Swimmers win home meet, compete in Jackson


BIG PINEY – The Sublette County combined girls’ swim team won the Big Piney Meet on Thursday, Oct. 14, beating Kemmerer and Evanston with 112 points.

The team followed up the victory with a second-place finish at the Jackson Duel, beating out Kemmerer.

The team made a strong showing at both meets, tallying up numerous first-place wins.

Big Piney junior Rayne Wheeler and Pinedale senior Mia Buchanan, sophomore Addysen Levitt and freshman Maggie Walker took first place in the 400-meter freestyle at Big Piney. The team clocked in at 5 minutes, 4.46 seconds.

Junior Morgan Grossman picked up wins in the 200-meter freestyle (2:34.47) and 400-meter freestyle (5:29.89) on Thursday and won the 500-yard freestyle in Jackson at 6:21.81.

Senior Sierra Hattan won the 100-meter breaststroke at Big Piney and Jackson, clocking in at 1:34.66 and 1:17.89 respectively. Hattan won the 50-yard freestyle in Jackson at 27.91 seconds.

Senior Jacie Friel, junior Ceili Fallon, Hattan and Grossman took first place in the 200-yard medley relay at 2:09.58.

Wheeler took second in the 200-meter individual medley in Big Piney and Jackson, timing in at 2:58.85 and 2:40.91 respectively.

Thursday night’s meet featured senior recognition.

“Nona Myers, Rachael Essington, Mia Buchanan and Sierra Hattan have dedicated four years to our team and will be missed as they move on to pursue their life goals,” said coach Ambr Seemann. “New to Pinedale, Jacie Friel has been a great addition to our senior class. These girls are a joy to coach and receive compliments on their kindness and encouraging nature from many outside coaches and officials.”

Coach Kursty Day expressed pride in efforts made by team members over the weekend.

“Jolynn Jones dropped 1 minute Thursday in her 400-freestyle,” Day added. “Morgan Grossman had an amazing finish in her 400-freestyle on Thursday. Mia Buchanan took 5 seconds off her 100-butterfly and missed qualifying by 1 second at Big Piney. Jacie Friel dropped time in the 100-backstroke in Jackson and just missed qualifying by one second.”

Additional results – Big Piney

  • 200-medley relay: Fallon, Grossman, Levitt and Alexis Thompson in third place at 2:46.28; Addison Statham, Emma York, KaLee Bohnet and Cambry Jenks in fifth at 3:11.43.
  • 200-individual medley: Statham in fourth place at 3:36.33.
  • 50-freestyle: Buchanan and Hattan tied for second place at 32.09 seconds, Maggie Walker in sixth at 33.58, Levitt in seventh at 35.22, Thompson in ninth at 36.64, Bohnet in 11th at 37.96, York in 12th at 38.76 and Jenks in 13th at 46.06.
  • 1-meter diving: Lilly Joseph in second place with 124.55 points, Rhonda Auradou in third at 122.70 and Esington in fifth at 95.70.
  • 100-butterfly: Buchanan in second place at 1:25.73, Wheeler in third at 1:32.66 and Fallon in fifth at 1:38.97.
  • 100-freestyle: Walker in third place at 1:20.34, Friel in fourth at 1:20.48, Bohnet in seventh at 1:32.18 and Jenks in ninth at 1:41.55.
  • 400-meter freestyle: Levitt in sixth place at 6:27.43, Thompson in seventh at 6:31.14, York in eighth at 6:36.47 and Jones in ninth at 7:42.70.
  • 200-freestyle relay: Hattan, Friel, Fallon and Wheeler in second place at 2:13.31 and Walker, Joseph, Auradou and Jenks in fifth at 2:32.29.
  • 100-backstroke: Friel in third place at 1:27.49, Statham in fourth at 1:39.38 and Essington in sixth at 1:41.71.
  • 100-breaststroke: Auradou in sixth place at 2:02.61.
  • 400-freestyle relay: Grossman, Statham Joseph and Essington in third place at 5:35.57 and Thompson, Bohnet, York and Jones in fourth at 5:32.08.

Additional results – Jackson

  • 200-medley relay: Statham, Walker, Bohnet and Jenks in sixth place at 2:41.57.
  • 200-freestyle: Grossman in sixth place at 2:26.60, Levitt in 11th at 2:39.67 and Thompson in 14th at 2:41.15.
  • 200-individual medley: Jones in seventh at 3:08.13 and York in eighth at 3:08.71.
  • 50-freestyle: Buchanan in third place at 28.18 seconds, Levitt in seventh at 30.65, Friel in ninth at 31.13, Walker in 10th at 31.34, Bohnet in 16th at 34.91, Statham in 17th at 34.98 and Jenks in 22nd at 41.34.
  • 1-meter diving: Auradou in fifth with 229.20 points, Joseph in sixth at 225.80 and Essington in seventh at 203.60.
  • 100-butterfly: Wheeler in sixth place at 1:24.99.
  • 100-freestyle: Buchanan in second at 1:03.15, Thompson in 10th at 1:11.61, Jones in 14th at 1:16.10, Bohnet in 19th at 1:19.78 and Jenks in 22nd at 1:36.57.
  • 200-freestyle relay: Wheeler, Joseph, Hattan and Walker in fourth place at 1:59.66; Buchanan, Jones, Fallon and York in sixth at 2:07.76; Thompson, Auradou, Essington and Levitt in seventh at 2:09.85.
  • 100-backstroke: Friel in second place at 1:13.32.
  • 100-breaststroke: Fallon in fourth place at 1:28.79 and Walker in fifth at 1:29.87.
  • 400-freestyle relay: Grossman, Thompson, Wheeler and Levitt in third place at 4:36.66; Buchanan, Jones, Bohnet and Essington in fifth at 5:02.61 and Friel, Statham, York and Jenks in eighth at 5:27.65.