Students of the Month selected


BIG PINEY – The Sublette County School District No. 9 Board of Trustees recognized four Students of the Month at its March 16 meeting.

LaBarge Elementary fifth-grade teacher Bailey Headrick honored Candace Cary as Student of the Month. Headrick described Cary as kind, hard working, respectful and empathetic.

“Candace is respectful of her classmates and is a good listener,” Headrick wrote. “She constantly makes sure others are included. Candace is a great friend to everyone.”

In the classroom, Cary excels at meeting expectations, following directions and working to fix mistakes with a positive attitude, Headrick added. Cary does not shy away from asking for help.

“If Candace is stuck on something in class, she doesn’t waste time,” Headrick said. “Instead, she asks for help to overcome the obstacle that she has faced.”

Cary shows integrity and courage – traits that can be difficult to find, Headrick added.

“I have encountered many occasions where Candace has walked away from a situation that she knew was not right,” Headrick wrote. “I know that I can always trust her to make the right choice, even if I am not right there.”

“Candace is kind and courageous – just a wonderful student,” LBES Principal Amy Bell told the board. “We are really happy to recognize her this month.”

Big Piney Elementary third-grade teacher Alex Dinnell nominated Aidan Rees as Student of the Month.

“This young man is a perfect example of someone who embodies not one, but all of our district values,” Dinnell wrote.

Rees treats classmates, teachers and staff with empathy and honesty, Dinnell added. The third-grader excels in the classroom and puts in extra effort on assignments.

“A kinder heart cannot be found,” Dinnell wrote. “Aidan treats everyone with respect and compassion. You can count on him to lend a hand to anyone in need. His integrity is unquestionable and his work ethic unmatched. He strives for excellence no matter the task and does so with optimism and perseverance.”

“Aiden could have received this award every month since kindergarten,” BPES Principal Amy Bell said. “He’s just a fantastic student – kind, hardworking and has come a long way and we’re really proud of him.”

William Farrington, a teacher at Big Piney Middle School, recognized seventh-grader Siera Smith as Student of the Month. Smith exhibits respect and dedication at school, Farrington said.

“Siera has clearly demonstrated a high level of responsibility in classes, with multiple teachers speaking of her hard work and consistent on-task behavior,” Farrington wrote.

Smith is kind to students and faculty, frequently reaches out to care for others and is a leader in the classroom, Farrington added. Smith is not afraid to take risks on her schoolwork, even if the results do not work out favorably in the short term, Farrington said.

“This high level of effort has paid off in her classes,” Farrington wrote. “Siera has worked consistently every day and has seen great gains.”

“When I think of Siera, respect jumps right into my mind,” said BPMS Principal Scott Carpenter. “She is so nice to others, such a hard worker and has the courage to try new things and put herself out there. I’m really proud of her.”

Numerous teachers at Big Piney High School nominated senior Jakobi Hibbert as Student of the Month.

“Jakobi is a courageous young lady that knows how to compete,” said BPHS Principal Jeff Makelky.

Hibbert received the 2021 University of Wyoming Trustee Scholarship awarded to top senior scholars in the state and Casper’s Proud to Host the Best Scholarship recognizing high-achieving student-athletes.

Hibbert won the SkillsUSA’s top honors in the job interview category at the state level twice and placed in the top 10 at the national event. A three-sport athlete, Hibbert started for the Puncher girls’ basketball team at the 2021 State Tournament and made the 2A All-Conference list.

Hibbert also serves as Student Council president.

“Her leadership in Student Council this year has been invaluable,” said science teacher and student council advisor McKenzie Sullivan. “Of all the Student Council presidents I’ve worked with in my time here, Jakobi is the best at listening and considering the values and ideas of all her peers. I think this demonstrates her responsibility and empathy.”

“Jakobi excels in everything she does,” wrote Spanish teacher Stephen Bell. “She provides an excellent example to our underclassmen.”

“Jakobi is an excellent leader and anyone she works with becomes a better student,” said English teacher Faith Howard. “Despite being very successful in school, she remains unpretentious and humble.”

“I can’t even go into all of her many talents, but just knowing Jakobi as a teacher and supervisor, I can tell you that she is simply wonderful to work with,” English teacher Tracy Hughes added. “She gives 110 percent on anything she is asked to do. I can’t wait to hear about the exciting things Jakobi will do with her future.”