Two cocaine deals nabs Casper man

SUBLETTE COUNTY – Jay E. Van Wagoner, of Casper, is charged with two felonies for allegedly selling 2 and then 4 ounces of cocaine to a confidential informant in Sublette County. He is also charged with two felonies of possession of cocaine when the recorded transactions were made, according to court records.

The confidential informant reportedly told Sublette County detectives Toby Terrill and Karson Turner that he/she heard Van Wagoner was selling and delivering the controlled substance around Sublette County, according to Terrill’s affidavit.

On April 14, the confidential informant, carrying $4,800 in recorded “buy” funds, met with Van Wagoner in the county and received 2 ounces of what tested positive as cocaine, the affidavit says.

Then the confidential informant arranged with Van Wagoner to buy 4 more ounces of coke for $9,400 and that transaction reportedly took place on May 12, it says. The four felony charges were filed in Circuit Court and bound over to 9th District Court on June 8, records show.

Van Wagoner’s arraignment is scheduled for Thursday, June 17, at 10:30 a.m.