Request filed to dredge Green River near Daniel

DANIEL – The Wyoming Department

of Environmental Quality has received a request

from Jorgensen Associates on behalf of

Wapika Ranch, LLC., for state certification

of U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Nationwide

Permit No. 27, to discharge dredged or

fill material to the Green River near Daniel.

Proposed activities include stabilization

and maintaining habitat along 975 feet of

the Green River. This will be accomplished

through construction of a boulder integrated

bankfull bench along with installation of two

cross-vanes and two J-hook vanes. A total of

720 cubic yards of material will be used to

construct the bench and vanes.

This segment of the Green River is designated

Class 1. Point source discharges

to Class 1 waters are prohibited except for

storm water and construction related discharges.

This certification will require meeting

the provisions in Chapter 1, Section

7(b) of the WDEQ Water Quality Rules and

Regulations, which allows these discharges

under certain circumstances.

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