Sublette swim team kicks up 2 1st-place wins

Robert Galbreath photo Big Piney sophomore Adriaunna Myers competes in the 50-yard freestyle at the Big Piney Meet on Oct. 3. Myers has cut her time in half from the beginning of the season from 11:07.47 to 5:44.45 at the Jackson Triangular on Oct. 18.

scored two first-place

wins in a row during a busy weekend at

the Jackson Triangular Meet on Oct. 18

and the Evanston Invite the following day.

Sweeping the competition in Friday’s

triangular meet, Sublette County beat out

both the host school and Kemmerer with

a grand total of 225 points. Jackson came

in second at 221.5 points with Kemmerer

rounding out the tally in third.

Another victory followed in a very close

battle at the Evanston Invite on Oct. 19.

The meet came down to a two-way fight

between Sublette County and Lyman.

Sublette County won first place by a single

point, scoring 388 points to 387 for Lyman.

Freshman Morgan Grossman qualified

for State in the 500-yard freestyle at the

Jackson Triangular.

In Jackson, the Sublette girls collected

several first-place wins. Natalie Hunt swam

into first place in the 200-yard freestyle,

clocking in at 2 minutes, 16.83 seconds.

Israel Seemann took first in the 200-yard

individual medley with a time of 2:35.89.

Grossman won first place in the 500-yard

freestyle, finishing the event at 6:26.36.

At the Evanston Invite, Isabella Romasko

scored a win in the 1-meter diving

event with 292.80 points. Seemann pulled

out another first-place finish in the 500-

yard freestyle with a time of 6:09.28.

Additional Jackson results:

• 200-yard medley relay: Kaylee Day,

Paige Nielson, Sierra Hattan and Hayden

Thoman seconds place at 2:11.59 and Jennifer

Wheeler, Ceili Fallon, Grossman and

Mia Buchanan fourth at 2:20.74.

• 200-yard freestyle: Emma Rogers third

place at 2:18.53, Adalyn Bennett fourth at

2:19.01, Rosie Corlett sixth at 2:32.68,

Hailey Noble ninth at 2:44.94, Rhonda Auradou

10th at 2:50.08 and Keela McDaniel

11th at 2:55.99.

• 200-yard individual medley: Hattan

fourth place at 2:45.15 and Rayne Wheeler

seventh at 2:54.83.

• 50-yard freestyle: Buchanan second

place at 28.70 seconds, Grossman third

at 28.72, Thoman fifth at 28.94, Romasko

ninth at 30.13, Julia Lajer 10th at 30.80,

Sublette swim team kicks up 2 1st-place wins

By Robert Galbreath, [email protected]

Fallon 15th at 32.28, Madelynn Deeds

19th at 35.93, Caterina Lione 20th at

37.95 seconds and Adriaunna Myers 23rd

at 5:44.45.

• 1-meter diving: Romasko in second

place with 288.65 points, Jennifer Wheeler

fourth at 212.20 and Auradou seventh at


• 100-yard butterfly: Rogers in second

place at 1:13.32, Day fourth at 1:20.78 and

Nielson fifth at 1:25.59.

• 100-yard freestyle: Thoman in third

place at 1:04.84, Noble seventh at 1:10.74,

McDaniel 12th at 1:17.37 and Deeds 14th

at 1:19.90.

• 500-yard freestyle: Bennett in second

place at 6:31.30, Corlett third at 6:48.83,

Hattan fourth at 6:48.96, Rayne Wheeler

seventh at 7:31.20 and Julia Lajer eighth

at 7:47.40.

• 200-yard freestyle relay: Hunt,

Thoman, Seemann and Rogers in second

place at 1:51.33; Nielson, Day, Deeds and

Rayne Wheeler fifth place at 2:07.12; and

Auradou, Romasko, Noble and Lione seventh

at 2:11.52.

• 100-yard backstroke: Hunt in second

place at 1:12.76, Day fourth at 1:14.50,

Jennifer Wheeler seventh at 1:16.51, Rachael

Essington ninth at 1:22.85 and Buchanan

10th at 1:23.32.

• 100-yard breaststroke: Nielson in second

place at 1:24.92, Seemann third at

1:26.88 and Fallon seventh at 1:31.68.

Additional Evanston results:

• 200-yard medley relay: Day, Nielson,

Thoman and Buchanan in second place at


• 200-yard freestyle: Day in second

place at 2:16.82, Seemann fourth at 2:22.53

and Nielson eighth at 2:40.40.

• 200-yard individual medley: Grossman

in third place at 2:50.97, Rayne

Wheeler fourth at 2:56.13 and Noble seventh

at 3:10.55.

• 50-yard freestyle: Bennett in third

place at 28.11 seconds, Lajer ninth at

30.77, Corlett in 11th at 31.45 and Deeds

in 16th at 35.48.

• 1-meter diving: Jennifer Wheeler in

fourth place at 215.40 points.

• 100-yard butterfly: Hattan in third

place at 1:08.37.

• 100-yard freestyle: Bennett placed

second at 1:02.30, Thoman fifth at 1:03.43,

Buchanan sixth at 1:04.01, Noble 12th at

1:09.92, Romasko 16th at 1:13.45 and

Deeds 21st at 1:19.55.

• 500-yard freestyle: Day in second

place at 6:17.16, Corlett fifth place at

6:54.74 and Rayne Wheeler seventh at


• 200-yard freestyle relay: Bennett,

Thoman, Seemann and Buchanan in second

place at 1:56.76.

• 100-yard backstroke: Grossman in

sixth place at 1:15.67, Jennifer Wheeler

seventh at 1:16.03, Essington 11th at

1:23.92 and Buchanan 12th at 1:29.03.

• 100-yard breaststroke: Nielson in second

place at 1:23.76, Hattan fifth at 1:26.09

and Lione seventh at 1:32.08.

• 400-yard freestyle relay: Thoman,

Bennett, Seemann and Day in second place

at 4:18.85.

The girls’ swim team moves into its post

season with the 3A West Conference Meet

hosted by Riverton on Friday and Saturday,

Oct. 25 and Oct. 26. The team hits the

water for a non-qualifier meet at Lyman

on Oct. 31 and then prepares for the State


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