyoming.... more


Lack of standards invites politics into Wyo civics classes, critics say

One afternoon this spring, educators around Wyoming logged onto Zoom for a voluntary lesson on 20th Century U.S. history featuring a “live presentation from an esteemed scholar expert.”... more


Fewer ‘recapture’ districts spell trouble for school funding

For the first time in decades, Campbell County will not send excess revenue to the state’s School Foundation Program, the primary statewide school fund. ... more


Commissioners reject coroner nominees, candidate says vetting process ‘disgrace’

After receiving a list of three candidates for the Fremont County Coroner mid-term replacement, the Fremont County Commission chose Tuesday not to select a new coroner from the nominees submitted. ... more


Albany commissioners approve wind project

The Albany County Board of Commissioners voted 3-0 Tuesday night to approve ConnectGen’s application for a wind energy conversion systems permit for the Rail Tie Wind Project.... more


UW proposes 75 layoffs, program changes

The University of Wyoming on Tuesday proposed sweeping changes at the institution, including budget cuts that would lay off 75 positions — some tenured, a reorganization of a slew of academic departments, and the formation of a school of computing — among other additions.... more


Judge orders author to ‘write’ wrong after Yellowstone misbehavior

You might call it making the punishment fit the crime. A federal judge has sentenced a former Yellowstone National Park safari guide, blogger and author to put his respect for national parks in writing.... more


Wyoming news briefs for July 13

News from across Wyoming.... more


Yellowstone National Park attendance increases over holiday

Fewer people entered Yellowstone National Park through the East Gate over the Independence Day holiday, but local leaders say it continues to be a strong year for tourism in Park County.... more


Gore slams spying allegations

Susan Gore, a wealthy conservative donor and founder of the Wyoming Liberty Group, broke her silence Monday regarding accusations she funded a political spying operation, stating the allegations amounted to “disinformation.”... more


Take Back Our Republic launches new Wyoming chapter

Changing the political system isn’t easy, but if anyone can try, it’s people who know the system from the inside out.... more


Wyoming news briefs for July 12

News from across Wyoming.... more


Jackson Lake poised for steep drawdown

When longtime Signal Mountain Marina manager Bill Wood returned to his administrative cabin overlooking Jackson Lake after taking last weekend off, he could immediately tell the water had changed noticeably in just 48 hours.... more


Biden administration slated to pick new Wyoming judge

Nancy Freudenthal, U.S. District Judge for the District of Wyoming, announced in June she will be assuming senior status, a phase of semi-retirement that will likely bring the judge to the final chapter of a lengthy and distinguished career in Wyoming.... more


First-of-its-kind approach to coal reclamation bonding in the works

Wyoming lawmakers are considering a new option for coal mine reclamation bonding that could reduce risk for the state in the event of insolvency. Both environmental and industry advocates have identified advantages to the proposal, which could also help the financially troubled industry. ... more


Campbell library under fire for ‘Rainbow Book Month’ posting

The Campbell County Public Library is under fire after a post on the library’s Facebook page promoting its LGBTQ collection, and among the suggestions of dealing with it is censoring books.... more


Former coroner alleges Health Department changed death certificates

Former Fremont County Coroner Mark Stratmoen has alleged that the Wyoming Department of Health has changed and issued inaccurate death certificates in the last several months.... more


CLIMB celebrates 35 years of helping single moms

Over the last 35 years, thousands of single moms gained skills to improve their own lives and the lives of their children with the help of Climb Wyoming.... more

Cheyenne youth wins national poetry championship

Jayden Roccaforte has been asked too many times in his life “What are you?” to actually keep count. ... more

Fisheries experts urge caution as temperatures rise

The Encampment River in southeast Wyoming usually runs about 900 cubic feet per second at the end of June. This year it was at 125 cfs and dropping.... more

Woman plans surprise wedding for fiance

For four months, Clarice Grekoff kept an important secret from her fiancé.... more


Wyoming news briefs for July 9

News from across Wyoming.... more


Idaho officials ask Teton County to pay for impact study

Elected officials trying to guard against runaway growth in Teton Valley would like to see their Jackson Hole counterparts pay more attention to the effects of proposals to expand terrain and build out the base area at Grand Targhee Resort.... more


Rancher found after being pinned under ATV for nearly two days

Frank Reynolds considers himself fortunate because not all search and rescue efforts have happy endings.... more


Former college CFO accused in $15 million fraud

A lawsuit filed in federal court in late June alleges that Paul McCown, the former chief financial officer at Wyoming Catholic College, defrauded an investment firm out of $15 million. ... more


Wyoming news briefs for July 8

News from across Wyoming.... more


New task force dives into hunting controversies

Wyoming legislators, government leaders and citizens from across the state were picked for the panel among many applicants, being chosen jointly by the governor and legislative and Game and Fish leaders. ... more


Hay prices causing issues for stockgrowers

Consistently worsening drought and skyrocketing hay prices in Wyoming are causing issues for livestock owners’ pocketbooks and their ability to sustain full herds.... more


COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations up in Laramie County

COVID19 case numbers in Laramie County are troubling, as they mirror the spread seen last October ahead of the worst peak in November and December, according to Cheyenne-Laramie County Health Department Director Kathy Emmons.... more


Taxable sales fall in first quarter

Despite skyrocketing fuel demand driving oil and gas prices to highs not seen since 2014, Wyoming’s energy sector continues to chart a slow recovery from its pandemic lows.... more


Wyoming news briefs for July 7

News from across Wyoming.... more


Grizzly conflicts central to new Upper Green River grazing debate

Bridger-Teton National Forest is weighing 3,256 comment letters, many of which oppose a plan to allow cattle to graze new areas in grizzly country near the Upper Green River.... more


Psychedelics dealer shelters in Burning Man-style tent, awaits Wyoming Supreme Court appeal

On a grassy field south of Victor, semifamous LSD chemist Casey Hardison is camped out under a makeshift birch tree tent with his partner, Victoria Clemente.... more


Effort on at all levels to transform Powder River Basin into nation's Carbon Valley

Going carb-free may be the diet du jour for people looking to drop a few pounds, but when it comes to re-imagining the Powder River Basin’s coal-dependent economy, many believe in carbon-loading.... more


Officials: Pandemic isn’t over

Wyoming has all the tools it needs to put the pandemic in the rearview mirror, health officials say. But residents here aren’t taking advantage of those resources.... more


Wyoming news briefs for July 6

News from across Wyoming.... more


Campaign data illustrates Gore’s growing influence in Wyo politics

When Susan Gore arrived in Wyoming more than two decades ago, the heir to the Gore-Tex fortune was a minor player in the state’s politics.... more


Residents of Glenrock hope it’s chosen as nuclear reactor site

Some communities would balk at the idea of a company building an experimental power source on the edge of town. Glenrock is not one of them.... more


Mussel-infected boat intercepted in Yellowstone

For Sue Mills, it was simultaneously concerning and reassuring for her staff to find a quagga mussel attached to a boat that was about to hit the water in Yellowstone National Park.... more


Visits swell at national parks; tourism increases as pandemic subsides

If you visited one of Wyoming’s national parks recently, you’re hardly alone.... more


Lawsuit with Clark teen centers continues

A class-action lawsuit filed by about 25 class action members and four listed plaintiffs against Clark troubled teen centers Trinity Teen Solutions and Triangle Cross Ranch has received pushback from these entities in federal court.... more


Wyoming news briefs for July 5

News from across Wyoming.... more


Wyoming GOP official asked congressmen for help ousting Cheney

Breaking with the longstanding norm of intraparty candidate neutrality, a Wyoming Republican Party official asked members of Congress for help vetting potential challengers to U.S. Rep. Liz Cheney in next year’s Republican primary.... more


Sweeping redesign of state’s mental health services policy underway

House Bill 38-Community behavioral health-priority populations passed during the 2021 legislative session, requires the Wyoming Department of Health to reconsider the state-funded mental health and substance abuse system. ... more


Documentary details repatriation of Northern Arapaho boys

What does it mean for a Native American tribe to bring home ancestral remains that have been buried in a faraway cemetery for more than a century?... more


State could have more flexibility with COVID funds

The reduction in revenue Wyoming has experienced over the past year may allow the state to use federal COVID-19 relief money more freely. ... more


Tribal leaders eye mascot ban, tuition discount

Maine became the first state to ban Native American mascots in 2019. Colorado has followed suit and six other states are considering similar legislation.... more


Archaeology dig near Tie Siding yields extensive artifacts

The southern Laramie Valley has served as a travel corridor for as long as humans have been crossing the plains, from Native American routes to the Cherokee Trail, Overland Stage Route, Union Pacific Railroad, Lincoln Highway and Interstate 80.... more


Teton County ranked 13th healthiest in nation

There are 3,143 counties and county equivalents (parishes, independent cities and the like) in the United States.... more

Inspired by media teacher, three friends headed to film school

Four years ago, Garrett Deary had no idea what kind of career he wanted to pursue. As a freshman at South High School, Deary decided to take a TV/Media class because he’d heard it could be an easy A. ... more


Wedding season rebounds in 2021 after COVID-19 upended ceremonies in 2020

The big day was originally supposed to be in May 2020. Tiffany Schatz and Luke Ely got engaged in August 2019, and nine months seemed more than enough time to plan a wedding.... more

Years-long restoration launches to keep 'Pink House' from fading into Grand Teton National Park history

When Kate Birmingham looks at the cracked stucco, fading pink exterior walls of one of Mormon Row’s trademark relic residences, it’s easy for her to imagine the home’s history.... more


