Sublette swimmers score big in Kemmerer, Lyman

WYOMING – The Sublette County girls’ swim team capped off a busy week with two days of competition at Kemmerer and Lyman. On Friday, Sept. 10, Sublette County placed third at the Kemmerer Invitational with 67 points.

Heading south again on Saturday, the team took third place at the Lyman Invitational, beating Kemmerer by seven points.

Big Piney junior Rayne Wheeler punched her ticket to State in the 200-yard individual medley at the Lyman Invite, taking third place in the event and clocking in at 2 minutes, 40.97 seconds.

Pinedale junior Rhonda Auradou dominated diving, taking first place on both Friday and Saturday and qualifying for State. At Kemmerer, Auradou won with a score of 151 points, improving to 155.75 points at Lyman.

Pinedale senior Sierra Hattan won the 100-meter butterfly in Kemmerer, timing in at 1:16.07.

“Back-to-back meets are always hard,” said coach Kursty Day. “Late nights and early mornings are not easy for anyone. The Sublette swimmers were able to keep their spirits high cheering each other on. Our freshmen have awesome attitudes and have been showing lots of improvement with each meet.”

“The swimmers and divers showed impressive energy and positivity over the weekend,” coach Ambr Seemann added. “There were many personal best times and our divers also showed improves scored over the weekend. With such a young team, each meet is a celebration of success and improvement and this weekend was no exception.”

Individual results – Kemmerer

  • 200-meter freestyle: Morgan Grossman in third place at 2:51.30, Jacie Friel in sixth at 3:04.23, Addison Statham in 10th at 3:16.87, Emma York in 11th at 3:24.35 and Jolynn Jones in 13th at 3:41.33.
  • 200-meter individual medley: Hattan in second place at 2:58.58, Wheeler in third at 3:01.66, Ceili Fallon in seventh at 3:27.04 and KaLee Bohnet in eighth at 3:58.15.
  • 50-meter freestyle: Mia Buchanan in third place at 32.75 seconds, Addysen Levitt in seventh at 36.41, Ayame Conway in 12th at 42.77, Cambry Jenks in 15th at 49.24 and Adriaunna Myers in 18th at 6:46.44.
  • 1-meter diving: Lilly Joseph in third place with 126.25 points, Rachael Essington in fifth at 106.70 and Maggie Walker in sixth at 88.80.
  • 100-meter butterfly: Conway in fourth place at 1:57.55.
  • 100-meter freestyle: Buchanan in fourth place at 1:14.80, Alexis Thompson in sixth at 1:22.81 and Jenks in 11th at 1:48.16.
  • 400-meter freestyle: Grossman in fifth place at 6:03.95, Wheeler in seventh at 6:17.16, Friel in 10th at 6:52.05 and Bohnet in 11th at 7:09.51.
  • 100-meter backstroke: Fallon in second place at 1:35.21, Thompson in fourth at 1:36.52, Walker in fifth at 1:37.01 and Statham in seventh at 1:45.50.
  • 100-meter breaststroke: Levitt in second place at 1:54.10, York in fourth at 1:59.89 and Jones in sixth at 2:04.29.

Lyman results

  • 200-yard medley relay: Essington, Hattan, Wheeler and Buchanan in fifth place at 2:22.21; Walker, Auradou, Statham and Grossman in sixth at 2:45.71.
  • 200-yard freestyle: Buchanan in seventh place at 2:34.08, Thompson in 10th at 2:43.49, Fallon in 12th at 2:45.50 and Bohnet in 15th at 3:07.44.
  • 200-yard individual medley: Hattan in second place at 2:39.00.
  • 50-yard freestyle: Friel in sixth place at 31.27 seconds, Grossman in seventh at 31.50, Walker in eighth at 33.35, Statham in 11th at 35.04, York in 15th at 36.84, Conway in 15th at 36.97 and Jenks in 17th at 45.48.
  • 1-meter diving: Joseph in third place with 150.65 points, Essington in seventh at 115.10 and Walker in eighth at 107.45.
  • 100-yard butterfly: Fallon in fourth place at 1:33.94 and Statham in fifth at 1:47.82.
  • 100-yard freestyle: Wheeler in third place at 1:04.49, Buchanan in fifth at 1:06.86, Bohnet in 12th at 1:22.31, Conway in 15th at 1:35.17 and Jenks in 16th at 1:42.30.
  • 500-yard freestyle: Thompson in fourth place at 7:25.90.
  • 200-yard freestyle relay: Buchanan, Friel, Wheeler and Hattan in fourth place at 2:00.58; Thompson, Bohnet, York and Grossman in seventh place at 2:14.74 and Fallon, Jenks, Jones and Conway in ninth at 2:29.65.
  • 100-yard backstroke: Friel in sixth place at 1:23.39, Grossman in 12th at 1:31.87 and York in 13th at 1:34.43.
  • 100-yard breaststroke: Hattan in third place at 1:25.93 and Jones in ninth at 1:51.49.
  • 400-yard freestyle relay: Thompson, Fallon, Friel and Walker in fifth place at 5:06.48; Bohnet, Jones, Statham and York in eighth at 5:38.73 and Jenks, Conway, Joseph and Essington in ninth at 5:59.22.