Punchers score second conference win


Robert Galbreath photos

BIG PINEY – Bump, set, spike, victory! The Puncher volleyball team scored its second conference win against Wyoming Indian High School on Saturday, Sept. 11, before an ecstatic home crowd.

Big Piney served up wins in the first two sets. Wyoming Indian High School upset Puncher rhythm in the third set, edging Big Piney out by three points.

Determined to finish the day on a high note, Big Piney’s varsity squad pulled out all the stops in the fourth set, winning by a significant margin to score a 3-1 victory.

Head coach Kinsy Voss expressed pride with the win, although she added the team’s work is far from over.

“We played a bit too safe against Wyoming Indian,” she said. “We didn’t take advantage of our abilities on attacking the ball. Our serving percentage is improving each game and I really appreciate that from the players. We have goals this year and we are working very hard to achieve them.”

Big Piney’s crucial win on Saturday followed a matchup against 3A dynamo Mountain View on Thursday, Sept. 9. The top-ranked Buffalos launched a powerful offense, forcing the Punchers to expend their energy on defense.

Mountain View

The Buffalos hit the ground running in the first set and scored four points before senior Lena Hatch blocked Mountain View’s next attempt to score. Fellow senior Sierra Keiter tapped over Big Piney’s third point.

Big Piney managed to get in several punches. Seniors Hanna Hansen and Jocie Banks and junior Hanna Hansen delivered several kills while junior Lexi Hoffman served up an ace. Mountain View remained in the lead, however, winning the set, 25-12.

Repeating their performance in the second set, the Buffalos shot over enough points early in the match, establishing a significant lead the Punchers struggled to close. Hansen scored an ace and point six for the Punchers. Kills by Runyan took Big Piney to eight points.

Keiter slammed over a kill before Mountain View scored game point and took the match, 25-10.

In the third set, Runyan and Hansen scored offensive points with Hansen serving an ace. Mountain View remained in the lead and took the win, 25-12.

Wyoming Indian High School

Big Piney stormed the court in the first set. Lexi Hoffman established the lead right out of the gates, serving up one ace after another. Kills by Hansen and Runyan widened the Puncher lead by nine points.

Wyoming Indian scored next before getting shut down by a kill from Keiter. Junior libero Shelby Guest covered Wyoming Indian’s next shot, bumping the ball to Hansen for a kill. Hansen served over points 21 through 24. Banks faked a kill and tapped the ball over for game point and the win, 25-11.

Hansen scored the first point in the second set with a kill. Lexi Hoffman fired off two more aces. On defense, Runyan blocked Wyoming Indian’s attempt to score, taking Big Piney to point seven.

Coverage by Hatch set Lexi Hoffman up for a kill, assisted by Banks. Hatch slammed over a kill for point 10.

Junior Brynne Hoffman served up point 19 followed by kills from Hansen and Runyan. A set by Banks set Hansen up to score game point at 25-16.

Lexi Hoffman continued her impressive serving streak with an ace to open the third set. Big Piney remained ahead with kills from Hansen and Keiter. Hatch blocked the ball, scoring point nine for the Punchers.

Wyoming Indian found its footing and edged up, tying the set at point nine. Despite an ace by Runyan and set of kills from Keiter, Wyoming Indian managed to stay ahead to point 20 when a hit by Hansen tied the match. Wyoming Indian scored again to take the lead.

Lexi Hoffman aced another serve to tie the game at 22 points. Wyoming Indian edged ahead by three points to take the set, 25-22.

The final set opened with kills scored by Hansen and Runyan, assisted by Banks. Hansen aced a serve for point five. Brynne Hoffman bumped over point six.

Keiter and Runyan scored kills, carrying the Punchers to point 12. Banks delivered a pair of perfect aces, widening Big Piney’s lead to nine points.

Defense by Guest and a set from Banks put Lexi Hoffman in position to deliver point 16. Keiter made a kill for point 19 and aced the serve to score point 21.

Runyan launched a kill, assisted by Banks, for game point at 25-13.

Hansen led the game in kills at 17. Banks tallied up the assists with 29. Guest provided coverage across the court and made 26 digs. Lexi Hoffman scored a total of nine aces.

The Puncher volleyball team takes on Wind River for Homecoming. Junior varsity hits the court at 5 p.m., followed by varsity at 6 p.m.