Students of the Month honored


BIG PINEY – The Sublette County School District No. 9 Board of Trustees recognized four Students of the Month at its Feb. 16 meeting.

Big Piney Elementary fourth-grade teacher Christie Willford nominated Gentri Greene as Student of the Month. Greene demonstrates respect, excellence and integrity on a daily basis and is a kind, grateful and encouraging student, Willford wrote.

“Gentri has a desire and willingness to work hard and does her best even when it can be challenging,” Willford said. “She is dependable and follows through on her commitments.”

A responsible student, Greene arrives at school with goals and is prepared for the day ahead, Willford wrote. Greene is empathetic toward her classmates and teachers and exhibits courage.

“Gentri follows the Platinum Rule, which is to treat others the way they want, and need to be treated,” Willford wrote. “She is passionate and purposeful. She knows who she is and what she stands for. She has a voice.”

“Gentri is just an all-around amazing student,” BPES Principal Amy Bell told the board. “She is committed to doing her best everyday.”

LaBarge Elementary teacher Kassidy Wiginton recognized fourth-grader Kenneth Demers as Student of the Month. Demers rises above expectations in terms of the respect and kindness he shows to teachers and classmates, Wiginton said.

“Kenneth always has a smile on his face and uses his manners at all times,” Wiginton wrote. “I have watched him respect students who are younger than he is. Kenneth always makes sure everyone is included at recess so that no one is playing alone.”

Demers displays a strong work ethic in the classroom and takes on challenges without complaint, Wiginton added. At school, Demers is an example of integrity and honesty.

“If I have a question about what happened with a situation, I can rely on Kenneth’s honesty to answer them truthfully,” Wiginton said.

This year, Demers made high marks on his assessment tests, especially in math, Wiginton added.

“Kenneth is a dreamer,” said Bell. “He is an all-around kind, happy person and he tries everyday to be the best he can be. We’ve watched him grow and progress through the years.”

Big Piney Middle School math teacher Jon Cunningham honored sixth-grader Reba Penfield as Student of the Month.

“This young lady eats, sleeps and breathes our district values,” Cunningham wrote. “She is an absolute pleasure to be around and I am fortunate to have her in my class.”

Penfield treats adults and peers with respect, kindness and caring, Cunningham said.

“Reba’s heart is genuine and she is empathetic to everyone around her,” Cunningham added.

Penfield demonstrates excellence, responsibility and integrity in the classroom and on the sports field and gives her best effort to even the smallest assignments, Cunningham stated.

Cunningham described Penfield as a courageous student willing to try new things with confidence.

“Reba is not afraid to jump in with both feet if she believes in it,” Cunningham wrote.

Penfield arrives at school with positivity and a great sense of humor, Cunningham added.

“I am so proud of her accomplishment this year and I look forward to seeing what she does next,” he said.

“Reba is a great student and is hardworking,” BPMS Principal Scott Carpenter told the board. “She is the nicest girl – a friend to everyone and respectful to all the staff.”

Big Piney High School teacher Jennie Kozeal presented senior Maggie Allmon as Student of the Month. The response from other teachers to the nomination was overwhelming, Kozeal said.

“We have all loved teaching, coaching and working with Maggie through her high school career,” Kozeal wrote. “I think we all were excited to recognize a student who has not only made our school a better place, but has also made us better teachers.”

Allmon consistently engages in classroom discussions and keeps teachers on their toes with contemplative questions, Kozeal said.

“I know on more than one occasion, Maggie’s questions or comments have made me reflect on my decisions – not just as a teacher, but as a human,” Kozeal added.

Allmon joined Student Council her freshman year and has remained a reliable member through her senior year, said advisor McKenzie Sullivan.

Several teachers wrote about Allmon’s strong sense of self.

“She isn’t afraid to be herself and speak her mind, and makes our school a better place for that,” said Faith Howard.

“Maggie truly brings light into any room,” wrote Tracy Hughes. “Her level of confidence is unparalleled.”

Teacher Cole Clifford described Allmon as a passionate and caring student who will achieve great things. BPHS Principal Jeff Makekly pointed out Allmon’s leadership skills in the classroom. Allmon plans to study engineering in New York after graduation, Makelky added.