She calls herself a ‘calf whisperer’

SUBLETTE COUNTY – When writer DeeAnn Price was putting together her collection of poetry and prose, she considered this title: “Musings – Ranch Life and Beyond.”

Her sister suggested Price could find a more attention-getting title for her labor of love, which is a closer look at Price’s life as a ranch woman, wife, mother, grandmother, lover of nature and nurturer of baby calves.

“There are always horse whisperers this, horse whisperers that, and I’ve always said I was a calf whisperer, because I love taking care of the calves,” she said of her final title choice – “I Call Myself a Calf Whisperer.”

Price held a short program Thursday night, Sept. 21, before an audience of 40 friends and family members who came from far and wide to celebrate her first published book. She interspersed her own life stories as a young girl from Swan Creek, near Garden City on Bear Lake, Utah, growing into a full-time ranch partner on her husband’s family ranch southwest of Pinedale, Wyoming.

Her stories recall childhood adventures and life lessons about angry mama cows that began after the married couple settled in Sublette County in 1978.

They then bought his “Uncle Doug’s ranch,” where she set down new roots, Price related.

“I was a small slip of a branch from a different tree entirely … in the rich soil of Sublette County.”

Once rather shy and quiet but wanting to write, the author said joining the Sublette County Artists Guild in 1999 made all the difference to her and gave her courage, she said..

Price wrote about learning to trust her own instincts when dealing with the “Happy Cow” and getting down the tales and jokes arising from day-to-day life on a cattle ranch.

After Thursday’s reading, a line of fans waited for her to sign their copies of her book as Price recalled the process leading to that evening. She gathered together pieces written for the Artists Guild, “working on it for three years and intensely the last two.”

Price’s hardcover book “I Call Myself a Calf Whisperer” is priced at $25 and when she gets more copies, will be available at Altitude Drug & Wyoming Gifts, 709 W. Pine St., Pinedale.

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