Streeper wins 2018 Pedigree Stage Stop

Bondurants Crittenden finishes fourth

JACKSON – Lina Streeper from Ft. Nelson, British Columbia, was the winner of the 2018 Pedigree Stage Stop Race with a cumulative overall time of 22:15:00.

Dave Torgerson from Red Lodge, Mont., placed second overall with 22:37:34; Bruce Magnusson from Manchester, Mich., placed third with a cumulative overall time of 22:41:13; Alix Crittenden from Bondurant placed fourth with 22:54:11; and Jeff Conn from Ester, Alaska, placed fifth with 24:56:51.

Awards and cash prizes were handed out at the final banquet in Jackson Saturday night.

In Saturday’s final stage, Magnusson placed first with an elapsed time of 2:09:26 for the 32-mile course. Crittenden placed second with 2:10:14.Torgerson placed third with 2:11:09; Streeper placed fourth with 2:13:49; Greta Thurston from Steamboat Springs, Col. placed fifth with 2:14:25; Jeff Conn placed sixth with 2:16:15; JR Anderson from Buyck, Minn., placed seventh with 2:22:10; Austin Forney from Leadville, Colo., placed eighth with 2:22:39; Dennis LaBoda from Hovland, Minn., placed ninth with 2:25:25; and Laura Daugerau from Port Gamble, Wash., placed 10th with 2:33:00. Jerry Scdoris from Bend, Ore., placed 11th with 2:38:01. Chris Adkins from Sand Coulee, Mont., placed 12th with 3:00:29.

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