Roscoe to remain ‘Independent’ in Wyoming House No. 22 seat

When I began the journey of this election

cycle, I was told by many from both

sides of the aisle that my election was

improbable if not impossible – for many

reasons. Most of those reasons had to do

with the fact that I was running as an Independent,

and I would not get the built-in

support of either political party.

On Nov. 6, after exhausting months of

time, miles, door knocking and visiting

people and places from all over House

District No. 22, those predictions were

proven wrong.

I guess I could pat myself on the back,

and bask in the glory of “my” victory, but

truthfully, this election wasn’t about Jim

Roscoe. It was about the people of House

District No. 22. They spoke with their

vote, and I am honored and humbled that

they have chosen me to speak for them in


Since the election, I have been asked

by both parties to caucus with them, and

I have decided against caucusing with

either. I ran as an Independent to be the

voice independent of party platform or

rhetoric. I don’t want to be hobbled by

what a state or national party has decided

is acceptable policy according to their

rules. I want to be able to speak about what

is best for the people of my district and my

state with their voices. The people voted

for an Independent, so I will participate as

an Independent.

Currently, I am busy filling out paperwork

for the Legislative Service Office,

discussing potential committee assignments,

trying to find a place to live while

in Cheyenne, meeting with constituents,

and, yes, resting and hunting.

During session, I intend to fight fiercely

for the protection of our public lands, support

educational funding and give voice to

the issues of the people of House District

No. 22. I am fortunate and deeply grateful

that having served before, I have good

friends from both sides of the aisle who

are willing to get me up to speed and make

my transition smooth. I wish to thank Rep.

Marti Halverson for her six years of service

to the people of House District No.

22, and for her offer to sit and confer be

fore I head off

to Cheyenne.

I want to

close this with

an expression

of deep gratitude

to the

team of people

who volunteered


of unpaid time

to assist me in

my election bid, to friends and family who

supported me when I was often tired and

in low spirits, and to the people of House

District No. 22, who spoke clearly on Nov.


I will keep the Roscoe for Wyoming

Facebook page operational to communicate

with you, and will also be reachable at

[email protected] Plan to hear from

me consistently throughout the upcoming

session, and keep those ideas coming.

I hope your holidays are filled with family

and friends. We are blessed to be living

in this beautiful part of this great state.