The road to success is covered in snow

Zoe Noble poses with her skis provided by her sponsor. She competes in Jericho, Vt. through Dec. 31 for a place on the team going to the Junior World Championships in Lenzerheide, Switzerland.

Pinedale graduate competes for national biathlon team

Growing up on a ranch in

Sublette County makes you tough. Cold

and snow are embraced as fun. And packing

a gun is more normal than not.

That combination has worked out for

2018 Pinedale High School graduate Zoe

Noble, who closes out 2019 in Jericho,

Vt., competing in the Junior and Youth

World Championship Trials in biathlon.

The racing runs through Dec. 31.

A student in Anchorage, Alaska, she is

the daughter of Ann and Dave Noble.

“Biathlon is a series of skate skiing and

shooting five targets in a row to get the

combined fastest ski time and least number

of missed targets,” Noble explained.

For the national competition, she will

be challenged by a 7.5-meter course in the

sprint competition. As if the adrenaline

from racing isn’t enough, the skier must

stop and shoot at targets. For every target

missed, competitors must ski an additional

150-meter penalty loop.

She will also compete in the Pursuit

Competition, a 10-kilometer course with

competitors starting at 5-second intervals.

That will be followed with a 6-kilometer

sprint race on the last day of competition.

Raised on slopes near White Pine Ski

Resort, she participated with the Pinedale

Junior Nordic Club team that was active

from 2010-2012

“My inspiration for skiing was my

uncle and coach, Tony Chambers. He took

me out skiing with my cousins, Elizabeth

and Oliver, where he actually taught us

technique, race tactics, proper recovery

and more, as 11-year-olds.”

The PJN team dissolved into the Jackson

Hole Ski Club where Noble raced until


“We were a part of the Intermountain

Division, so we had the opportunity

to meet other skiers and travel across

the western United States,” Noble said.

“Growing up on a ski team and traveling

to places like Solider Hollow, Utah, Bozeman,

Mont., Sun Valley, Idaho, and more

drove my love for skiing and traveling in

the winter.”

Noble competed on the high school’s

Nordic ski team. From there, her journey

to national competition has taken a lot of


“I’ve done a lot of ski-specific and

shooting-specific training all summer

leading into this winter like roller skiing,

trail running, dry firing the rifle and time

trials or mock races six to seven days a

week,” Noble said.

“I’m really excited to be racing at an

elite level to try to make the team going to

the Junior World Championships in Lenzerheide,

Switzerland,” Noble said. That

race is Jan. 22 through Jan. 30, 2020.

Noble races for Alaska Pacific University

where she is pursuing a double major

in business management and creative and

professional writing. She also competes

with the Anchorage Biathlon Club and

traveled to Vermont with her teammates

and coaches.

“I am fifth generation on the Cora Valley

Angus Ranch. I spent my childhood

running free through hay fields, riding

horses, sorting cattle and all the other

equally hard and rewarding work ranchers

do,” Noble said.

“I am very thankful to have grown up

Courtesy photos

Zoe Noble from Cora takes aim in a

recent biathlon competition.

The road to success

is covered in snow

Pinedale graduate competes for national biathlon team

By Holly Dabb, [email protected]

on a ranch. I was taught how to work, tenacity,

compassion for living animals, an

appreciation for what they give us and

many life lessons. The hours spent sitting

on a tractor raking hay into rows definitely

shaped who I am as a person and I

wouldn’t want to have it any other way,”

she writes in her blog.

Reading realistic fiction novels, singing,

playing the ukulele, learning Swiss

German, drinking tea, socializing with

peers, taking Polaroid pictures and badly

editing ski videos are her random other


Follow Noble’s ski competition and

travels at her blog site https://zoeeeeee.


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