Salt Lake man to be sentenced later this month

SUBLETTE COUNTY – A Salt Lake City man driving through Sublette County, charged with drug felonies after being stopped for speeding, has reached an agreement to change his plea in 9th District Court.

Rafael Hurtado was cited for exceeding 70 mph on a highway, an obstructed windshield and no valid driver’s license as well as felony possession of cocaine, felony delivery of cocaine and misdemeanor possession of meth. On April 12, his case was bound over to 9th District Court, where he pleaded not guilty to all charges on June 10.

A jury trial was set for Nov. 15 and a pretrial conference for Oct. 25; they were vacated with the filing of the plea agreement between Sublette County Deputy Attorney Clay Melinkovich and public defender Elisabeth Trefonas on Aug. 9.

The terms are that on Nov. 12 at 10 9th District Court, Hurtado would plead guilty to Count I, unlawful felony possession of cocaine, and all other charges will be dismissed. Melinkovich would recommend a maximum prison sentence of three to five years. Trefonas could argue for whatever sentence she believes appropriate, including suspending incarceration for probation, it says.

If called upon to testify, Hurtado would also be required to do so “truthfully and in comport with all statements previously made to law enforcement.”