Punchers compete in all seasons over the weekend

PINEDALE – Rain, snow, wind, frigid temperatures and sunshine – the Big Piney High School track team experienced winter, spring and summer over the course of back-to-back track meets last weekend.

A powerful, bitter cold wind bore down on athletes at the Mountain Man Invitational hosted by Pinedale on Friday, April 29. The boys’ team placed second overall with 90 points, 7 shy of overtaking Star Valley. The girls, with a smaller squad, took fifth place at 52 points.

Eighteen teams representing all classes, from Kaycee to Natrona County, then gathered in Riverton for the annual Roy Peck Invitational on Saturday, April 30. The Big Piney girls came in seventh place overall at 39 points with the boys in sixth place, tallying 55 points.

Mountain Man Invite highlights

Junior Colby Jenks captured gold in the boys’ 1600-meter run. Clocking in at 4 minutes, 39.62 seconds, he edged out the runner-up from Kemmerer by more than 2 seconds.

Jenks also won the 300-meter hurdles, timing in at 41.10 seconds.

Fellow junior Hunter Fisher put in a strong performance in hurdles. He seized first place in the 110-meter hurdles with a mark of 16.27 seconds. Fisher came in second place in the 300 hurdles, finishing the event in 42.72 seconds.

Freshman Kelby Staley placed second in the boys’ 110-meter hurdles, recording a time of 18.67 seconds.

In girls’ hurdles, junior Shelby Guest pulled into second place with a time of 53.19 seconds.

Freshman Micah Strong snapped up second place in the girls’ 1600-meter run at 6:28.03.

In throwing events, junior Hannah Runyan took third place in the girls’ shot put, clearing 33 feet, 4 1/4 inches. Thomas Howard, also a junior, finished third in the boys’ shot put with a mark of 38 feet, 3 inches.

Senior Karson Cline earned bronze in the boys’ 200-meter dash, crossing the finish line at 25.23 seconds. Senior J.T. Day took third place in the boys’ pole vault, clearing 10 feet.

In relay action, Staley, sophomore A.J. Cunningham, freshman Ben Ferguson and junior Brandon Jones snagged silver in the 4x800-meter at 10:12.19.

Riverton highlights

The girls’ 4x800-meter relay team beat Rawlins by more than 16 seconds to capture gold. Strong, sophomore Morgan Brown, freshman Emma York and freshman Jolynn Jones timed the event in at 11:21.93.

Jenks won both the boys’ 400-meter run and the 110-meter hurdles. Timing the 400 meter in at 50.34, Jenks pulled ahead of the second-place finisher from Lander by 1.5 seconds. In the 110 hurdles, Jenks won by 0.16 seconds, timing at 15.57 seconds.

Guest, Strong, Brown and Jolynn Jones picked up silver in the girls’ 1600-meter sprint medley relay, clocking in at 4:42.29.

Jolynn Jones snagged bronze in the girls’ 1600-meter run with a time of 5:52.73. Guest placed third in the 300-meter hurdles, timing in at 50.39 seconds.

Cline finished third in the boys’ triple jump, clearing 39 feet, 4 inches. Day once again earned bronze in the boys’ pole vault, improving to 10 feet, 4 inches. Fisher captured bronze in the boys’ 110-meter hurdles at 15.91 seconds.

Brandon Jones, freshman Jackie Meador, Ferguson and Jenks came in third place in the 4x800-meter relay at 9:19.87.

Additional girls’ results – Pinedale

  • 3200-meter run: Brynne Hoffman in fourth place at 15:37.61.
  • 100 hurdles: Guest in fourth place at 17.43 seconds, Brown in 16th at 20.70 and Addison Statham in 20th at 23.38.
  • 100 meter: Addison Losik in 16th place at 14.73.
  • 1600 meter: Julia Hymas in sixth place at 7:04.35.
  • 4x100-meter relay: Zoe Long, Charleigh Smith, Statham and Losik in fourth place at 1:03.70.
  • 300 hurdles: Brown in eighth place at 1:01.64.
  • 800 meter: Strong in fourth place at 2:58.23, Hymas in 11th at 3:20.25 and Hoffman in 14th at 3:32.92.
  • 200 meter: Statham in 30th place.
  • Discus: Runyan in fifth place at 94-03 and Taylor Cary in 12th at 72-07.
  • Long jump: Guest in eighth place at 14-06 and Smith in 17th at 12-00 1/2.
  • Pole vault: Hymas in eighth place at 7-00.
  • Shot put: Smith in ninth place at 27-03 1/4, Sierra Keiter in 10th at 27-02, Long in 16th at 26-04 and Cary in 18th at 25-08 1/4.

