Students of the Month honored at board meeting

BIG PINEY – The Sublette County School District No. 9 Board of Trustees recognized four Students of the Month, two for October and November each, at its Nov. 16 meeting. Big Piney Middle School’s Student of the Month, Phoebe Jones, will be recognized next month.

LaBarge Elementary first-grade teacher Kati Hunt nominated Paityn Moceika as Student of the Month for October. LBE Principal Amy Bell presented Moceika with her award.

Bell described Moceika as a student who “thrives academically and in everything she does” and highlighted Moceika’s empathy and responsibility.

“Paityn is a phenomenal listener and participates in class at all times,” Bell said. “She is independent, has an amazing work ethic and always makes sure that her work is complete and done neatly. Paityn has one of the sweetest, kindest and biggest hearts in our school.”

Moceika possesses the courage to “stand up for what she believes in” and “for those around her,” Bell told the board. The first-grader demonstrates integrity on a daily basis and can be counted on to make positive decisions, Bell added.

“Paityn has been a wonderful role model for our first-grade class and our school,” Bell stated. “She is a perfect example of what a model student exemplifies. Thank you, Paityn, for being a bright spot in our days.”

LBE second-grade teacher Kellee Sims presented Corrine Jones as the November Student of the Month. Jones exhibits respect to classmates and faculty, treating others with politeness and kindness, Sims said.

“I am so impressed with Corrine’s integrity and empathy,” Sims explained. “She treats others fairly and values what other students have to say. On the playground, when somebody is feeling down or left out, you can count on Corrine to find that person and make their day by inviting them to play with her.”

Sims characterized Jones as a leader in terms of academic excellence and responsibility.

“This girl loves school,” Sims said. “When it comes to her assignments, she gets to work right away and completes everything on time and is usually asking for more to do. She is an enthusiastic learner, demonstrates hard work and produces quality results.”

Jones courageously tackles challenges with a positive attitude and refuses to give up when the going gets tough, Sims told the board.

“She demonstrates behavior that truly sets a standard for our class,” Sims added. “Corrine, you are an amazing student and you truly shine.”

Big Piney Elementary second-grade teacher Judy Wigginton honored Casey Trig Greene as November Student of the Month. Greene “embodies our district values in everything he does in and outside of the classroom,” Wigginton said.

Greene creates a positive atmosphere at school with his outgoing personality, Wigginton added.

“No matter where Casey walks in school, kids from kindergarten all the way to middle school stop him in the hallway, wanting high fives and handshakes, and he can tell you each and every one of their names,” Wigginton said. “He is the first person to see someone alone on the playground and run over to them and say, ‘Hey, come play football with us,’ or ‘Let’s go run around!’”

Greene is a “pillar of academic excellence” and applies a strong work ethic to “every assignment,” Wigginton stated.

“I can count on him to get right to work and be there for the other kids who might need a little extra without him even questioning me,” Wigginton explained. “He’s always happy to jump up and help when I ask. I could not ask for a better role model for my other students and I cannot wait to see what amazing things he’s going to accomplish in the future.”

Big Piney High School PE teacher Brian Willford nominated senior Hanna Hansen as October Student of the Month.

“Hanna is the perfect example of a student who meets all the values set at our school,” Willford said. “She has a great future ahead of her with her work ethic, determination and dedication. Hanna is a great student, but most of all, a great person.”

Student Council advisor and teacher McKenzie Sullivan emphasized Hansen’s leadership.

“Hanna used to be quiet in my class, but now is an outspoken leader,” Sullivan wrote to the board. “I challenge her in Student Council to be a leader, and after giving herself a pep talk, she always pulls through.”

Additional BPHS teachers gave Hansen their praise.

“Hanna has a positive, calming attitude which is contagious and good medicine for our school,” said Spanish teacher Steve Bell.

“I have watched Hanna blossom into such a strong, independent, passionate, funny young woman over the years,” English teacher Tracy Hughes wrote. “I know she will simply thrive in college and go on to make something truly magnificent out of her life.”

“Individuals like Hanna don’t come around often, especially at the high school level,” said English teacher Faith Howard. “She’s the epitome of a smart, kind, hardworking and strong young woman.”

BPHS Principal Jeff Makelky described Hansen as a “terrific leader in our school.”

“Hanna possesses a competitive spirit in everything she attempts,” Makelky added. “The example she sets every day in our school serves as a great role model for other students.”