Wyoming news briefs for July 2

News from across Wyoming.... more


Is LGBTQ Pride political? Schools struggle with the answer

The final days of the 2020-21 academic year for most Wyoming schools landed in June when, in addition to graduation and other end-of-year celebrations, many Wyoming students celebrated Pride Month.... more


Snake River at historic low levels

Although the substantial flows in view from the Highway 22 bridge suggest otherwise, the Snake River’s water year is looking increasingly, exceedingly grim.... more


Group works to redesign behavioral health system

A bill approved this spring created a “seismic shift” in the way the state’s behavioral health system functions, according to Wyoming Department of Health Chief Data Analyst Franz Fuchs.... more


Pelosi picks Cheney to serve on Jan. 6 committee

Rep. Liz Cheney will serve on the select committee investigating the Jan. 6 insurrection, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi announced in a Thursday press conference.... more


Wyoming news briefs for July 1

News from across Wyoming.... more


Sublette County’s long, bumpy road to build its first hospital

Ten days after delivering a baby girl by cesarean section in April 2019, Sublette County resident Ashli Tatro was home nursing her newborn around midnight when she suddenly knew something was wrong. ... more


Group says BLM whistleblower enduring ‘torture of the damned’

A group representing a federal environmental specialist blasted the Bureau of Land Management last week after the agency filed new termination papers against him.... more


Mule deer study raises red flags

There are still six months remaining in the three-year study to better understand why the population of the Upper Powder River mule deer herd is in decline, but already biologists have identified concerning trends.... more


Power company confident it can meet demand

Rocky Mountain Power is confident it can handle the heat.... more


Pharmacies worried for future without change in rules

Craig Jones, the owner of Basin Pharmacy and part-owner of Greybull Drug, and his daughter, Camilla Hancock, a doctor of pharmacy at Basin Pharmacy, have spent the last several months warning residents of the threat posed by PBMs, as they are known.... more


Douglas looks to change controversial document fees

The Douglas City Council last week informally instructed its attorney, Mike Armstrong, to start crafting changes to its controversial public records policy, which currently mandates that the public and press be charged for printed or emailed copies of city documents.... more


Wyoming news briefs for June 30

News from across Wyoming.... more


Will Wyoming voters override politicians to legalize marijuana?

Thirty years ago, Kemmerer native Madonna Long’s life changed forever.... more

Cheyenne man charged with murder in toddler’s death

Wyatt Dean Lamb, a suspect in the death of 2-year-old Athian Rivera, has been charged with the toddler’s murder, the Laramie County District Attorney’s office announced late Monday afternoon. ... more


Uinta County treasurer explains problematic issues with new mineral tax legislation

A bill passed by the Wyoming Legislature during the 2021 session is causing some confusion and consternation among county treasurers and entities dependent on county mill levies. ... more


Converse County valuation plummets $620 million

Converse County’s assessed valuation took a major hit this year, and while local officials are concerned, they remain hopeful things will start to turn around. ... more


Officials to NRA: Move to Wyoming; group yet to respond to letter from Gordon, secretary of state

Gov. Mark Gordon and Secretary of State Ed Buchanan have invited the National Rifle Association to relocate from Virginia to Wyoming, they said in a joint letter released Tuesday. ... more


Wyoming news briefs for June 29

News from across Wyoming.... more


Conservation effort protects cutthroat trout in Soldier Creek

Surrounded by a tall steel jack fence, laborers planted more than 1,100 cut and pre-rooted willows on the banks of Soldier Creek in the Bighorn Mountains last week.... more


Riverton man sentenced to 20-25 years for killing his friend last year

Mario Mills was sentenced on Wednesday to 20-25 years in prison for second-degree murder.... more


State scores highly for children’s well-being

The economic and family well-being of Wyoming’s children are among the best in the nation, according to a new report. But while the state excels in some categories, our youth are among the least healthy in the U.S. ... more


Supreme Court won't hear coal port lawsuit

Gov. Mark Gordon calls a decision by the U.S. Supreme Court to not take up a lawsuit challenging Washington state's denial of a coal export terminal "extremely frustrating."... more


Wyoming news briefs for June 28

News from across Wyoming.... more


Secretive PAC with Trump ties backing Gray in 2022 primaries

A secretive political action committee with distant ties to former President Donald Trump appears to be supporting state Rep. Chuck Gray, R-Casper, in the race to defeat U.S. Congresswoman Liz Cheney in next year’s Republican primary.... more


Stun and dismay follow political espionage revelations

Wealthy conservative donor Susan Gore was a key financier of a years-long effort to spy on Wyoming Democrats and Republicans, an article published Friday by the New York Times revealed, shining a light on the lengths to which the Gore-Tex heiress and Wyoming Liberty Group founder has gone to influence the state’s politics.... more

Man killed, trooper wounded in shootout near Lander

An exchange of gunfire Friday afternoon during a traffic stop left the driver of the stopped vehicle mortally shot and a Highway Patrol trooper wounded.... more


Former Pavillion clerk charged again with stealing from town

Originally charged with stealing more than $34,000 from the Town of Pavillion, the municipality’s former clerk was charged again last week, after more unexplained expenditures were discovered. ... more


Drought forces ranchers into tough, desperate decisions

A cloud of dust kicked up as Cass Hurley shuffled down a small hill in the middle of the 320-acre ranch she and her husband operate off North Heptner Road in Rozet. It’s not far beyond where the county stops maintaining the road.... more


Tribes take ownership of reservation oil field

After decades of leasing Circle Ridge Field, the Eastern Shoshone and Northern Arapaho have taken full ownership of the oil and gas field on the Wind River Reservation.... more


Towns exempt selves from public notice rules

Two Natrona County municipalities passed ordinances in recent months exempting themselves from publishing public notices in newspapers, council filings show.... more


Legislators say they were targeted by infiltration operation

Two Wyoming lawmakers and a former state representative say they were targeted as part of an undercover operation performed by conservative operatives to infiltrate political campaigns and progressive groups during the 2020 election cycle.... more

Sale of Jackson Hole Twin Cinema marks 'end of an era’

It was December 1996, just before Christmas, and projectionist Doug Hagen had just started playing “The Preacher’s Wife” at the Jackson Hole Twin Cinema.... more

In sickness and in health: woman remarries dying ex-husband

Patty Edwards had spent her morning like most days that month: thinking longingly about her ex-husband. But this January day, something was different. ... more

Rock Band Camp wows crowd after just a week of practice together

Hayden Young’s first performance in a rock band was Friday night.... more


Wyoming news briefs for June 25

News from across Wyoming.... more


Researchers hunt for clues behind decline of Wyo’s largest turtle

Up close, the spiny softshell turtle looks a little like a leather pancake, but few people get that kind of glimpse.... more


Who is the Florida man trying to defeat Liz Cheney?

A Florida resident who has become an odd player in the campaign to replace Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney says controversial statements he made in the past, like those related to the QAnon conspiracy theory, were part of an effort to discredit a liberal media that was poised against him.... more


Feds to stock cows in lieu of sheep

The Bridger-Teton National Forest is making moves to allow cattle to graze four eastern Gros Ventre Range allotments that were cleared of domestic sheep because of the threat they posed to wild bighorn sheep.... more


Rig count slowly recovering

It currently stands at 11. ... more


Recent Wyoming data illustrates vaccine success

To date, there has been one COVID-19 related death of a fully vaccinated Wyoming resident, according to the health department.... more


Wyoming news briefs for June 24

News from across Wyoming.... more


Campfire restrictions coming in northwest Wyo

Discussions are ramping up about prohibiting campfires outside campgrounds as the wildfire danger continues to climb in northwest Wyoming.... more


Montana man arrested, accused of starting Robertson Draw Fire

A Bridger, Montana, man was arrested Wednesday on allegations that he started the 28,600-acre Robertson Draw Fire while off-trail on his motorcycle. ... more


Thousands descend on Sheridan for motorcycle convention

As more than 3,000 members of the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association descend on Sheridan this week, it’s still something of a shock for Rachel Webb.... more


Highly contagious COVID variant found in Wyoming

The highly contagious delta variant of the novel coronavirus has been identified in Wyoming, according to state data.... more


Wyoming news briefs for June 23

News from across Wyoming.... more


UW faculty stretched thin after latest budget cuts

The University of Wyoming will enter the 2022 fiscal year with a wide array of new financial constraints after the school’s board of trustees finalized roughly $16.5 million in reduced spending on June 16.... more


Problem grizzly or problem people? A Togwotee Pass standoff

A two-week effort to haze a popular mother grizzly bear and her cubs away from Highway 26/287 over Togwotee Pass where they have been attracting hundreds of gawkers is showing results, a top federal wildlife official said Monday.... more


Reviving the Red Desert’s ancient stories

Sitting in the verdant shade of an aspen grove on Steamboat Mountain — which rises out of the Red Desert in southern Wyoming — Jason Baldes talks about buffalo.... more


Experts: Wyo juvenile justice lacks adequate data, consistency

Reform advocates last week pushed the Wyoming Legislature to reduce the county-by-county inconsistencies, and fill the outcome-tracking holes that have long plagued the state’s juvenile justice system.... more


Low statewide vaccination raise concerns of future COVID-19 spikes

Despite the best efforts of public health officials, Wyoming still ranks 48th among states for the percentage of adults who have received at least one shot of a COVID-19 vaccine and 47th for those who are fully vaccinated.... more


Budget cuts to impact community mental health centers, hospital

Despite a record-high need for mental health and substance abuse services, the Wyoming Department of Health, which provides support for community mental health centers across the state, faces a $7.5 million budget reduction, effective July 1.... more


