Sublette County Conservation District: The Zeedyk and its aftermath

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Remember those rock structures, or “Zeedyk,” structures you kept reading about last year? Maybe you even participated in the workshop held last August and wonder what it would be like to see them in action. Well, you’re in luck because I’m going to give you a little preview!

We placed some cameras out on the structures we built to see if we could capture runoff events this spring and our efforts paid off. A warm spell occurred at the end of March, and over the course of just a few days from March 26 to March 29, we watched as this ephemeral drainage carried the snowmelt with the Zeedyk structures in place. Check out the sequence of pictures below as we begin with a little snow still on the ground…

By March 30, the water was mostly absorbed into the soil and the meadow is back to looking ephemeral in the way we often see it. Now, we waited to see what happened once the vegetation started growing. At the beginning of July, a tour of folks visited the site to observe the implemented project. We noticed that there was quite a bit of sediment built up already and vegetation growing between the rock structures.

Well, year provided more results than expected and it’s exciting to see these Zeedyk structures capture sediment, grow more vegetation and begin healing erosion in this landscape. These types of erosional features exist all across our meadows and rangelands.

Check out these cool videos to learn a little more about mesic habitat restoration and Zeedyk structures by visiting

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Courtesy photos


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