Sheriff’s report – July 27

The Sublette County Sheriff’s Office reported 244 calls from July 19 to July 25, including one death, eight suspicious incidents, four search and rescue calls, 16 “911” hang-ups, three disturbances and a family fight, four fire calls, 11 livestock problems, four welfare checks, 26 urinalyses and 40 vehicle identification number inspections.

July 19

At 9:17 a.m., a 911 call came from a bank but an employee said everything was okay.

At 11:12 a.m., a woman was worried about a German shepherd left outside two days.

At 2:21 p.m., a theft was reported.

At 4:26 p.m., a man was arrested on a warrant.

At 4:44 p.m., a woman was booked on a warrant and released.

At 4:53 p.m., a caller reported a fire that was a burn barrel.

At 7:25 p.m., a deputy checked on a person’s welfare.

At 9:21 p.m., the driver of a Ford F-150 asked for help.

July 20

At 9:20 a.m., two sets of cattle were loose on Forty Rod Road.

At 9:30 a.m., a deputy checked on a person whose medical alarm went off.

At 9:48 a.m., Teton County dispatch reported a sick male hiker near Seneca Lake.

At 10:42 a.m., a blue Honda Civic was speeding and passing unsafely.

At 10:59 a.m., a man plugged in his phone and it dialed 911 but everything was okay.

At 11:29 a.m., a man who was drinking heavily was sitting in his truck and wouldn’t leave.

At 11:30 a.m., a Ranger with a flat tire was a traffic hazard.

At 11:37 a.m., a man asked about livestock ordinances.

At 12:07 p.m., a woman found someone’s property.

At 12:40 p.m., a patio door sensor went off.

At 12:47 p.m., a business reported a check with insufficient funds to cash.

At 3:37 p.m., a woman called with information about an active investigation.

At 3:57 p.m., a dog that was tied up bit someone.

At 4:16 p.m., a gray Ford Explorer was weaving all over the road.

At 5:34 p.m., a two-toned F-250 was going 50 mph to the golf course.

At 5:42 p.m., a medical alarm went off.

At 5:57 p.m., a man tried to call numbers on a lost dog’s collar with no luck and asked a deputy to pick it up.

At 5:57 p.m., a grass fire was reported in the Upper Green.

At 6:30 p.m., a deer needed to be put down after a Kia hit it in Bondurant.

At 7:41 p.m., a fire was reported in the Jim Creek area..

At 8:25 p.m., Wyoming Highway Patrol asked a deputy to help with a traffic stop with a possibly uncooperative driver.

At 8:59 p.m., a suspicious red Ford Explorer kept driving by a neighbor’s house.

At 9:13 p.m., a deputy checked on a person’s welfare.

At 9:14 p.m., owners of a pond cabin were uncomfortable with extra guests who were confrontational. It turned out they were visitors having dinner with the renters.

July 21

At 12 a.m., a woman taking off her watch accidentally called 911.

At 12:04 a.m., a business’s burglar alarm went off.

At 3:05 a.m., a person accidentally called 911 while turning on music.

At 7:02 a.m., a rancher asked for traffic control while moving 600 cattle on Highway 191.

At 7:12 a.m., an injured antelope was still alive.

At 10:30 a.m., a laundromat employee found someone’s property.

At 10:38 a.m., a deputy delivered a message.

At 10:59 a.m., a detective requested a search warrant.

At 11:11 a.m., a caller told the sheriff about a suspicious person living in a trailer.

At 4:40 p.m., a Utah company provided information about an active investigation.

At 5:17 p.m., a Toyota Tundra towing a Razr was weaving across the road.

At 5:39 p.m., a woman asked a deputy to check on a person’s welfare.

At 5:59 p.m., a blue semi was passing people unsafely on Highway 191.

At 6:47 p.m., an accidental push on an SOS button alerted search and rescue.

At 7:25 p.m., a man on a four-wheeler accidentally hit his phone’s SOS button.

At 8:40 p.m., a family fight was reported.

At 10:12 p.m., a silver minivan hit a deer in Hoback Canyon.

July 22

At 6:42 a.m., two yearling cattle were next to the highway.

At 7:39 a.m., a white dog with brown spots and a doughnut around its neck was a problem.

At 8:11 a.m., a suspicious hitchhiker acted like he might jump out in the road.

