Wyoming seatbelt association partners with Pinedale's Jared Rogerson

STATEWIDE — Despite 37 years of traffic safety campaign messages reminding drivers to use a seat belt, 20% of Wyomingites still aren’t buckling up, compared to less than 10% of drivers nationwide. In an effort to bring attention to this issue, while also reducing roadway injuries and fatalities, the Wyoming Seat Belt Coalition recently partnered with ex-professional bareback bronc rider and Pinedale musician, Jared Rogerson, to talk about the importance of seat belt use.
“Whether it’s the rigging on the horse or the seat belt in your vehicle, it’s vital to be locked in good and tight,” said Rogerson, when asked about his personal seat belt use. In partnership with the Coalition, the Wyoming Highway Patrol is also urging drivers and passengers to always wear their seat belts to help keep them safe while traveling.
According to Sgt. Jeremy Beck, “… taking a few seconds to ensure everyone in your vehicle is buckled up could be the difference between life and death.” Wyoming has had 53 roadway fatalities so far in 2022 and 78% of these fatalities were not wearing their seat belts.