Wyoming joins new lawsuit against Biden administration

WYOMING – Gov. Mark Gordon announced on April 22 that Wyoming has joined yet another lawsuit against the Biden administration – this one focusing on President Biden’s executive action taken to seek cutting greenhouse gases.

Wyoming joined the lawsuit alongside nine other states because of what Gov. Gordon called “job-killing executive overreach.”

In the first day of his term, President Biden enacted Executive Order 13990, which mandates a review of actions and policies during the Trump administration to ensure compliance with the current administration’s environmental policies, among other environmentally related items.

Gov. Gordon criticized the executive action for examining carbon byproducts produced during day-to-day activities like production of electricity and gas, farming, industrial actions and waste disposal.

A release from the governor’s office called the executive action “deeply flawed” and preemptively accused the administration’s intent to “dramatically inflate the alleged costs associated with these gases, and ignore the corresponding benefits of the underlying economic activity.”

The statement from Gordon’s office went on to call the metrics “flawed numbers” while no findings have been released from the Executive Order yet.

“This Executive Order improperly changes how decisions are made by applying a selective and highly biased feel-good rationale that has the potential to significantly harm industries critical to the nation’s and my state’s livelihood,” Gordon said. “Arbitrarily justifying any decision to fist political circumstances, including decisions that could be devastating to Wyoming’s energy sector, is not only bad policy, but is unwise.”

The lawsuit itself states that it’s not an exaggeration to say the social cost estimates are the most expansive federal regulatory initiative in history. It reiterated the social costs of everyday activity that Gordon echoed in his news release regarding Wyoming joining as plaintiff in the lawsuit.

“That means federal agencies will use the (social cost estimates) to assign massive – even existential – costs to every regulatory action and ‘other relevant action,’ thereby fundamentally transforming the way States conduct business and Americans live,” the lawsuit argues.

Court records show 23 different defendants ranging from the president and cabinet heads to the Departments of Interior and Energy.

A statement from Gordon’s office said the executive action was putting a thumb on the scale against economic activities that benefit Wyoming and its economy.

“Through this suit Wyoming and its sister states seek to prevent President Biden and the federal government from using these inflated values in their decisions,” the statement concludes.

President Biden asserted his environmental goals during a virtual climate summit late last week, which included cutting the United State’s carbon emissions in half by the end of the decade.

Last month Gov. Gordon announced Wyoming filed a lawsuit against the Biden administration and its executive action directing the U.S. Interior Department to review its oil and gas leasing program on federal lands.