At 8:54 a.m., a woman wanted to talk about ongoing issues with a neighbor.

At 9:08 a.m., a detective served a search warrant.

At 9:58 a.m., a suspicious man with shaggy hair and facial piercings told a clerk he had to leave Rock Springs or he was going to kill a guy.

At 10:26 a.m., a person had convulsions.

At 11:47 a.m., a person was taken into custody.

At 2:55 p.m., two stray dogs appeared at a hotel.

At 3:40 p.m., a man said he didn’t get his license back when released from jail.

At 4:19 p.m., a cattle drive was planned for 50 to 55 head.

At 4:20 p.m., a detective requested a search warrant.

At 7:52 p.m., a medical emergency was reported.

At 11:13 p.m., a person was unconscious.

At 11:37 p.m., three people were holding a man down in a bar fight.

July 23

At 4:32 a.m., a woman woke up when a couple screamed at each other.

At 6:52 a.m., a death was reported.

At 7:59 a.m., two baby moose were outside a fence near the industrial site.

At 8:54 a.m., a Freon leak brought a hazmat response.

At 9:56 a.m., search and rescue helped a man with abdominal pain at the Boulder Canyon trailhead.

At 10:53 a.m., a suspicious incident was related to an active investigation.

At 11:15 a.m., a woman was concerned about a homeless man.

At 11:42 a.m., a weaving red Buick almost hit three vehicles and almost flipped off the road.

At 11:54 a.m., a neighbor was acting oddly and making noise.

At 4:02 p.m., two dogs were closed up in a Ford F-350 for more than an hour.

At 4:04 p.m., a deputy dealt with a matter under investigation.

At 5:40 p.m., clinic staff asked for a deputy’s assistance.

At 7:15 p.m., a caller said a man got out of his truck, opened the back and punched a child in a car seat, then got back in. A deputy said the report was unfounded.

At 7:18 p.m., a red semi was serving all over the highway.

At 7:54 p.m., Lincoln County dispatch reported a medical emergency.

At 9:26 p.m., a golf cart collided with a boat parked on the road.

At 11:32 p.m., a woman heard someone say to get the gun out of their face. Campers were upset with people running through their site.

July 24

At 7:51 a.m., a fence was down and cows were loose by Highway 191 in Bondurant.

At 8:52 a.m., a person accidentally dialed 911 from an Apple watch.

At 12:14 p.m., a person had heart problems.

At 12:20 p.m., a caller said kids knew about the park bench in the creek.

At 12:31 p.m., a man passed out.

At 1:46 p.m., extra patrol was requested for speeders.

At 1:57 p.m., a man thought he was scammed for $500.

At 2:03 p.m., a deputy checked on a person’s welfare.

At 4:19 p.m., a transformer that was hit needed repairs.

At 4:40 p.m., a woman asked about being able to drive after her arrest.

At 5:59 p.m., a woman who hiked in Scab Creek to Divide Lake was overdue; she wasn’t due until the next day.

At 7:31 p.m., a deputy assisted a WHP trooper with an arrest.

At 7:45 p.m., the K9 drug dog made a search.

At 9:14 p.m., a man was worried about texts that said an 82-year-old man was overdue.

At 10:02 p.m., a suspicious call heard kids screaming and yelling; it was accidental.

July 25

At 3:20 a.m., a vehicle rolled.

At 7:51 a.m., dogs were barking nonstop with their owners gone.

At 9:10 a.m., hikers at Cirque of the Towers brought out a friendly but injured dog.

At 10:16 a.m., a Grand Teton dispatcher asked about a stranded man with a slue hatchback.

At 10:27 a.m., one hiker with a group rolled his ankle about 8 miles in from an unknown trailhead.

At 11:16 a.m., cars parked on both sides of a road turned it into just one lane.

At 1:44 p.m., a rancher asked for traffic control to move her swather across the Boulder Bridge.

At 1:51 p.m., a caller reported illegal drug activity.

At 3 p.m., a grass fire was reported.

At 3:55 p.m., a muffler was laying in the highway.

At 5:31 p.m., a medical emergency was reported.

At 6:04 p.m., a young moose was caught in a fence.

At 10:57 p.m., very loud music was played near the high school.

At 10:58 p.m., an idling Subaru Impreza made a lot of noise and almost ran over someone checking it out.