Sublette swim team makes I-80 weekend duet

Laura Hattan photo

WYOMING – Hitting the pool for a busy weekend, the Sublette County combined girls’ swim team competed in Rock Springs on Thursday, Oct. 7, followed by the Rawlins Invitational on Oct. 9.

Sublette County placed fifth at Rawlins with 152 points, ahead of Kemmerer and Evanston. Rock Springs did not keep team scores.

“We are mid-season and these young ladies are still dropping time in their individual events,” said coach Kursty Day. “This week, our freshmen came to swim and we had some huge time drops from them. They are working hard in practice and it shows in the meet.”

The Sublette County swim team hosts Kemmerer and Evanston at the Big Piney pool on Thursday, Oct. 14, at 5 p.m. The evening includes senior recognition.

“This group of seniors has been so much fun to coach,” said Day. “They have a lot of talent, they are willing to work hard and share their knowledge with the underclassmen. They are full of potential and I know they will accomplish great things.”

Coach Ambr Seemann highlighted the freshmen over the weekend for their “great efforts and attitudes.”

Rock Springs results

  • 200-yard medley relay: Jacie Friel, Ceili Fallon, Sierra Hattan and Alexis Thompson in third place at 1 minute, 14.83 seconds; Addysen Levitt, Maggie Walker, KaLee Bohnet and Rachael Essington in fifth at 2:35.42.
  • 50-yard freestyle: Mia Buchanan in second place at 28.73 points, Emma York in seventh at 34.19 and Addison Statham in ninth at 34.83.
  • 1-meter diving: Rhonda Auradou in third place with 147.55 points, Lilly Joseph in fifth at 141.35, Maggie Walker in sixth at 107.65 and Essington in seventh at 100.50.
  • 100-meter butterfly: Bohnet in fourth place at 1:37.14.
  • 100-yard freestyle: Buchanan in third place at 1:04.41, Morgan Grossman in fourth at 1:04.77, Rayne Wheeler in fifth at 1:06.33, Friel in sixth at 1:08.20 and Thompson in ninth at 1:10.23.
  • 500-yard freestyle: York in sixth place at 7:46.82 and Statham in seventh at 7:47.35.
  • 200-yard freestyle relay: Buchanan, Wheeler, Thompson and Grossman in second place at 2:00.08; Walker, Levitt, Auradou and Fallon in fourth place at 2:08.50; Jolynn Jones, Joseph, Cambry Jenks and York in sixth place at 2:16.97.
  • 100-yard backstroke: Friel in sixth place at 1:16.13, Hattan in seventh at 1:17.52 and Levitt in ninth at 1:26.21.
  • 100-yard breaststroke: Fallon in fourth place at 1:28.22, Walker in fifth at 1:32.40 and Jones in seventh at 1:46.34.
  • 400-yard freestyle relay: Buchanan, Wheeler, Grossman and Hattan in third place at 4:25.43; Friel, Bohnet, Joseph and Essington in sixth at 5:08.04; York, Statham, Jones and Jenks in seventh at 5:16.91.

Rawlins Invite results

  • 200-yard medley relay: Grossman, Fallon, Hattan and Buchanan in fifth at 2:14.33; Essington, Walker, Bohnet and Thompson in 11th at 2:30.39; Jones, Statham, York and Auradou in 14th at 2:46.41.
  • 200-yard freestyle: Friel in 13th place at 2:36.15, York in 19th at 2:54.28, Bohnet in 20th at 2:54.30 and Levitt in 23rd at 1:22.13.
  • 200-yard individual medley: Buchanan in 12th place at 2:50.56, Fallon in 13th at 2:54.56, Statham in 16th at 3:13.77 and Jones in 17th at 3:14.88.
  • 50-yard freestyle: Wheeler in 11th at 29.50 seconds, Grossman in 14th at 29.88, Walker in 19th at 30.58 and Thompson in 23rd at 31.50.
  • Diving: Auradou in fifth place with 257.50 points, Joseph in sixth at 249.25 and Essington in eighth at 213.20.
  • 100-yard butterfly: Hattan in second place at 1:09.05 and Fallon in 13th at 1:24.93.
  • 100-yard reestyle: Wheeler in fifth place at 1:04.73, Buchanan in seventh at 1:05.91, Friel in 13th at 1:09.65, Levitt in 18th at 1:15.58 and York in 19th at 1:18.88.
  • 500-yard freestyle: Grossman in third place at 6:18.75 and Thompson in 11th at 6:57.39.
  • 200-yard freestyle relay: Buchanan, Wheeler, Hattan and Friel in seventh place at 1:59.27; Walker, Auradou, Joseph and Levitt in ninth at 2:07.60.
  • 100-yard backstroke: Walker in 10th place at 1:21.52, Bohnet in 16th at 1:31.17 and Statham in 17th at 1:32.03.
  • 100-yard breaststroke: Hattan in eighth place at 1:24.01 and Jones in 19th at 1:50.93.
  • 400-yard freestyle relay: Wheeler, Friel, Hattan and Grossman in sixth place at 4:31.87; Thompson, Levitt, Bohnet and Jones in 12th at 5:05.44.