Sublette swimmers win Jackson duel

Big Piney freshman Rayne Wheeler swims into her eighth lap of the grueling 500-yard freestyle on Friday. Pinedale junior Emma Rogers cheers her on and helps keep count of the laps.

Team takes home 4th place at Green River

The Sublette County

girls’ swim team had another busy weekend

with two meets. On Friday, Sept. 6, the

team defeated rival Jackson in a duel with 99

points to 81 for Jackson. On Saturday, Sept.

7, the team was back in the water to compete

against 4A schools at the Green River Invite.

Sublette County finished fourth out of eight

schools with 173 points.

Two Big Piney athletes joined the list of

swimmers headed to state. Junior Adrianna

Ruby qualified in the 1-meter diving event

at the Jackson duel. Senior Paige Nielson

punched her ticket to state in the 100-yard


Several athletes that have already qualified

in the first week of competition added

several new events this weekend. Senior

Kaylee Day qualified in the 500-yard freestyle

and 100-yard backstroke. At the Jackson

duel, Israel Seemann qualified in the

200-yard individual medley and Natalie

Hunt added the 500-yard medley to her list

of events.

Adalyn Bennett qualified in the 100-yard

freestyle, Emma Rogers in the 100-yard

breaststroke and Hunt in the 200-yard individual

medley at Green River.

Pinedale Jackson duel results

• 200-yard medley relay: Seemann, Rogers,

Sierra Hattan and Hunt won first place,

clocking in at 2 minutes, 03.24 seconds.

Day, Nielson, Hayden Thoman and Hailey

Noble took second place at 2:14.42.

By Robert Galbreath, [email protected]

Robert Galbreath photo

Big Piney freshman Rayne Wheeler swims into her eighth lap of the grueling

500-yard freestyle on Friday. Pinedale junior Emma Rogers cheers her on and

helps keep count of the laps.

Robert Galbreath photo

The Sublette girls’ swim team does

a victory cheer after winning the

dual against Jackson. In the spirit

of sportsmanship, the girls gave a

shout-out to their opponents in the


Rachel Essington, Ceili Fallon, Isabella Romasko

and Autumn Wright placed fourth at


• 200-yard freestyle: Day took second

at 2:19.71, followed by Bennett in third at

2:21.31, Rayne Wheeler in sixth at 2:41.86,

Noble in seventh at 2:48.81, Dana Wilson

in 10th at 3:01.30 and Essington in 11th at


• 200-yard individual medley: Hunt won

at 2:38.14. Jennifer Wheeler came in third

at 2:49.80, followed by Thoman in fourth

at 2:50.90, Morgan Grossman in sixth at

2:53.81 and Nielson in seventh at 2:55.65.

• 50-yard freestyle: Emma Rogers won

the event at 26.23 seconds. Seemann came

in second at 28.10, followed by Buchanan in

third at 30.47, Kinlee Green in fifth at 32.02,

Wright in sixth at 32.64, Keela McDaniel in

eighth at 33.01, Madelynn Deeds in ninth

at 36.45, Emily Fox in 13th at 42.11 and

Adriaunna Myers in 15th at 11:07.47.

• 1-meter diving: Romasko won the event

with 193.30 points. Ruby placed fourth at

151.90 points and Lilly Joseph came in sixth

at 127.95 points.

• 100-yard butterfly: Hunt won first place

at 1:08.91. Hattan finished in third at 1:13.56

with Grossman in fourth at 1:27.66.

• 100-yard freestyle: Bennett won second

place at 1:03.64, followed by Buchanan in

fifth at 1:08.21, Noble in sixth at 1:12.73,

Fallon in eighth at 1:18.99, Joseph in ninth

at 1:20.17, Rosie Corlett in 10th at 1:20.94,

Wilson in 11th at 1:22.22, Deeds in 12th at

1:26.35 and Fox in 14th at 1:34.82.

• 500-yard freestyle: Seemann won the

event at 6:40.18. Thoman came in third at

7:06.79, followed by Green in fifth at 7:32.53

and Rayne Wheeler in sixth at 7:54.19.

• 200-yard freestyle relay: Jennifer

Wheeler, Nielson, Bennett and Grossman

won second place at 2:03.24. Rayne

Wheeler, Sydney Wise, Essington and

Corlett placed third at 2:14.50. Noble, Buchanan,

Joseph and Deeds came in fourth at


• 100-yard backstroke: Day won with a

time of 1:12.43. Jennifer Wheeler placed

second at 1:18.38 followed by Wright in

third at 1:19.42 and Essington in seventh at


• 400-yard freestyle: Joseph, Green, Fallon

and Essington clocking in at 5:24.75.

Green River Invite results

• 200-yard medley relay: Seemann,

Rogers, Hattan and Hunt placed fourth at


• 200-yard freestyle: Day in ninth at

2:23.35, followed by Rogers in 10th at

2:23.88, Thoman in 12th at 2:25.84, Grossman

in 16th at 2:32.39, Wright in 20th at

2:46.69 and Buchanan in 21st at 2:48.69.

• 200-yard individual medley: Hunt finished

in sixth at 2:37.44, followed by Seemann

in seventh at 2:40.33, Hattan in 11th at

2:48.31 and Wise in 28th at 3:17.85.

• 50-yard freestyle: Bennett in eighth at

28.92 seconds, followed by Rayne Wheeler

in 22nd at 30.93, Rhonda Auradou in 27th

at 321.51, Essington in 28th at 32.70, Green

in 31st at 33.56, Corlett in 32nd at 34.16,

McDaniel in 36th at 35.27, Joseph in 44th

at 35.91, Wilson in 47th at 36.41, Deeds in

51st at 37.60 and Fox in 64th at 42.53.

• 1-meter diving: Joseph in 12th with

135.85 points, Romasko in 13th at 133.65

points and Auradou in 22nd at 89.70 points.

• 100-yard butterfly: Thoman in third at

1:11.57, Nielson in 11th at 1:29.73 and Buchanan

in 12th at 1:29.88.

• 100-yard freestyle: Rogers in fourth at

1:03.87, Green in 18th at 1:11.08, Rayne

Wheeler in 20th at 1:11.73, Wise in 28th at

1:17.73, Fallon in 30th at 1:19.21, Corlett in

31st at 1:19.52 and Deeds in 45th at 1:32.21.

• 500-yard freestyle: Day in sixth at

6:18.72, Hunt in seventh at 6:23.33, Bennett

in 13th at 6:38.32, Grossman in 17th at

7:12.37 and Noble in 24th at 7:48.59.

• 100-yard freestyle relay: Nielson, Jennifer

Wheeler, Bennett and Grossman in third

at 1:59.16.

• 100-yard backstroke: Seemann in fifth at

1:12.06, Wright in 10th at 1:22.31, Essington

in 18th at 1:33.15 and Jennifer Wheeler

in 30th at 2:57.95.

• 100-yard breaststroke: Nielson in fifth at

1:23.65, Hattan in 11th at 1:27.71, Fallon in

17th at 1:33.79, McDaniel in 25th at 1:39.07

and Wilson in 28th at 1:43.34.

• 400-yard freestyle relay: Hunt, Seemann,

Thoman and Rogers in second at




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