Cercy accuser files lawsuit

The woman who accused former Casper businessman Tony Cercy of sexually assaulting her in 2017 filed a federal lawsuit against him Tuesday alleging assault and battery. ... more


Gov. Gordon signs Juneteenth holiday bill

Wyoming has recognized Juneteenth as a holiday since the state legislature passed a bill in 2003.... more


Wyoming news briefs for June 22

News from across Wyoming.... more


Robertson Draw Fire slows after nearing 30K acres

The Robertson Draw Fire north of Clark expanded to 29,474 acres as of Sunday night with 45-percent containment reported. Sunday morning marked the first time since the fire started that any containment had been reported.... more


Weaver murder trial date still uncertain

It's still up in the air whether the trial of a man accused of fatally shooting two adults and injuring two children will go forward in August.... more


State officials share job cut details

Almost a year ago, Gov. Mark Gordon announced that hundreds of state jobs would be eliminated as part of sweeping budget cuts. Only a fraction of the cuts resulted in layoffs — most of the positions were vacant. ... more


Wyoming news briefs for June 21

News from across Wyoming.... more


Redistricting ramps up. Here’s what to expect

Wyoming lawmakers have begun the lengthy and involved process of redrawing legislative district maps for the next decade.... more


Legislators study early count of absentee votes

State legislators plan to consider allowing county clerks in Wyoming to process absentee ballots before election day. ... more


Campbell Co. valuation down by one-fifth in one year

Campbell County’s assessed valuation has dropped to a level not seen since the mid-2000s.... more


Report says transition for coal workers possible

As jobs in the coal industry dwindle, the central question persists: Where will its workers go?... more


Permitting work for new wind project to begin

The permitting process for the proposed Rock Creek Wind Project is set to begin this summer, and if all goes according to plan, construction on the 590-megawatt project could start as soon as 2023.... more

54 years MIA, Worland veteran’s remains coming home

It has been over 50 years since Worland native and Vietnam veteran Alva R. Krogman, better known as Ray, disappeared over Laos, and in about a month, he will return to Worland for his final resting place. ... more

Jackson businesses turn to unconventional means to tackle housing, staff shortages

When May hit, Hannah Pollat started to throw in the towel.... more

Toy library offers new toys bi-weekly for young children

So many good things rose from the devastation of the COVID pandemic: fiscal resilience, societal reflection and several new businesses, including the used-toys lending service The Nest Toy Library.... more

Mission to hug cops in all 50 states brings 11-year-old to Cheyenne

There were more hugs than usual June 11 at the Wyoming State Capitol.... more


Wyoming news briefs for June 18

News from across Wyoming.... more


Judge prevents drilling-site work, citing threats to sage grouse

The U.S. Bureau of Land Management “failed to take a hard look at the direct and indirect impacts to greater sage-grouse,” Chief U.S. Magistrate Judge Ronald Bush of Idaho wrote in a June 9 ruling. He sent the leases back to the BLM for additional scrutiny.... more


Working group formed to look into fire pension plan

Time is of the essence for the plan, which serves 266 pensioners and their beneficiaries, including 25 Sheridan residents. If nothing changes, the fund will be exhausted sometime in 2026.... more


Six new wind farms planned for Wyoming

If built, the 19 wind, solar, battery storage and transmission proposals that made PacifiCorp’s shortlist would span four states with a collective capacity of 3,200 megawatts.... more


Big gatherings, low vaccination blamed for Laramie Co. COVID spike

A recent rise in COVID-19 cases in Laramie County can be traced back to a few large gatherings and still-too-low vaccination rates, said Kathy Emmons, executive director of the Cheyenne-Laramie County Health Department.... more


Wyoming news briefs for June 17

News from across Wyoming.... more


UW Board of Trustees consider a $260 million bond for campus construction

The University of Wyoming Board of Trustees met early Wednesday morning to discuss a resolution that authorizes the issuance of $260 million in bonds for the construction of new housing and parking facilities on campus. ... more

Active fires challenge area agencies

Amid high winds and triple-digit temperatures, wildland fires have exploded in northern Wyoming and southern Montana. ... more


Judge’s ruling spurs optimism

Wyoming’s energy industry reacted with cautious optimism Wednesday to a court ruling blocking the Biden administration’s freeze on new oil and gas leasing on federal lands. ... more


State bar charge filed against Laramie County DA

A formal charge against Laramie County District Attorney Leigh Anne Manlove was filed Friday with the Wyoming State Bar’s Board of Personal Responsibility, detailing what it called “incompetence and lack of professionalism.”... more


Wyoming news briefs for June 16

News from across Wyoming.... more


Laramie County ranching families fear loss of springs, creeks, way of life

Tim Rutledge says he’s already seen the damage large water wells can do to the Donahue Spring, a sweetwater fount that bubbles to the surface a short stroll from the front door of his ranch home.... more


School districts’ uses of federal relief funds worry lawmakers

Some lawmakers are worried that school districts are using federal pandemic-relief and recovery funds to add new positions and purchase equipment that might add to ongoing costs for the state.... more


Supreme Court: Lying officer’s name stays in hemp-case record

The Wyoming Supreme Court last week rejected a motion by the Attorney General’s Office to remove from the record the identity of a law enforcement officer whom the court found lied during testimony against Albin hemp farmers.... more


Barrasso critique of BLM nominee said to politicize bureaucratic post

Wyoming’s senior U.S. Sen. John Barrasso offered harsh criticism of President Joe Biden’s nominee to run the Bureau of Land Management last week, underscoring what experts describe as an increasing politicization of the typically bureaucratic role.... more


Campbell County commissioner suggests dissolving cemetery district to help fund college

Campbell County voters will decide Aug. 17 whether they want Gillette College to become its own community college district. If approved, a board of seven trustees, who will be elected in that special election, will get to set a tax to help fund the district.... more


Gordon strategizes use of ARP funds

Gov. Mark Gordon and the Wyoming Legislature are playing the long game when it comes to American Rescue Plan relief funding, mapping out a three-pronged plan that is centered around serving future generations of Wyomingites. ... more


Hate crime bills draw support; state lawmakers vote to draft legislation after emotional testimony

The debate over hate crimes legislation included a critical question: Does Wyoming already have a law on the books? The answer depends on whom you ask. ... more


Wyoming news briefs for June 15

News from across Wyoming.... more


UW event to explore anti-racist education

The University of Wyoming Black Studies Center will hold a virtual symposium July 2 called “What to the Slave’s Children is the Fourth of July?” focused on anti-racist education and the national debate around teaching critical race theory in American schools. ... more


Liz Cheney: ‘I don’ t feel any real downside ’ to losing chair position

Despite her House record, the vote that couldn’t be forgiven by some was the “yes” on Jan. 13 to impeach Trump for “incitement of insurrection” tied to his role in the Jan. 6 overrun of the U.S. Capitol. ... more


Legislature revives tourism improvement district discussions

The Wyoming Legislature’s Joint Corporations, Elections and Political Subdivisions committee may provide an additional source of funding for the state’s tourism industry.... more


Wyoming news briefs for June 14

News from across Wyoming.... more


Lawmakers mull major election changes

Wyoming lawmakers are weighing a significant overhaul of the state’s elections.... more


Expert: Reactor will be safe; Nuclear proposal incorporates molten sodium technology

After the recent announcement that Wyoming would be getting a nuclear power plant, many Wyomingites had a similar question. Is it safe?... more


Creating a more resilient landscape; Officials outline objectives of fire management plan

Officials from the Wyoming Game and Fish Department and the city of Cheyenne spoke favorably Wednesday about a 15-year forest management plan that covers much of southeastern Wyoming.... more


CDC awards state $38M; Money is to be used to bridge pandemic health disparities

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention awarded Wyoming $38.3 million to address health disparities in the state’s pandemic response.... more


Pot advocates introduce ballot initiatives

A number of cannabis advocates and members of the Libertarian Party made history Friday as they submitted two marijuana-related ballot initiatives, kicking off a campaign that will last until next November. ... more


Wyoming news briefs for June 11

News from across Wyoming.... more


Improved conditions may not replenish hay supply

While last summer's drought conditions created difficulty for many Johnson County hay producers — cutting the crop for some to as little as one-third of the normal yield — hay conditions are so far improved. Continued spells of hot temperatures, though, could mark a return to difficult conditions.... more


Bill would limit vaccine mandates

A bill that forbids employers from requiring staff to show proof of vaccination in most cases gained near-unanimous support from a Wyoming legislative committee Thursday. ... more


Officials predict “fairly significant” fire season

Still, officials expressed confidence about having the resources to effectively fight this season’s wildfires. ... more


Documentary focuses on runner following deer migration route

A documentary combining outdoor adventure and mule deer migration is now available for viewing online.... more

Gillette residents help reunite lost dog with Nebraska owner

Losing a pet can leave a hopeless feeling. It brings about a surge of adrenaline in those first few moments of searching, which turns to a dull ache as the hours stretch into days.... more

Group encourages use of lead-free ammo, tackle

A new Wyoming hunting group wants to prove the value of switching ammo and tackle to local sportsmen and women. They know success won’t come easy, but the journey will be worth it if they can keep poison off your plate.... more


Wyoming news briefs for June 10

News from across Wyoming.... more


Legislators clash over election bill pledge

An interim meeting of the Joint Corporations, Elections & Political Subdivisions Committee became the unexpected venue for a discussion of ethics on Monday.... more


