Students of the Month honored by SCSD9

BIG PINEY – The Sublette County School District No. 9 Board of Trustees recognized five Students of the Month, four for December and one from November, at its Dec. 21 meeting.

LaBarge Elementary third-grade teacher Cody Boyer nominated Kaydence Bohm as December Student of the Month.

“Kaydence is such a fun kid,” Boyer told the board. “I am so glad that she is in my class this year and I’m getting the opportunity to know her.”

Boyer highlighted Bohm’s willingness to “do a good job in all that she does” and her desire to “make sure she has the right answers.”

Bohm made significant progress in math this year, a subject that can be frus- trating and discouraging at times, Boyer explained. Bohm’s growth in the subject was a testament to her courage, Boyer added.

Bohm is responsible in the classroom and treats peers and teachers with respect, Boyer said.

Boyer related a story about Bohm and another student providing sports commentary while the class watched the Lady Punchers at the State Volleyball Tournament this year. Bohm sounded like a professional sports announcer, Boyer said, and the third-grader’s “great sense of humor” was evident.

Bohm is empathetic and a “great big sister,” Boyer noted.

“In the mornings, Kaydence and her little sister walk down the halls together,” Boyer explained. “After school, Kaydence waits for her little sister and her sister’s face just lights up when she sees Kaydence.”

Tiffanie Bradley, a kindergarten teacher at Big Piney Elementary, honored Nora Bell as December Student of the Month.

Bell is respectful to all and takes the effort to care for her belongings, Bradley said.

“She speaks kindly to everyone and always says please and thank you,” Bradley added.

Bradley described Bell as a responsible student who models a strong work ethic for others in the class. Bell follows directions and rules and completes daily tasks without needing to be asked.

“Nora’s effort to display excellence is so impressive for such a young person,” Bradley told the board. “Her work is always beautifully done. Nora always gives 100 percent in everything she does.”

Bradley complimented Bell’s “kind, caring and sweet” character.

“Empathy comes very naturally to Nora,” Bradley said. “She recognizes when another student is sad or doesn’t have someone to play with or sit by. She notices when someone needs a friend, or a helping hand or a partner.”

Kindergarten can be overwhelming at times, yet Bell “embraces each task and skill head on,” Bradley stated. “To me, that takes courage.”

Big Piney Middle School teachers Cole Clifford and Tracy Hughes nominated sixth-grader Phoebe Jones as November Student of the Month.

Clifford emphasized Jones’s love for learning.

“Phoebe is a model of excellence,” he said. “She performs at a high standard in all curriculum areas. She wants to learn more each and every day.”

Jones exhibited a desire to push herself academically by tackling a new language. “That language was not an easy one – Japanese,” Clifford said. “Everyone saw how hard she was working and how ex- cited she was. Now we have about every sixth-grader learning a foreign language. Phoebe decided Japanese was not enough and is now learning Finnish.”

Jones goes out of her way to help students overcome obstacles in math, Clifford added.

“She does a great job explaining new materials in terms they understand,” he said. “She is patient with all her class- mates and gives them praise when they succeed.”

Hughes praised Jones’s integrity.

“I don’t believe this young lady is capable of being dishonest and I would trust Miss Jones to substitute for me in my class,” Hughes wrote to the board.

Responsibility is the “greatest strength” Jones possesses, Hughes said.

“I think Phoebe figured it out at this young age that procrastination is the pits and being responsible makes you feel good,” she added.

Jones also learned the importance of self-confidence, Hughes wrote.

“It takes a special kind of courage to be yourself and not worry about what your peers or the rest of society thinks about you,” Hughes said. “Phoebe will continue to act in a way that she knows to be right for her and her fellow human beings.”

BPMS teacher Jess Nugent presented eighth-grader Robert French as the school’s December Student of the Month.

“Robert is one of the most respectful students in our building,” Nugent said. “He always says thank you, holds doors for others, is respectful to his friends and peers and always has a smile on his face.”

Nugent portrayed French as a “quiet leader” who “works hard in class and takes responsibility for his actions and work.”

BPMS band teacher Travis Swanson wrote, “Robert is one of the most respectful students I know. He has a thirst for knowledge in many subjects and is grateful for any new and exciting concepts.”

Science teacher Kristi Hibbert underlined French’s academic excellence and added he was a “positive leader among his peers.”

“Robert has excellent manners toward me and his fellow students,” she wrote. “He completes work with his best effort and maintains excellence in his classwork and behavior.”

Dr. Will Farrington stated French was a “great addition” to the middle school wrestling team.

“Robert worked hard in the room to learn and grow as a wrestler and was a great representative of our team values,” Farrington added.

Big Piney High School Principal Jeff Makelky honored junior Brynne Hoffman as December Student of the Month. Science teacher and Student Council advisor McKenzie Sullivan made the nomination and all faculty members approved it, Makelky said.

Hoffman’s “most outstanding characteristic” is the positivity she emanates every day, Makelky stated.

“Brynne’s positive outlook and attitude in the classroom, in Student Council and in athletics have a tremendous impact on her peers as well as her teachers and coaches,” Makelky said. “We appreciate the positive leadership that Brynne brings to our school.”

Hoffman can always be trusted to do the right thing, Sullivan wrote.

“I have given her more responsibilities in Student Council this year, and she always rises to meet the challenge,” Sullivan added.

English teacher Tracy Hughes spoke to Hoffman’s respect and empathy.

“I’ve witnessed countless instances of Brynne being kind, helping, encouraging, making someone laugh and laughing with someone, showing concern and sympathy, always willing to help, never complaining or whining about tasks and showing up every day with a smile and good attitude.”

Spanish teacher Stephen Bell wrote Hoffman is an “excellent, hardworking student.”

“Brynne is the person every other per- son in the class wants to work with due to her work ethic,” said teacher Jennie Kozeal.

“In basketball, no matter how frustrating the game or practice might be, Brynne always has a smile on her face and en- courages others,” wrote English teacher and coach Faith Howard.