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Robert Galbreath photo The SCSD9 Board of Trustees recognized Students of the Month for November and October. Pictured in front, from left, is Emmalyn Traughber, LaBarge Elementary, Jeremy Patterson, Big Piney Elementary and Ariana Delgado, Big Piney Middle School. Pictured in back, from left, are Brandon Jones, Big Piney High School (October) and Israel Zuniga, Big Piney High School (November).

October and November Students of the Month

BIG PINEY – The Sublette County School District No. 9 Board of Trustees began its Nov. 15 meeting with the “best part” said chairman John Fear – honoring Students of the Month.

LaBarge Elementary third-grade teacher Cody Boyer presented Emmalyn Traughber as Student of the Month for November.

Traughber “walks into class with a smile” and demonstrates the district values “consistently throughout the day,” Boyer told trustees.

Traughber exemplifies excellence and strives to do her best at each task, Boyer said.

“You have beautiful handwriting, you’re organized, you are a great reader and you are doing an awesome job learning your multiplication,” Boyer added.

Boyer commended Traughber’s empathy and willingness to help classmates who might be struggling. Traughber is responsible and “comes to class prepared to get right to work,” said Boyer.

Traughber also treats teachers and students with respect.

“I always hear you say please and thank you and you don’t talk when the teacher is talking or shout out answers in class,” Boyer said.

Boyer described Traughber as a courageous individual who is unafraid to ask questions and models honesty and integrity.

“When friends aren’t necessarily following the rules or directions, you choose to do the right thing,” Boyer said. “All of the teachers and staff at LaBarge Elementary agree that you’re just an all-around great kid.”

Scott Carpenter, a fifth-grade teacher at Big Piney Elementary, recognized Jeremy “Remy” Patterson as November Student of the Month.

Patterson represents “all our core values on a daily basis,” particularly excellence and responsibility, Carpenter said.

“Remy works to the best of his ability in all that he does in the classroom,” Carpenter added. “He does not take shortcuts and is proud of his work and his learning. Remy is an excellent student who strives for excellence in all subject areas.”

Patterson is organized, stays on task and possesses the maturity to work with any student in the classroom – a role model for responsibility, Carpenter stated.

“When Remy is asked to do something, I know it will be done with attention to detail,” Carpenter explained. “You do not need to ask Remy to complete a task more than once.”

Teaching Patterson is “a privilege,” Carpenter said.

“I look forward to watching you learn and grow the remainder of this year and into the future,” Carpenter continued. “Keep your great personality and strong work ethic and you are going to go far in life.”

Big Piney Middle School Principal Tyler Walker introduced eighth-grader Ariana Delgado as Student of the Month for November.

“Ariana is a positive role model for our entire student body,” said Walker. “We are sad we have to send her to the high school next year. Our student body needs more individuals like Ariana.”

Delgado is a “great sport” in P.E. class and a “joy to teach,” wrote teacher Nate Strong. The eighth-grader recently took a new student under her wing.

“I saw Ariana step out of her comfort zone to help communicate instructions and rules and make this new student feel accepted,” Strong said. “I thought this was a great form of courage.”

Teacher Dr. Will Farrington praised Delgado’s courage and drive to succeed.

“Ariana is an example to other students,” Farrington said. “We are blessed as a school to have a student like Ariana, one who is willing to help others, challenge herself and be an example of courage to other students. She is a superhero.”

Big Piney High School (BPHS) math teacher Jenna Banks presented senior Israel “Izzy” Zuniga as November Student of the Month. Teacher Jennie Kozeal nominated Zuniga.

Zuniga stood out as a “model student” from the first day he walked into Kozeal’s class as an eighth-grader. The staff voted unanimously to honor Zuniga, said Kozeal.

“I believe it speaks to Izzy’s character that I can just mention his name and the entire high school staff selected him,” Kozeal added.

Zuniga embodies excellence in welding, machine class and woods and is a “great example for all my students to look up to,” said teacher Brent Hibbert.

English teacher Tracy Hughes described Zuniga as a “quiet leader” who sets the bar high when it comes to integrity.

“Izzy is the calm undertone that provides nourishment to a productive classroom atmosphere,” said American government teacher Laura Ure. “His humility is his greatest asset as a lifelong learner.”

Math teacher Cole Clifford highlighted Zuniga’s dedication to school and family. The senior helps his younger siblings, works at his family’s business and “still maintains high grades,” Clifford added.

Faculty and staff were “elated” when Zuniga returned to the district this fall, said BPHS Principal Jeff Makelky.

Banks echoed Makelky’s sentiment and is “proud” to teach Zuniga in college math courses.

“We all look forward to seeing what you will accomplish in the future,” Banks said.

BPHS Spanish teacher Steve Bell honored senior Brandon Jones as October Student of the Month.

“Brandon has continually demonstrated throughout his high school career what it means to be a Puncher and is an excellent student-athlete and an example to his peers,” Bell said.

Makelky applauded Jones’ work ethic and success in college courses and advanced placement classes.

“As a senior, Brandon’s decision to push himself through the finish line instead of coasting is just one reason why he is a terrific role model for other students,” Makelky continued.

Jones is a “positive influence” for the BPHS music program, said band teacher Travis Swanson.

“I’m truly impressed with the progress he has made,” Swanson added.

Choir teacher Angie Swanson called Jones an “excellent leader.”

“It is rare to have such a presence in the tenor and bass section,” she wrote to the board. “We don’t know what we would do without him.”

Clifford portrayed Jones as the “hardest worker on the wrestling mat” with a “motor that runs nonstop as he works to make himself the best he can be.”

In English class, Jones is “one of the most driven students I have ever had,” said Hughes.

“When he gets an idea in his mind, you had better get out of his way, stand back and let him go,” Hughes added.

Jones “always gives his all” in academics and sports, said science teacher McKenzie Sullivan.

“He always asks awesome questions in class that push his classmates to think outside the box,” Sullivan added. “I think what I appreciate the most about Brandon is that he is always doing what he thinks is right, no matter what his peers are doing, showing true integrity.”


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