Mental evaluation ordered for Torrington murder suspect

A case against a former Park County resident accused of murdering a Torrington woman has been put on hold, after questions were raised about his competency.... more


Confession rejected as evidence in murder trial

A woman’s murder confession will not be allowed in evidence because she was not granted an attorney during her police interview after requesting one. ... more


Groups pursue pot initiatives for election

The state and national Libertarian Party as well as Wyoming community leaders will deliver two marijuana ballot initiatives to the Wyoming secretary of state Friday.... more


Wyoming news briefs for June 9

News from across Wyoming.... more


Budget casualties: Mental health and substance abuse services

After 15 years serving adults living with severe mental illness and homelessness, a supervised group home in Campbell County has closed its doors because of state-level budget reductions. ... more


Barrasso bill would protect 14% of study areas as wilderness

U.S. Sen. John Barrasso’s proposed legislation to protect 20,381 acres of wilderness in four Wyoming counties disappoints conservationists who say its official designation of about 14 percent of eligible areas it addresses is flawed.... more


Autonomous buses debut in Yellowstone

Even in the twilight years of life, Walt McMahon isn’t one to eschew a technological innovation when he sees one.... more


Converse Co. officials weigh possibility of nuke plant

It’s a good question, and one that no one has a definitive public answer for – yet.... more


Wyoming youth vaccination rate trails nation

Wyoming youth have at least one thing in common with their parents; they are among the least vaccinated groups in the nation.... more


Supreme Court allows tribal law enforcement to search non-tribal members

The United States Supreme Court has ruled that tribal law enforcement officers can search non-tribal offenders on public roadways that pass through Indian reservations.... more


Wyoming news briefs for June 8

News from across Wyoming.... more


JBS Foods cyber attack highlights need for more local processing capacity

JBS controls 25 percent of the meat processing in the U.S. so a prolonged shutdown can have far-reaching impacts on producers. ... more


Strengthening stockgrowers: Lummis speaks at WSGA conference in Sheridan

Farming has long played a key role in Wyoming’s history, and it remains one of the driving forces of the state’s economy and culture.... more


Voting changes gain support

A state legislative committee voted Monday to pursue two bills that would significantly change the way Wyoming’s statewide elections are run as soon as next year.... more


Nuclear announcement expands state's reputation as energy capitol of the nation

A prototype nuclear facility promises to bolster Wyoming’s status as the nation’s leader in energy production even as the state’s once-dominant thermal coal mines continue a prolonged meltdown.... more


Wyoming news briefs for June 7

News from across Wyoming.... more


Grassroots and global players: The crowded campaign to oust Cheney

In a Cheyenne strip-mall banquet hall, Scott Presler — a nationally recognized conservative activist and Donald Trump loyalist best known for organizing post-protest community cleanups in liberal cities — whipped up the crowd.... more


Inside the campaign-finance ‘end run’ that earned GOP an FEC fine

The Wyoming Republican Party secretly supported a 2016 Trump campaign “end run” around donation limitations without securing requisite authorization, according to a former official involved in the matter. ... more


Life sentence issued in boy’s murder

Christopher James Nielsen has been sentenced to life in prison without parole on first-degree murder charges for the death of a 5-year-old boy in his care.... more


Schools begin planning to spend COVID relief money

Wyoming school districts have begun receiving much-needed federal pandemic relief dollars, and are planning how to spend promised dollars not yet received.... more


Special legislative session plans canceled

In an unexpected turn, there will not be a special legislative session in mid-July, Gov. Mark Gordon and statehouse leaders announced in a joint statement Friday. ... more


Laramie rancher sues over COVID recovery program

Leisl Carpenter, a sixth-generation rancher and owner of the Flying Heart Ranch in the Big Laramie Valley, has filed a lawsuit against the Biden administration, claiming the $4 billion American Rescue Plan Section 1005, which targets “socially disadvantaged” farmers and ranchers, violates equal protection laws under the U.S. Constitution and blatantly discriminates against white farmers and ranchers.... more


Wyoming news briefs for June 4

News from across Wyoming.... more


Upper Wind River tributaries proposed for instream flow rights

Wyoming fisheries managers are taking steps to ensure that water remains in a handful of Wind River tributaries that provide crucial habitat for the watershed’s struggling native Yellowstone cutthroat trout.... more


Gillette officials excited about nuclear power plant

Gillette's potential as a site for a new nuclear power plant excites local officials.... more


Gun rights group sues state officials

Wyoming Gun Owners filed a federal lawsuit Tuesday against Wyoming Secretary of State Ed Buchanan and Attorney General Bridget Hill claiming that Wyoming’s electioneering communications law is unconstitutionally vague under the First Amendment.... more


Albany County sheriff’s officer resigns

A short, straight-forward news release from the Albany County Sheriff ’s Office early Thursday morning came as a welcome sigh of relief for many members of the Laramie community. ... more


Wyoming news briefs for June 3

News from across Wyoming.... more


Treasurer seeks delay in monthly ad valorem payments

Newly passed legislation appears to be causing headaches for county treasurers throughout Wyoming before it has even taken effect. ... more


Hotels, motels short of workers

For owner Brenda O’Shea, a good summer at A Western Rose Motel requires a certain factor no matter how many customers she gets: employees.... more


Wyoming towns eager to host nuclear plant

Four Wyoming communities are in the running to play host to a new nuclear reactor coming to the state.... more


Albany commissioners take up wind project

After five hours of sometimes heated testimony regarding the proposed Rail Tie Wind Project, the Albany County Board of Commissioners closed the public hearing Tuesday night without making a decision. ... more


Demo nuclear plant to be built in Wyoming

Wyoming will become the site of a novel nuclear energy plant in a move announced Wednesday by Gov. Mark Gordon that could diversify the state’s economy and put the nation on a path toward a carbon-free electricity grid by 2035.... more

Wyoming’s own Tyrannosaurus: Lee Rex may be the first specimen of its kind to stay in state

The first T. rex skeleton found in Wyoming lives in the British Museum, about 4,500 miles from its original habitat.... more

Artist turns recycled pallets into a whimsical sculpture in Jackson Hole

Where once there were pebbles, now sits an enormous troll.... more

Graduating senior reconnects with police officer present at her birth after almost 18 years

Rachel Rasse and Dan Stroup had met once before, but don’t know each other. Not really.... more


Wyoming news briefs for June 2

News from across Wyoming.... more


Wyoming holding course despite lagging vaccination rate

Wyoming’s Covid-19 vaccination rate remains among the lowest in the nation, yet the state has declined to set quantifiable goals, offer incentives or otherwise modify its approach to address the underperformance. ... more


Barrasso bill aims to resolve in-limbo wilderness study areas

A statewide effort to reach a consensus about what to do with Wyoming’s wilderness study areas is being revived legislatively more than two years after it ended with an outcome that left many conservationists disgruntled.... more


Casper police shooting facts still in dispute

The city of Casper is trying to end a years-long lawsuit over a police shooting that killed a man walking down 15th Street in 2018. ... more


Laramie County School District sued over public meetings access

A group of Laramie County residents, including a state lawmaker from Cheyenne, is suing Laramie County School District 1, its Board of Trustees, the superintendent and assistant superintendent for allegedly holding school board meetings that were not compliant with state public meetings law.... more


Wyoming news briefs for June 1

News from across Wyoming.... more


Wyoming’s infrastructure wishlist

Wyoming, like the rest of the country, has an infrastructure problem.... more


No zebra mussels detected in Wyoming waters

Although a highly invasive and harmful mussel was unexpectedly found in aquarium decorations at Wyoming pet stores earlier this year, wildlife officials say they have not yet detected the zebra mussels in state waters.... more


State board considers name change for the ‘Squaw Teats’

Although Park County commissioners want a pair of local buttes to continue to be known as “Squaw Teats,” a state board may not. ... more


Influencers get a legislative hand on federal lands filming

New legislation spearheaded by U.S. Sen. John Barrasso proposes to do away with permit fees for small film crews and social media influencers shooting video on most federal land.... more


Wyoming news briefs for May 31

News from across Wyoming.... more


Judge sides with Game and Fish, limits grizzly-killed livestock award

A judge decided Monday to reduce by $205,483 an arbitration panel’s award to a Hot Springs County rancher for cattle lost to grizzly bears.... more


Outdoor onslaught: Officials brace for huge summer crowds

Campsites, trailhead parking spots and outdoor reservations in Wyoming will likely be harder than ever to snag this summer as public land managers expect an even larger flood of visitation than 2020’s. ... more


Man accused in eye gouging moved to State Hospital

Rose was hospitalized for psychiatric issues in SageWest Health Care in Lander on Thanksgiving Day 2020, when, according to hospital staff, he rushed out of his own room, into an elderly woman’s room, and gouged out the woman’s eye.... more


Unemployment rate rises slightly

Wyoming’s unemployment rate rose slightly from 5.3 percent to 5.4 percent in April, according to new numbers by the Wyoming Department of Workforce Services.... more


Construction companies deal with low material supply

Excalibur Construction used to order its building materials on a per-house basis. This year, they’re ordering per semi-truck.... more


Jackson startup brings wearable technology to beef industry

In Melissa Brandao’s vision, every cow in Wyoming will soon sport a new high-tech earring, transferring real-time data via Bluetooth on the animal’s location and biometrics.... more


Cam-Plex prepares for international ‘Camporee’

Of all the multi-million dollar facilities at Cam-plex, ones costing about $600 have generated the most interest recently.... more

Man saves friend who had COVID-19

Ray Maple found his friend John Treese lying naked on the floor nearly unresponsive.... more

Powell company makes history with sage grouse hatching

Locked away in a small, isolated room in the back of a shop at Diamond Wings Upland Game Birds, a sleep-deprived Karl Bear watched history being made.... more


Wyoming news briefs for May 28

News from across Wyoming.... more


Jackson fireworks become flashpoint in ongoing funding debate

Town Councilor Jonathan Schechter caused a stir in the last week after he sent a snappy email to the Teton Board of Realtors, saying he wouldn’t support giving it $12,000 in town and county funds.... more


Committee revives controversial gun bill in surprise vote

The Joint Agriculture Committee Tuesday revived a controversial gun rights bill on a split-second, unannounced vote moments before the committee adjourned in a move lambasted by critics for its lack of transparency.... more


UW athletes learn about brand building

With name, image and likeness legislation becoming more prevalent around the country, the University of Wyoming has teamed up with one of its own to start preparing its student-athletes accordingly.... more


Woman avoids prison in $400K embezzlement

Moments after pleading guilty to nearly half a million dollars in thefts, Laura Burleson was sentenced Wednesday morning to probation, with a suspended prison term of five and-a-half to seven years. ... more


Wyoming news briefs for May 27

News from across Wyoming.... more


Wyoming just got $500M from Biden’s rescue plan. Now what?

