Sublette swimmers go up against top competition


BIG PINEY – Homecoming weekend opened with the Sublette County combined girls’ swim team challenging Lyman to a duel at the Big Piney High School pool on Thursday, Sept. 16.

The competition was tight, with Lyman pulling out the win by six points, 89-83.

On Sept. 17-18, the girls’ swim team entered the Adam Denton Memorial Invitational hosted by Jackson. Sublette County faced stiff competition from the defending 4A State Champion, Laramie, along with 4A Jackson and 3A rival Lander.

The two-day event featured preliminaries on Friday followed by finals on Saturday.

Big Piney junior Rayne Wheeler helped Sublette County win the 200-meter freestyle relay on Thursday. She and seniors Sierra Hattan, Jacie Friel and Mia Buchanan finished in 2 minutes, 16.09 seconds, 7 seconds ahead of Lyman.

Junior Morgan Grossman qualified for State with a first-place finish in the 400-meter freestyle at Big Piney. She clocked in at 5:32.60.

Hattan took first place in the 100-meter breaststroke in Big Piney at 1:33.21. Buchanan won the 200-meter individual medley on Thursday with a time of 3:11.45.

Junior Rhonda Auradou came in first place in diving at Big Piney, scoring 145.90 points.

Big Piney vs. Lyman additional results

  • 200-meter medley relay: Ayame Conway, Ceili Fallon, KaLee Bohnet and Grossman in third place at 2:57.80.
  • 200-meter freestyle: Wheeler in third place at 2:51.58, Emma York in fourth at 3:22.45 and Jolynn Jones in fifth at 3:41.81.
  • 200-meter individual medley: Fallon in second place at 3:22.07 and Bohnet in third at 3:57.52.
  • 50-meter freestyle: Hattan in second place at 31.94 seconds, Grossman in third at 32.89, Friel in seventh at 34.62, Addysen Levitt in eighth at 35.27, Conway in 11th at 43.58, Cambry Jenks in 12th at 46.41 and Adriaunna Myers in 14th at 6:51.73.
  • 1-meter diving: Lilly Joseph in second place with 143.45 points.
  • 100-meter butterfly: Conway in second place at 2:00.47.
  • 100-meter freestyle: Buchanan in second place at 1:14.84, Levitt in fifth at 1:21.48, Alexis Thompson in seventh at 1:22.21, Fallon in eighth at 1:29.75, Bohnet in ninth at 1:31.87 and Jenks in 11th at 1:45.07.
  • 400-meter freestyle: Jones in fifth place at 7:42.70.
  • 200-meter freestyle relay: Thompson, Levitt, Joseph and Auradou in third place at 2:24.95.
  • 100-meter backstroke: Wheeler in second place at 1:26.26 and Friel in third at 1:31.45.
  • 100-meter breaststroke: York in fourth place at 2:01.35.
  • 400-meter freestyle relay: Levitt, Rachael Essington, Bohnet and Jones in second place at 6:01.74.

Adam Denton Memorial – top 10 higlights

  • 200-yard medley relay: Levitt, Friel, Joseph and Grossman in third place at 2:35.84.
  • 200-yard freestyle: Grossman in seventh place at 2:26.54.
  • 200-yard individual medley: Hattan in fifth place at 2:41.86 and Wheeler in eighth at 2:44.74.
  • 50-yard freestyle: Buchanan in fourth place at 29.40 seconds.
  • 1-meter diving: Auradou in fifth place at 269.85 and Joseph in seventh at 238.45.
  • 100-yard butterfly: Hattan in fourth at 1:09.11.
  • 100-yard freestyle: Wheeler in fifth place at 1:04.09 and Buchanan in ninth at 1:05.71.
  • 500-yard freestyle: Grossman in seventh place at 6:28.93.
  • 200-yard freestyle relay: Hattan, Friel, Wheeler and Buchanan in third at 1:58.75.
  • 100-yard freestyle relay: Wheeler, Grossman, Hattan and Buchanan in fourth place at 4:28.22.