Suspicious minds

Firefighters wear protective gear outside a Pinedale home where the full response included decontamination tanks on Thursday after a woman reported receiving a suspicious package.

After FedEx dropped off a package with a taped-on label Thursday afternoon, a Pinedale woman opened it and found white powder dusting the contents – with nothing inside that the powder could have come from.

Suspicious, she called the Sublette County Sheriff’s Office and received a full-on response from EMTs, firefighters and deputies who treated the box as poten- tially hazardous or explosive material. It appeared to be rewrapped but the original mailing label was taped on so everyone proceeded with caution, according to Bat- talion I Chief Wil Gay, who suited up and went inside to check it out.

After awhile, the team checked out the package’s tracking number and called the Salt Lake City FedEx office, where an em- ployee explained the package had arrived there damaged with a broken container of Flonase inside.

The Sheriff’s Office reported the con- tainer had exploded due to cold tempera- tures and high elevation.

An employee had thrown out the con- tainer and repacked the other contents, took the original mailing label off the damaged box and put it on a new one. It turned out FedEx reported this to the intended recipi- ent, who did not find the message until after opening the strange box.

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