Wyoming received the first $500 million installment of its billion-dollar share of American Rescue Plan funds last week, setting the stage for a July special legislative session dedicated to appropriating the money.... more


Video bloggers involved in some commercial ventures now able to film in national parks without prior approval

A federal judge recently found the permit and fee requirements for filming video on National Park Service properties are unconstitutional.... more


Feds weigh in against coal port

Wyoming’s lawsuit over a blocked coal export terminal is moot because the company behind the proposal is bankrupt and won’t be building the project, the federal government argued in a new filing to the U.S. Supreme Court.... more


"Gotcha" exercise creates internet stir

Two self-proclaimed “First Amendment auditors” came to Sundance last week on a mission to “prove” that local law enforcement goes beyond its remit and encroaches upon citizens’ right to freedom of speech.... more


Wyoming news briefs for May 26

News from across Wyoming.... more


Wyo Business Council recruit pays $5.6M federal fraud settlement

Wyoming Business Council recruit Tungsten Heavy Powder — a California defense contractor with Laramie-based manufacturing — has agreed to pay the federal government $5.6 million to settle fraud allegations from the Department of Justice.... more


Officials struggle with drone harassment of bears

Policing places where wildlife and humans overlap has always been a challenge, and documents show drones adding to the increasingly tense situation on Togwotee Pass. Now law enforcement is cracking down on crowds.... more


Stores, shooters still dealing with ammo shortage

Despite reports that gun and ammunition manufacturers are back to running at or near full capacity, shelves at local sporting goods stores often remain bare.... more


UW plans return to full capacity for football games

If everything goes according to plan, Wyoming will play its home football games inside a full War Memorial Stadium this fall.... more


COVID hospitalizations highest since January

The state had 58 virus-related hospitalizations Monday, far less than the highest point of 247 in late November.... more


Wyoming news briefs for May 25

News from across Wyoming.... more


Suit against new tribal counsel adds allegations

Originally accused of defamation and interference with livelihood, which are civil complaints, the Northern Arapaho Tribe’s attorney now is being sued on claims of racketeering and fraud. ... more


Judge rules in favor of commissioners, denies motion to delay enactment of horse racing resolution

Because 307 Horse Racing has an exclusive contract with Cam-plex to conduct live horse racing through 2025, that means that if nothing changes, Wyoming Downs and the Horse Palace must remain closed to off-track betting for the next five years.... more


Bouchard will remain in U.S. House race

Bouchard scoffed at the idea that he might drop out.... more


Group complains about gifts to Game and Fish

A cease and desist letter was sent Friday by one of the former commissioners in the group’s sights.... more


Wyoming news briefs for May 24

News from across Wyoming.... more


Jail drug smuggling operation involved deoderant, greeting cards

A drug-smuggling conspiracy involving deodorant and greeting cards was discovered last month, when jail staff found opiates glued in the stacked back paper of a card.... more


Committee examines fuel tax again

A fuel tax increase is again being considered by the Wyoming Legislature’s Joint Transportation, Highways and Military Affairs Committee to address the Wyoming Department of Transportation’s structural funding deficit.... more


Statewide public health orders reach expected final phase

The Wyoming Department of Health on Friday announced the likely final phase for statewide public health orders related to the COVID-19 pandemic, including the immediate removal of one of the two remaining orders.... more


Bouchard announces he impregnated, married girl as teen

U.S. House candidate Anthony Bouchard had a relationship with and impregnated a 14-year-old girl when he was 18, he told the Casper Star-Tribune late Thursday, hours after he disclosed the relationship in a Facebook Live video to his supporters.... more

Eastern Wyoming College student survives horrific accident

On Saturday, March 6, Samantha Hill was headed to her parents’ house in Colorado for the weekend. However, instead of seeing her family in Colorado, they would be coming to see her in Nebraska after a life-changing accident. ... more

Rental car shortage grinds gears in Teton County

At the R Lazy S Ranch, the dude ranch sitting just below the quieter, southern entrance to Grand Teton National Park, people pay an all-inclusive weekly rate for food, lodging, horseback riding and on-ranch fishing: about $2,000 per person, on the lower end.... more

Craftsmanship shines for first graduates of gunsmithing class

Douglas Macdonald, 66, took great pride in showing off the craftsmanship of his rifles to the people who visited his table. One of them was a rifle he designed using a dark, smooth slab of English walnut wood.... more

Gillette man officially becomes U.S. citizen after long delay due to COVID-19

Just after 4 p.m. May 7, 2021, Valerie Bahige realized a dream.... more


Wyoming news briefs for May 21

News from across Wyoming.... more


What does Bitcoin’s bust mean for Wyo’s cryptocurrency sector?

Cryptocurrency values plunged over the past week, with Bitcoin — the most prominent digital currency — losing roughly one-third of its value in a single month.... more


Saratoga housing shortage prompts affordable housing discussion

As houses seemingly fly off the market and rentals are non-existent in the Platte Valley, the topic of affordable housing appears to be ever more prevalent. ... more


Woman argues she was too drunk to confess to killing husband

Debate over just how drunk BenniLee Strock was during her police interview the night of Christmas Eve filled hours of court Tuesday morning. ... more


Medicaid expansion would create almost 2,000 jobs, study says

Expanding Medicaid could create nearly 2,000 Wyoming jobs and grow the state’s overall economic output by $1.5 billion in five years, according to a new report published Thursday.... more


Barrasso, Lummis criticize Jan. 6 commission

Cheney, who lost her GOP leadership position last week due to her ongoing criticisms of former President Donald Trump’s rhetoric, was among those who backed the commission.... more


Wyoming news briefs for May 20

News from across Wyoming.... more


Getting clean: Addiction medicine program sees success in Sheridan County

He tried everything to get clean. Chris Evans attended in-patient substance abuse treatment 11 times. ... more


Man pleads not guilty to 31 counts of aggravated child abuse

A Gillette man has pleaded not guilty to 31 counts of aggravated child abuse.... more


Report: 25 percent of state residents skeptical of COVID

A new national survey aims to answer not just whether people will accept a COVID-19 vaccine, but why they might not. ... more


Wyoming high court censures Cheyenne lawyer, former assistant DA

The case, which charged four people with multiple felonies related to allegedly growing marijuana on their hemp farm, was later dismissed.... more


Wyoming news briefs for May 19

News from across Wyoming.... more


Report: Coal’s decline hits Powder River Basin mines differently

Powder River Basin mines that supply lower-heating-value coals — including several operated by newcomers Eagle Specialty Materials and Navajo Transitional Energy Co. — might be at greater risk of closing sooner, according to a new report.... more


Forest Service moves to weaken bighorn protections in Wyo Range

The Bridger-Teton National Forest is proposing to allow domestic sheep “restocking” by amending its management plan. It is seeking input by June 7 on issues it should address.... more


Wyoming GOP resoundingly re-elects leadership

Sitting Vice Chairman Dave Holland and Secretary-elect Donna Rice also ran unopposed for their positions.... more


Parks could see busiest summer ever

Grand Teton National Park’s new superintendent felt the inflection point come the last week of April.... more


Companies plan 63 new wells in Converse County

Three major players in the oil industry have confirmed they are planning to drill 63 wells (cumulatively) in Converse County in 2021. ... more


Gillette College campaign heats up

In opposition of the new district is the Anti Tax Coalition, headed by rancher Jacob Dalby.... more


Sheridan businesswoman to challenge Cheney

It’s only been a week since the last candidate for Wyoming’s U.S. House seat announced their campaign, and Rep. Liz Cheney has even more challengers in her upcoming race. ... more


Lawmakers discuss funding fix for emergency communications system

With money expected to run out by next summer for the state’s emergency communications system, known as WyoLink, lawmakers discussed potential ways to fund the radio system during a committee meeting Tuesday.... more


Wyoming news briefs for May 18

News from across Wyoming.... more


County ambulance prospects keep an eye on Medicaid expansion in state

Prospective ambulance contractors for Fremont County might be waiting to see if Wyoming adopts Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act. Expansion could make ambulance service attractive financially for an ambulance provider. ... more


After six months, Cheyenne Police Department civilian review board members have gained insight, seek improvements

Roughly six months ago, the Cheyenne Police Department took the relatively uncommon step of not only forming a board that would review instances where officers used force, but adding three civilian members to it.... more


