Unofficial 2022 Primary Election Results

Sheriff's deputies arrive at the Sublette County Courthouse in Pinedale at 8:03 p.m. Aug. 16 with ballots from Pinedale, Bondurant, and Boulder/Barger. The polls closed at 7 p.m. Joy Ufford photo.

Roughly an hour after the polls closed Tuesday at 7 p.m., ballots from across Sublette County began arriving — escorted by sheriff's deputies — at the courthouse in Pinedale. Following are the unofficial results of the 2022 Primary Election. Keep an eye on the Pinedale Roundup and Sublette Examiner newspapers for in-depth local coverage in the coming days. A total of 3,626 ballots were cast, including 3,583 Republican and 43 Democratic.

County Commissioner (6,321 total votes):

1. Doug Vickrey (Incumbent) 1,591 votes, 25.17 percent.
2. Mack Bradley 1,170 votes, 18.51 percent.

County Coroner (uncontested):

Curt Covill (Incumbent) 3,096 votes, 99.68 percent.

County Attorney:

Clayton Melkinkovich 1,899 votes, 62.18 percent. 

County Sheriff (uncontested):

KC Lehr 2,964 votes, 97.34 percent.

County Clerk:

Carrie Long (Incumbent) 2,245 votes, 68.63 percent.

County Treasurer (uncontested):

Emily Paravicini (Incumbent) 3,027 votes, 99.67 percent.

County Assessor (uncontested):

Laila Illoway (Incumbent) 2,952 votes, 99.16 percent.

County Clerk of District Court (uncontested):

Janet Montgomery (Incumbent) 3,025, 99.77 percent.

HD 20 State Representative:

Albert Sommers (Incumbent) 2,113 cotes, 60.96 percent

Rep. U.S. Representative:

Harriet Hageman 2,538 votes, 71.69 percent. 

Dem. U.S. Representative:

Lynnette Greybull 30 votes, 73.17 percent


Rep. Mark Gordon (Incumbent) 2,267 votes, 66.4 percent.

Dem. Theresa Livingston 30 votes, 75 percent

Secretary of State:

Tara Nethercott 1,508 votes, 47.38 percent. 

State Auditor:

Kristi Racines (Incumbent) 2,773 votes, 99.43 percent

State Treasurer:

Curt Meier (Incumbent) 1,962 votes, 71.32 percent

State Superintendent of Public Instruction:

Rep. Brian Schroeder 1,056 votes, 37.62 percent

Rep. Megan Degenfelder 1,036 votes, 36.91 percent

Dem. Sergio Maldonado, SR 33 votes, 100 percent

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