Punchers find success in the air after Lyman's big first half

Robert Galbreath photo

LYMAN – Touchdown passes by the Punchers in the fourth quarter saved the game against Lyman from turning into a rout.

Big Piney took an early lead on Thursday, Sept. 23, scoring a touchdown on its first drive before the Eagles responded with five touchdowns before halftime.

Entering the third quarter ahead, 35-6, Lyman threatened to overwhelm Big Piney.

Senior quarterback Thomas Barron completed a series of pass plays to seniors Jaron Petty and Koy Walton deep in Lyman territory, resulting in three whirlwind touchdowns for the Punchers in the fourth quarter.

The Puncher defense also turned up the heat in the second half.

Petty intercepted Lyman's pass on the Eagles’ first drive in the opening quarter.

Barron launched the Puncher offensive, handing the ball off to senior Dalton Bell and junior Jovany Munoz. Despite heavy pressure from the Lyman defense, Barron completed a pass to Bell for a first down. Munoz and senior Jaspur Brower drove the ball down the field.

Barron passed the ball to Walton, moving the Punchers into Eagle territory. Munoz bulldozed toward the end zone. Barron faked a pass in one direction before firing the ball to Petty waiting 31 yards away in the end zone for a Puncher touchdown.

The Puncher defense forced Lyman to fight for yards on the Eagles’ ensuing drive. Tackles by junior Brandon Jones, Walton and Petty slowed Lyman’s momentum. Seniors Seth Stoutenburg and Brayden Hymas halted Lyman's offense before the Eagles slipped through on the next play to score a touchdown.

A wall of Punchers prevented Lyman’s attempt at two more points, tying the first quarter score at 6-6.

The Eagles surged ahead the in second quarter with four consecutive touchdowns.

Lyman scored again on its opening drive of the third quarter, bringing the score to 42-6 in the Eagles’ favor.

The Puncher defense rallied during Lyman's next drive. Senior Dustin Martin pulled off a sack. Bell pushed Lyman’s carrier out of bounds on the next play. Junior Hampton Jones swept in for a tackle. A sack by Hampton Jones and Walton halted the Lyman offense.

The final quarter opened with the Eagles fumbling on their first drive. Hampton Jones recovered the ball for Big Piney.

Barron took charge, firing off his first pass to Petty. Munoz and Brower steadily carried the ball forward.

Barron delivered a low pass to Walton who then handed the ball off to Munoz. Munoz swept up the field deep into Lyman territory.

Barron wound up a pass to Petty in the end zone. Fending off heavy pressure from Lyman's defender, Petty caught the ball, completing a 40-yard pass to score the Punchers’ second touchdown.

Big Piney delivered an onside kick, sending Lyman scrambling for the ball. Petty zoomed in and recovered it for the Punchers.

The Puncher offense started at the 50-yard line. Barron sent a perfect pass sailing to Petty. Petty tucked the ball, turned, and raced into the end zone.

The Puncher defense hammered away at the Eagles on Lyman’s next drive. Tackles by Martin and Hampton Jones held the Eagles back. A sack by Walton and Hymas forced the Eagles to punt.

Petty returned the ball at the Punchers’ 35-yard line. Barron completed passes to Bell and Munoz, striking deep into Lyman territory.

A pair of passes from Barron to Petty moved the ball past the Eagles’ 30- and 20-yard lines. Barron delivered a final pass sailing to Walton waiting in the end zone. Barron completed yet another pass play to Bell for a 2-point conversion.

The score stood at 42-26 when the final buzzer sounded.