Wrongful arrest case may head to jury

The case of a man who says he was wrongfully arrested when Casper police came to his work looking for another man may be heading to a jury, recent court filings suggest.... more


Nominations welcome for Woman Entrepreneur Award

The Wyoming Council for Women is seeking nominations for outstanding female entrepreneurs across the state for recognition of the annual Women Entrepreneur Award.... more


Wyoming news briefs for May 17

News from across Wyoming.... more


Medicaid expansion revived despite flood of misinformation

If adopted by the full Legislature, the bill would take advantage of $120 million in new funding over the next two years from the Biden Administration to establish the program, and provide insurance to an estimated 24,000 individuals in Wyoming who lack it.... more


Restoring the ancients; native Wyo fish reclaim some waters

Wyoming’s Powder, Bighorn and North Platte rivers serve as headwaters of the Missouri River. ... more


Cheney’s ouster mirrors battles within Wyoming’s GOP

Many of those in Wyoming loyal to Trump, including her opponents in the 2022 election, reveled in her removal and touted their ongoing support of the former president, who is now considered by many to be the de facto leader of the Republican Party. ... more


Campbell commissioners sued over horse racing

The injunction asked the 6th Judicial District Court to scratch the resolution out of the gate.... more


Wind River tribes look at legalizing marijuana

Meanwhile the Northern Arapaho Tribe voted last weekend in favor of decriminalizing marijuana.... more


Barrasso encouraged after infrastructure bill meeting

Biden’s proposal, which was unveiled at the end of March, calls for an upgrade to 20,000 miles of highways, roads and main streets nationwide, as well as the reconstruction of the 10 most economically significant bridges in the country and 10,000 smaller bridges in poor condition.... more


Students excel on Mars and at sea; Gilman’s art classes are far beyond art

This year, the Powell High School senior art class did some double duty because, after COVID-19 closed school after spring break last year, there was still a project to complete. ... more


Scientists strive to map global migrations before they’re gone

Matt Kauffman was at an Italian conference and talking over coffee with fellow ecologists when he got to thinking that the challenges facing Wyoming’s migratory deer, elk and pronghorn are shared by wildlife around the world.... more

Stimulation technology helps Overman fight Parkinson's

While he has both good and bad days, the treatment has allowed him to live a little more normally again. ... more


Wyoming news briefs for May 14

News from across Wyoming.... more


State GOP backs local party as Williams and others deny they voted illegally

A response has been filed in the civil suit claiming the March leadership elections of the Uinta County Republican Party were conducted illegally. ... more


Supreme Court: Traffic stop unlawful

The Wyoming Supreme Court reversed the conviction of a Campbell County man who was arrested for methamphetamine and child endangerment after a traffic stop he said was unlawfully extended past its initial purpose, according to a decision last week. ... more


Proposed land exchange raises questions of access, value, process

The Columbus Peak Ranch, LLC land exchange proposes trading 628.35 acres of privately-owned land located east of Dayton for 560 acres of state trust land located northwest of Dayton.... more


Cheney will continue to 'fight for the truth,' says GOP can be fixed

About 24 hours removed from being voted out as the GOP conference chair, the No. 3 leadership position in the U.S. House, the Wyoming Republican said she remains a believer in her party and that a deep divide caused by Trump can be fixed.... more


Wyoming news briefs for May 13

News across Wyoming.... more


LCCC study: Wyo residents can afford more taxes

Wyoming residents can afford to pay more in taxes, an analysis by the Laramie County Community College’s Center for Business and Economic Analysis argues, citing the state’s already-low tax burden and relatively inexpensive cost of living.... more


Big Horn commissioners collect input on Second Amendment proclamation

More than 120 county residents packed the Weed & Pest building outside of Greybull to voice concerns about federal government overreach. ... more


Tolerance key to grizzly conservation, state says

Education is the top priority in Wyoming’s $55 million, decades-long battle to recover and conserve grizzly bears. ... more


Campbell schools won’t ‘recapture’ for first time in decades

Both Sublette school districts among those recaptured.... more


Tribunal recommends disbarment for former prosecutor

The tribunal has recommended Becket Hinckley’s disbarment, but the Wyoming Supreme Court will have the final decision.... more


Cheney supporters, critics offer reaction to ouster

Cheney, who has served as Wyoming’s sole House representative since 2017, voted to impeach Trump in mid-January for his role in inciting the Jan. 6 insurrection on the U.S. Capitol, stating at the time that there has “never been a greater betrayal” by a U.S. president than the actions taken by the former president.... more


Lawsuit over health orders dismissed

Judge Edelman ruled that petitioners lacked standing in the case because there is no direct connection between the health orders and any alleged injuries plaintiffs may have suffered, among other reasons.... more


Wyoming news briefs for May 12

News from across Wyoming.... more


Legislature to guarantee remote meeting access through 2021

The policy, which only impacts the 2021 interim, also allows lawmakers to participate in meetings remotely without being docked pay.... more


Groups want federal budget to allow sage grouse assessment

Any rider “blocks FWS from carrying out its basic responsibilities under the ESA,” the groups wrote in a two-page letter dated May 4.... more


FEC fines Wyoming GOP $52,000

In March, the Wyoming Republican Party paid the FEC $52,000 for an unspecified campaign finance violation, according to campaign finance records.... more


Wolf numbers about flat in Wyoming range

State legislatures in Montana and Idaho have recently earned headlines for going over wildlife managers’ heads and adopting policies that require wolf populations be cut by as much as 90 percent.... more


Camping area closed by dam concerns

The park sits below the 111-year-old dam, which has known structural integrity issues.... more


Ramoco mine could be open by fall, CEO says

After years of permitting review and promised timelines that have come and gone, Ramaco Carbon CEO Randall Atkins said Wyoming's first new coal mine in more than four decades could be operational as early as this fall.... more


Committee revives Medicaid expansion

The 9-5 vote promises the proposal will have committee sponsorship during the special session planned for July or a budget session in February, depending on when legislative leaders choose to act on the bill.... more


Wyoming news briefs for May 11

News from across Wyoming.... more


Former Buffalo Bill Center employee sues museum

A former employee of the Buffalo Bill Center of the West has filed suit against the museum in U.S. Federal Court.... more


Couple pleads not guilty to murder in child’s death

The couple is charged in connection with the April 4 death of Williams’ daughter, Paisleigh Williams. ... more


Former Gillette resident returns to challenge Cheney

Denton Knapp, a 1983 CCHS grad who served for 30 years in the U.S. Army, has announced that he will challenge Republican Rep. Liz Cheney.... more


Former prosecutor admits negligence

The Wyoming Supreme Court, in a 2017 decision reversing Black’s case, also said there was “no question” that there was prosecutorial misconduct during Black’s trial.... more


Lawmakers review tax structure again

Of course, the topic is not a new one... more


Riverton superintendent pleads not guilty to DUI

Flanagan was taken into custody briefly on Saturday, April 22.... more


Forest eyes revision to allow domestic sheep to graze

Jonathan Ratner wasn’t pleased to read a public notice that the Bridger-Teton National Forest is looking to change how it protects wild bighorn sheep from catastrophic diseases spread by domestic sheep.... more


Wyoming news briefs for May 10

News from across Wyoming.... more


Federal grants add momentum to Wyo carbon capture movement

The funding did not arrive in Wyoming unprompted.... more


Sage grouse hunters shot about 7,600 birds in 2019

Earlier this year the agency said sage grouse hunters in 2020 voluntarily deposited 2,156 wings — the agency asks for one from each grouse killed — in collection barrels set out during the season.... more


National group eyeing Buchanan as Cheney replacement

Club for Growth did not respond to an email requesting comment, nor did Buchanan’s office. Cheney’s office declined to comment.... more


Legislature’s remote meeting option will continue into interim

The pre-approved locations are limited to more populous areas of the state, however, and fail to cover some more rural areas of Wyoming. ... more


Young grizzly cast off, finds trouble, hauled north

It’s well known that grizzly bears that grow up roadside in Grand Teton National Park tend to habituate to being around people.... more


Darin Smith announces run against Liz Cheney for U.S. House seat

Standing in front of the Wyoming Capitol, Smith said he’s “sick and tired of politics as usual.”... more


Gordon prohibits vaccine passports

Gov. Mark Gordon signed a directive Friday prohibiting state entities from requiring “vaccine passports.”... more


Wyoming news briefs for May 7

News from across Wyoming.... more


UP Energy purchases Pinedale Energy Partners

One less operator and over a dozen fewer jobs exist on the Pinedale Anticline now than this time last month. ... more


Closed rest stops to reopen

Nine Wyoming rest stops that were closed last year due to budget cuts will reopen later this month, Gov. Mark Gordon’s office announced Thursday.... more


Construction resumes on wind project that has generated national attention

Construction on the Chokecherry and Sierra Madre Wind Energy Project in Carbon County started again for the season on April 12, and the project has generated its fair share of national attention in recent months.... more

Former St. Jude CEO turns private collection of military vehicles into sprawling museum in Dubois

In 2010, Dan Starks got a patriotic idea.... more


Gillette students modify books for students in Guatemala

Heidi DeStefano, now an educational author after more than a decade as a kindergarten and first grade reading recovery specialist with the Campbell County School District, took a vacation with her husband to Guatemala.... more


Wyoming news briefs for May 6

News from across Wyoming.... more


B-T Forest eyes revision to allow domestic sheep to graze

Jonathan Ratner wasn’t pleased to read a public notice that the Bridger-Teton National Forest is looking to change how it protects wild bighorn sheep from catastrophic diseases spread by domestic sheep.... more


