Riverton livestock auction report

Cali O'Hare file photo.

Riverton Livestock Auction feeder cattle sales report for Tuesday, Aug. 9. This week: 254. Last sale: 235. Last year: 228. Compared to two weeks ago on light offering, slaughter cows instances 5.00-7.00 higher, slaughter bulls steady instances 3.00 higher with not enough feeder cows and feeder calves for a good market test or comparison. Demand good. Summer schedule: next sale in two weeks on Aug. 23 selling all cattle classes along with sheep, goats and horses ( also 4-H resales). Supply included: 32 percent feeder cattle (42 percent steers, 58 percent heifers); 57 percent slaughter cattle (72 percent cows, 28 percent bulls); 11 percent replacement cattle (100 percent stock cows). Feeder cattle supply over 600 lbs. was 100 percent.


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