Punchers post strong performances at D&D Invite in Worland

WORLAND – Thirty teams representing all classifications gathered at the D&D Invitational hosted by Worland High School on Thursday, April 6, marking the first large outdoor track meet in Wyoming for the 2023 spring season.

Big Piney High School Puncher runners, jumpers and throwers confidently stepped up to the challenge, returning home with multiple ribbons and new personal records after competing against athletes from schools ranging in size from 2A to 4A.

Several sprinting and throwing events numbered over 150 contestants, with several registering more than 200 athletes. Team scores were not kept.

Senior Hunter Fisher crushed the competition in the boys’ 110-meter hurdles. Clocking in at 15.69 seconds, Fisher beat the runner-up from 4A Sheridan by 0.16 seconds.

Fisher snagged second place in the 300-meter hurdles with a time of 41.48 seconds.

Hitting the finish line of the girls’ 3200-meter run at 12:52.97, sophomore Emma York took fifth place in the event.

Sophomore Micah Strong bagged eighth place in the girls’ 400-meter dash, timing in at 1:04.06.

Relay highlights included a second-place finish for York, sophomore Jolynn Jones, freshman Lizzy Brandt and Strong in the girls’ 4x800-meter race. The team clocked in at 10:26.67.

Sophomore Addison Losik, freshman Clairee Bingham, Jones and Strong earned sixth place in the 4x400-meter relay, posting a time of 4:30.74. Sophomore Mari Sambrano, freshman Tilly Evans, Brandt and freshman Kaydence Guest secured seventh place in the 1600-meter sprint medley relay at 5:08.77.

Crossing the finish line for the boys’ 1600-sprint medley relay in 4:11.12, sophomore Caden Clifford, junior Karsyn Gurr, sophomore Kelby Staley and senior Brandon Jones captured third place in the event.

Jones, junior Jackie Meador, Staley and junior Roger Young achieved eighth place in the boys’ 4x800-meter relay, timing in at 9:39.87.

Additional girls’ results

  • 100-meters: Kodee Greene in 54th place at 14.83 seconds, Evans in 71st at 15.15, Charleigh Smith in 119th at 16.25, Sambrano in 122nd at 16.35, Maybrie Denison in 124th at 16.41, Ahbre Nunn in 131st at 16.69, Deniz Celik in 146th at 17.09 and Haidie Stafa in 157th at 17.93.
  • 200-meters: Greene in 38th place at 30.37 seconds, Losik in 75th place at 32.57, Sambrano in 106th at 34.78, Celik in 114th at 35.58, Denison in 117th at 35.64 and Stafa in 132nd at 38.89.
  • 800-meters: Strong in 15th place at 2:38.57, Jones in 16th at 2:39.62, Brandt in 21st at 2:50.32, Guest in 31st at 2:59.73, Julia Hymas in 33rd at 3:04.86 and Brynne Hoffman in 41st at 3:28.47.
  • 1600-meters: Jones in 10th place at 5:47.07, Hymas in 34th at 7:01.04, Hoffman in 38th at 7:17.73 and Kamia Runyan in 40th at 7:27.26.
  • 100-meter hurdles: Addison Statham in 55th place at 27.10 seconds and Bingham in 56th at 28.38.
  • 300-meter hurdles: Nunn in 38th place at 1:04.71, Bingham in 39th at 1:05.26 and Statham in 42nd at 1:09.33.
  • 4x100-meter relay: Sambrano, Statham, Denison and Evans in 14th place at 1:01.06.
  • Long jump: Denison in 58th place at 11-03 and Stafa in 66th at 10-02 ½.
  • Triple jump: Guest in 43rd place at 22-10 and Kamia Runyan in 45th at 21-00.
  • Shot put: Hannah Runyan in 13th place at 32-06 ½, Esther Van Grol in 22nd at 30-11 ½, Smith in 27th place at 29-05, Kamia Runyan in 80th at 23-04 ½ and Hoffman in 94th at 21-08.
  • Discus: Hannah Runyan in 14th place at 96-06, Van Grol in 24th at 87-10, Losik in 29th at 83-08 ½, Smith in 31st at 82-09 ½ and Kamia Runyan in 108th at 53-01.

Additional boys’ results

  • 100-meters: Gurr in 35th place at 12.32 seconds, Clifford in 49th at 12.55, Faizal Adhyaksa in 182nd at 14.24, David Farrington in 185th at 14.44, Scotty Ring in 190th at 14.68, Justin Olson in 193rd at 14.86, Judah Farrington in 200th at 15.81, Logan Visser in 203rd at 17.20 and Ivan Silvas in 204th at 17.24.
  • 200-meters: Gurr in 48th place at 25.79 seconds, Clifford in 52nd at 25.86, Ring in 141st at 29.00, David Farrington in 154th at 29.82, Adhyaksa in 162nd at 30.84, Olson in 168th at 33.16, Judah Farrington in 170th at 33.62, Visser in 171st at 36.89 and Silvas in 172nd at 37.68.
  • 400-meters: David Farrington in 64th place at 1:05.23, Owen Nielson in 67th at 1:05.65, Judah Farrington in 82nd at 1:16.03 and Visser in 83rd at 1:24.78.
  • 3200-meters: Thomas Howard in 22nd place at 14:02.78.
  • 110-meter hurdles: Staley in 18th place at 18.86 seconds, Meador in 35th at 23.46 and Nielson in 37th at 24.53.
  • 4x100-meter relay: Clifford, Howard, Braunsn Smith and Gurr in ninth place at 48.84 seconds.
  • 4x400-meter relay: Meador, David Farrington, Young and Jones in 15th place at 4:03.71.
  • Pole vault: Jones in 12th place at 9-06.
  • Shot put: Fisher in 23rd place at 38-05 ½, Howard in 34th at 35-09, Zef Zuniga in 44th at 34-07 ¾, Young in 45th at 34-05, Smith in 74th at 31-11 ½, Nielson in 88th at 29-11 ½, Adhyaksa in 95th at 28-05 ¼ and Olson in 124th at 24-01 ¼.
  • Discus: Howard in 34th place at 96-01, Young in 53rd at 85-10 ½, Zuniga in 57th at 84-10, Adhyaksa in 60th at 83-03, Nielson in 61st at 82-11, Olson in 93rd at 69-03 and Ring in 119th at 51-03.