Park Co. declared ’Second Amendment Preservation County’

The elected officials said they were passing the resolution “to defend the rights and liberties of the citizens of Park County.” ... more


National PAC sought challengers to Cheney

Club For Growth’s presence in the state is a signal that the race may not be limited to the current candidates facing Cheney, state Sen. Anthony Bouchard, R-Cheyenne, and state Rep. Chuck Gray, R-Casper.... more


Physicians ask Cheyene schools to keep mask mandate

A group of local health care providers is asking Wyoming’s largest school district to keep its mask mandate in place through the end of the year.... more


Wyoming news briefs for May 5

News from across Wyoming.... more


Federal policy could undermine Wyo cattle ID legislation

The policy may erode a recent victory by Wyoming’s ranching industry that earned them more autonomy over tracking their animals, and industry groups are watching developments closely. ... more


After hunters kill 874 sage grouse hens, Wyo’s hunt questioned

Hunters shot at least 874 greater sage grouse hens in Wyoming last year, prompting a state grouse team member to question the wisdom of allowing a hunt of the imperiled species.... more


Drought monitor: 95% of state abnormally dry or worse

Ninety-five percent of Wyoming is abnormally dry or worse, according to a nationwide drought monitor map released Thursday.... more


Jackson, Teton County agree to spend money on housing

The final go-ahead will come when town and county budgets are approved in June.... more


Anti-semitic, threatening email sent to UW staffer

An anti-Semitic and potentially life-threatening email was received by an University of Wyoming employee at 8:32 a.m., Thursday, April 29.... more


Lawsuit filed over death of DOT employee

Shirley Samuelson died in August when a street sweeper she had just parked on Highway 22 in Teton County rolled downhill and ran her over. She was 62.... more


Balow rejects ‘critical race theory’ teaching

Wyoming’s education chief has joined a vocal faction of Republican lawmakers across the country in expressing distaste for teaching public school children about how racism has shaped American society since the country’s founding.... more


Wyoming news briefs for May 4

News from across Wyoming.... more


Housing director wants to spend $13 million on housing 'crisis'

April Norton, director of the Jackson/Teton County Housing Department, wants to spend $13 million to build homes and expand housing programs in the upcoming fiscal year.... more


Cheney, Trump at odds again

Monday saw three public exchanges between Cheney and the former president.... more


ITC in Gillette chosen for $52M CO2 capture project

Gov. Mark Gordon announced Friday afternoon that the ITC, attached to the Dry Fork Station coal-fired power plant about 10 miles north of Gillette, will host one of two large U.S. Department of Energy CO2 capture research projects.... more

The speciality string

National forest looks to traditional transportation in backcountry work.... more


Wyoming news briefs for May 3

News from across Wyoming.... more


Analysis: Four Wyoming takeaways from new census numbers

As the Mountain West experienced a population boom over the last decade, Wyoming’s growth lagged, according to U.S. Census numbers released this week, with the Equality State among the slowest-growing states in the country. ... more


Management Council weighs change that could limit public access

The Wyoming Legislature’s Management Council, which sets priorities for the body, is weighing a policy change that would give committee chairs the authority to decide whether the public can participate in their meetings remotely. ... more


‘Love it and leave:’ The choices facing Wyoming’s youth

In the fall of 2017, then Hot Springs High School senior Stormy Cox wrote of her home state: “In my heart I would love to stay in Wyoming … The majority of my family lives in Wyoming. It’s hard to leave all of them behind and be on my own. If I could stay in Wyoming and still pursue my dreams I would.”... more


Portraits of Wyo youth: Six visions of a future in the state

Wyoming stands at the crossroads of a permanently shrinking coal industry and a historic budget crisis as its dominant conservative politics move further to the right on several issues.... more


Q&A: Locked up kids and government transparency in Wyoming

From now until the 2022 legislative session, the Joint Judiciary Committee will study the state’s handling of kids who run into legal trouble with an eye toward improving Wyoming’s juvenile justice system. ... more


Former legislator arrested in trafficking sting, pleads not guilty

A former Wyoming legislator from Green River entered not guilty pleas to misdemeanor charges of solicitation of prostitution and interference with a peace officer Friday afternoon.... more


Man convicted in mother-in-law’s death murder

A jury on Friday convicted a Casper man of murdering his mother-in-law in 2019.... more


Gordon plans to avoid cuts in next state budget

Gov. Mark Gordon’s office will develop the bulk of the next state budget without cuts thanks to improved revenue projections released last week, an official said Friday.... more


Democratic leaders say session lacked vision

Senate Minority Leader Chris Rothfuss and House Minority Leader Cathy Connolly, both D-Laramie, held a Facebook Live forum Thursday night to discuss the general session, which concluded in early April.... more


Wyoming, Idaho among bottom five for first COVID shots

Wyoming and Idaho boast two of the lowest rates of residents who have received their first shots of a COVID-19 vaccine.... more


New Makerspace opens in Sublette

Pinedale Wyrkshop, a new Makerspace based in Pinedale, opened its doors this week to anyone seeking access to best-in-class tech tools so they can take their creative projects to the next level.... more


Lummis brings Wyoming's K-12 budget issue to Senate

U.S. Sen. Cynthia Lummis recently invited Wyoming State Sen. Affie Ellis, R-Cheyenne, to Washington, D.C., so she could testify about the importance of the energy sector to Wyoming’s schools before the Banking Committee hearing on April 20.... more

Gillette family burns COVID in effigy

A 23-foot body made of chicken wire and cloth hung outside the Daly Ranch.... more


Gordon, Barrasso blast BLM for lack of 2Q sale

Gov. Gordon and Sen. Barrasso both addressed the lack of the Bureau of Land Management's lack of a second-quarter lease sale.... more


Wyoming joins new lawsuit against Biden administration

Gov. Mark Gordon announced on April 22 that Wyoming has joined yet another lawsuit against the Biden administration – this one focusing on President Biden’s executive action taken to seek cutting greenhouse gases.... more


Wyoming energy sector testifies in D.C.

The Cowboy State’s vital energy sector made its case known on Capital Hill last week as Sen. John Barrasso invited some of the state’s energy experts to testify in front the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, of which Barrasso is a ranking member, before the senator himself made his own impassioned statements.... more

Taylor wins at welding competition

A Big Piney native gave the Eastern Wyoming College chapter of SkillsUSA a huge boost during the Welding Fabrication Competition held in Casper earlier this month.... more


Meeks, B3 competes for $50K prize

Big Piney native Perri Meeks and his B3 co-founder Brayton Sanders of Evanston are one of nine University of Wyoming student-led teams that competed for the John. P. Ellbogen $50K Entrepreneurship Competition on April 23-24.... more

Active COVID cases dipped in county

As the Sublette COVID-19 Response Group dissolves having fulfilled its purpose as directed by the county commissioners, COVID-19 updates will solely be conducted by Public Health going forward.... more

School district presents preliminary budget

Budget season is around the corner – a busy time for school district business offices. The Sublette County School District No. 9 Board of Trustees got a preliminary look at next year's figures from Amy Anschutz, the district's chief financial officer, at the April 20 regular meeting.... more


BPHS duo chosen for Girls State

Autumn Wright and Britney Jones were both chosen for their outstanding achievements within their school and community to represent Big Piney during the 79th annual session.... more

Sublette COVID-19 Response Group diverted to Public Health

As daily active COVID-19 cases once again flatten throughout the county, the Sublette County Board of Commissioners addressed numerous items that were implemented a year ago to combat the incoming pandemic at its meeting on April 20 inside the Pinedale Library’s Lovatt Room.... more

Big Piney junior royalty revealed

Senior and junior royalty were crowned on Saturday.... more

Big Piney senior court announced

Senior and junior royalty crowned on Saturday.... more

Game and Fish proposing antelope license reductions

The Wyoming Game and Fish Department is proposing to reduce antelope license quotas for the 2021 hunting season.... more


PAPO's annual planning materials are online only

The Bureau of Land Management Pinedale Field Office will not hold a physical meeting in 2021 for the Pinedale Anticline Project Area wildlife, air, water and operator planning sessions.... more


CFD shatters 2-day ticket sales record

Cheyenne Frontier Days set a two-day cumulative sales record with 104,619 tickets sold across all events for this summer’s festivities.... more

Study shows mule deer migration habits

A recent study led by the University of Wyoming showed a multitude of factors shaped the timing of birth in mule deer. ... more


UW reduces restrictions for summer semester

UW announced last month its fall semester would be at full capacity.... more


Sublette unemployment rate decreased in March

Seasonally adjusted unemployment numbers in Wyoming remained steady while Sublette County’s unemployment rate fell in March from the previous month.... more

Health orders extended as Sublette's COVID cases rise

The two remaining statewide health orders in Wyoming have been extended to the end of the month while Sublette County’s surge in active COVID-19 cases continues.... more


State emerges from session with no long-term budget, ed solutions

The Wyoming Legislature entered the 2021 legislative session with a lofty agenda to cut education spending, stall revenue declines and guide a Wyoming economy battered by COVID-19 to a sustainable future.... more

April Students of the Month recognized

The Sublette County School District No. 9 recognized four Students of the Month for April.... more

Bennett, Day to represent Big Piney at Boys State

Duo from Big Piney chosen for annual Boys State Session.... more

County P&Z to hear numerous business plans

Family business – both new and expanding – are behind several of the applications to be reviewed by the Sublette County Planning & Zoning Commission on Thursday, April 22.... more

Library to host pronghorn picnic this week for Earth Day

Earth Day is the perfect time to take a good look around and see where the outside world and our wildlife need extra attention.... more

BLM to conduct prescribed burn outside LaBarge

The latest burns are part of a multi-year project.... more

DEQ gets request for work on North Cottonwood Creek

The temporary increase in turbidity is associated with proposed stream restoration.... more


Frontier Days goes with all-country lineup

The day after announcing this summer’s event will take place at full capacity and without masks, Cheyenne Frontier Days announced the 2021 Frontier Nights entertainment lineup.... more


County awarded $60k in WCF grants

The Wyoming Community Foundation awarded the Sublette Local Advisory Board $60,067 to causes that serve the residents of Sublette County.... more


Lawmakers weighing study of public lands transfers

On the final Friday of the 2021 Legislative Session, members of the Joint Agriculture Committee met to map out goals for the coming months.... more

Gordon optimistic, disappointed in last Legislative Session

Gordon made statements and answered questions shortly after the 66th Wyoming State Legislative Session came to a close.... more

Vaccine registration available as Sublette COVID cases rise

There are 18 active cases of COVID-19 in Sublette County with individuals isolating in Big Piney, Bondurant, Boulder, Daniel and Pinedale, Public Health Nurse Manager Janna Lee said in an update on April 9.... more


How the Wyoming Senate killed Medicaid expansion, again

The Wyoming Senate Committee on Labor, Health and Social Services voted March 31 to kill a House-sponsored effort at Medicaid expansion.... more

Examiner's interview with Sen. John Barrasso

After speaking to students at Pinedale Elementary School on March 29, Sen. John Barrasso took time to answer a few of the Examiner’s questions. Here is a transcribed version of that conversation.... more

Construction to cause delays near Daniel

Project to include US 189 and Wyoming Highway 354 near Daniel.... more


County P&Z approves firearms service as home business

The Sublette County Planning and Zoning Commission did not hear an anticipated zoning-change request to develop a rural retreat near the Hoback Rim at its March 18 meeting.... more

P&Z commission puzzles over road standards

Unanswered questions lead group to table for next meeting.... more


Significantly more deaths in Wyoming last year

According to records kept by the Vital Statistics Services, a subsidiary of the Wyoming Department of Health, there were significantly more deaths in 2020 along with fewer recorded births, marriages and divorces.... more


Sublette takes hit in latest economic summary report

The quarterly report highlights the state’s economic condition based upon multiple factors.... more


Just the facts to be allowed in Rammell trial

The judge strongly advised the gubernatorial candidate to consider hiring an attorney.... more


‘Short-term rental’ guidelines discussed

Public recommends little to no regulation.... more


Four from Sublette chosen for UW Trustees' Scholars Award

Hibbert, Jones, Jean and Noble all chosen.... more

RHCD tables recommendation on management partner

A motion to table a management recommendation by the SCRHCD passed, 4-1.... more


UW returning to 'traditional' atmosphere for fall semester

The university determined to make the announcement now, as opposed to June, after the latest university board of trustees meeting.... more


Big Piney, Marbleton election filings close

It’s shaping up to be an interesting Election Day for both Big Piney and Marbleton with a couple of challengers filing by the two towns’ respective deadlines last week.... more

Residents warned about IRS and Social Security scam calls

The Sublette County Sheriff’s Office has recently received multiple calls about IRS and Social Security scam calls.... more


First bear sightings bring awareness tips

Yellowstone officials just spotted their first grizzly bears of 2021.... more


Runaway teen found safe

The Pinedale teenager who was reported missing and considered an endangered runaway while visiting Mesa, Arizona, with his family last week has been found safe.... more

Rock Hounds club prepares for annual gem conventions

The Sublette County Rock Hound Club’s (SCRH) first meeting of 2021 was Saturday, March 13, at the Sublette County Fairgrounds with 41 members attending.... more


Wyoming's longest-serving elk feeder pitches for wildlife

There’s a simple formula to the day’s start for John Fandek, the longest-serving feeder on Wyoming Game and Fish’s 22 winter elk feedgrounds.... more


County gets grant for Teton Pass planning

A federal program intended to improve access to public lands has granted $300,000 to study transportation, access points and wildlife-vehicle collisions on Teton Pass.... more

Students of the Month selected

Four tapped for monthly honor.... more

COVID spread slows, vaccines open to those 18 and older

Registration remains available online.... more

Historical county divisions in Wyoming

When Wyoming Territory was formed in 1868, there were no major towns and the majority of citizens lived along the very new transcontinental railroad across the south.... more


DOI plans fossil fuel forum for March 25

The Department of the Interior just announced a virtual forum set for Thursday, March 25, as part of its “comprehensive review of the federal oil and gas program called for in Executive Order 14008.”... more


Big Piney students place at Wyoming State Science Fair

Students were interviewed virtually through a secure portal system from 8 a.m.-12 p.m. that day.... more

Historic snowstorm brings Wyoming to standstill

Southeastern Wyoming was at a standstill Monday in the aftermath of a record-breaking storm that left 30 inches of snow on Cheyenne.... more

Fishing for the Fight chosen as donation recipient

Fishing for the Fight has been named the 2021 Smiles for Life campaign local recipient by Pinedale Dental.... more

Historic avalanche season tests volunteer responders

It’s a deafening hush that surrounds the backcountry... more

Roberts joins G&F Commission

Roberts had applied years ago for the position and is happy to be on the commission.... more


Suspect in toddler death held without bond

Wyatt Dean Lamb, a suspect in the death of 2-year-old Athian Rivera, appeared March 4 in Laramie County District Court in relation to a domestic violence incident from February 2020.... more


Lawsuit seeks to halt health orders

A lawsuit against Park County’s public health officer and the governor seeks to immediately stop all current state COVID-19 health order restrictions.... more


Bousman applauds new program for direct aid to counties

The National Association of Counties applauded the inclusion of a new program to provide additional direct aid to public lands counties as part of the American Rescue Plan Act.... more

Political boundaries before Wyoming

Sublette County encompasses mostly the Upper Green River Valley and the Upper Hoback River. ... more

Addi Cunningham wins with her Peace Poster

Big Piney Middle School seventh-grader Addi Cunningham recently won the local Peace Poster Contest sponsored by the Pinedale Lions Club.... more

21.4 pounder wins 2021 Derby

Calm conditions and good fishing welcomed participants in the 2021 Big Fish Winter Derby at Fremont Lake over the weekend.... more

Gov. Gordon to remove statewide mask requirement

Gov. Mark Gordon announced this morning that Wyoming will remove its statewide mask requiremtn and allow bars, restaurants, theaters and gyms to resume normal operations starting Tuesday, March 16.... more


COVID vaccine registration opens further

Registration for COVID-19 vaccinations has opened into Phase 1C in Sublette County.... more

The naming of Sublette County

In March of 1824, a group of 11 young men crossed South Pass entering the Green River Valley.... more

Disney family's Jackson Hole property subject of legal battle

Trustees for two grandchildren of Walt Disney have taken the first steps leading to development on Fall Creek Road property that is the object of a legal battle.... more


Wyoming's senators vote against Biden energy pick

Sen. John Barrasso cast a vote against President Joe Biden’s pick for energy secretary Thursday over concerns former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm’s leadership would “crush” Wyoming’s economy built on fossil fuels.... more


Sublette natives among Gordon's latest appointments

Gov. Gordon’s selections included three nominees and appointees with Sublette County roots.... more

Gordon rolls back more health restrictions

Health restrictions at personal-care services completely eliminated.... more

Biden administration stops half-million-acre Wyoming oil and gas sale

President Joe Biden’s Jan. 27 order to pause oil and gas leasing on federal lands hit Wyoming as the BLM postponed the auction of 383 parcels covering almost half a million acres.... more

Students of the Month honored

Gentri Greene, Maggie Allmon, Kenneth Demers and Reba Penfield all recognized.... more


New insights gleaned from Wardell Bison Trap study

Artifacts make up a central displace at the Green River Valley Museum in Big Piney.... more


Health Department warns against vaccine scams

The Wyoming Department of Health is asking residents to be vigilant about scammers promising expedited access to a COVID-19 vaccine in exchange for personal information over the phone.... more

Sublette County Public Health update

Vaccine registration is open for all Phase 1B groups.... more

Sublette uneasy about district consolidation bill

House Bill 0077 would reduce Wyoming's unified school districts to no more than 24 within the state – effectively making each county its own district for the majority of the state.... more


Gordon backs bills to help industries

Governor focuses on energy, tourism and agriculture.... more

Mitchell honored for 20 years of commitment

She received an engraved crystal timepiece for her service.... more

Lease moratorium labeled as 'crushing', 'illegal' and 'necessary'

Wyoming reacts to pause on new oil and gas leasing made by Biden administration.... more


Delegation drafts different energy protection bills

Sens. Barrasso and Lummis, Rep. Cheney all bring legislation to the table for Wyoming amid energy lease moratorium.... more

SCSD9 posts state's fourth-best graduation rate

Dept. of Education anticipates budget crippling after seventh-straight year of graduation growth.... more


Wyoming leaders criticize pause to federal oil leasing

The order came as one of the Biden Administration's first acts.... more

Here a chick, there a chick

Big Piney town permits, licenses clarified at Jan. 19 meeting.... more

Fan club ushers grizzly 399 plus 4 on trek toward den

People flock to see grizzly 399 before hibernation.... more


Judge stalls Wyo’s repayment of $47 million in oil lease revenue

Wyoming can first appeal Judge Ronald Bush’s decision to vacate the auctions.... more