Additional boys’ results – Pinedale

  • 100 meter: Fisher in fifth place at 11.93, Cline in seventh at 12.09, Wiley Smith in 33rd at 13.23, Day in 37th at 13.36, Hampton Jones in 43rd at 13.58, Riley Talmadge in 51st at 14.36, James McCormick in 56th at 14.85, Logan Visser in 58th at 16.03 and Ivan Silvas in in 59th at 16.68.
  • 1600 meter: Ferguson in 15th place at 6:02.75.
  • 400 meter: Cunningham in 26th place at 1:10.87.
  • 300 hurdles: Staley in sixth place at 49.42.
  • 800 meter: Brandon Jones in eighth place at 2:33.66 and Ferguson in ninth at 2:34.50.
  • 200 meter: Day in 20th place at 27.78, Smith in 21st at 27.89, Talmadge in 29th at 31.41, McCormick in 30th at 33.14, Visser in 31st at 38.02 and Silvas in 32nd at 42.01.
  • Discus: Howard in sixth place at 110-04, Seth Stoutenburg in 13th at 97-10 and Chancee Kaiser in 19th at 26-02.
  • Pole vault: Brandon Jones in fourth place at 10-00 and Hampton Jones in 11th at 8-00.
  • Shot put: Brayden Hymas in ninth place at 34-04 3/4 and Stoutenburg in 15th at 30-10 1/4.

Additional girls’ results – Riverton

  • 100 meter: Statham in 74th place at 16.02 and Smith in 75th at 16.03.
  • 200 meter: Losik in 39th place at 30.73, Ceci Sambrano in 60th at 32.76 and Statham in 66th at 33.17.
  • 400 meter: Losik in 28th place at 1:10.33 and Guest in 56th at 1:27.04.
  • 800 meter: Hymas in 21st at 3:01.86 and Hoffman in 32nd at 3:19.36.
  • 1600 meter: Strong in 10th place at 6:11.54 and Hoffman in 22nd at 6:59.75.
  • 3200 meter: York in ninth place at 12:56.44 and Hymas in 15th at 14:56.09.
  • 100 hurdles: Guest in fourth place at 17.48 and Sambrano in 30th at 22.72.
  • 300 hurdles: Brown in 16th place at 56.40, Sambrano in 22nd at 1:00.22 and Statham in 28th at 1:07.67.
  • Shot put: Runyan in fifth place at 33-08, Smith in 21st at 27-04 3/4, Cary in 27th at 26-03 and Esther Garcia in 44th at 23-08 1/2.
  • Discus: Runyan in ninth place at 90-07, Cary in 17th at 80-11, Smith in 32nd at 69-05, Garcia in 40th at 65-08, Sambrano in 43rd at 64-08 and Losik in 44th at 64-08.

Additional boys’ results – Riverton

  • 100 meter: Barron in 28th place at 27.47, Howard in 46th at 12.89, McCormick in 118th at 15.43, Silvas in 123rd at 16.85 and Aidan Levesque-Vickrey in 124th at 17.47.
  • 200 meter: Fisher in seventh place at 23.75, Cline in 15th at 24.24, Cunningham in 97th at 28.62, Hampton Jones in 109th at 29.45, McCormick in 116th at 33.36, Silvas in 118th at 37.65 and Levesque-Vickrey in 119th at 37.93.
  • 400 meter: Jaron Petty in fifth place at 53.71.
  • 1600 meter: Ferguson in 24th place at 5:34.63 and Cunningham in 30th at 5:43.50.
  • 3200 meter: Brandon Jones in 16th place at 11:51.35.
  • 110 hurdles: Staley in 13th place at 18.93.
  • 300 hurdles: Staley in 10th place at 18.93 and Meador in 16th at 49.69.
  • 4x400 relay: Day, Smith, Cunningham and Cline in eighth place at 4:09.64.
  • 1600 sprint medley relay: Barron, Fisher, Petty and Staley in fifth place at 4:09.49.
  • Long jump: Fisher in 10th place at 17-05, Brandon Jones in 30th at 15-11 and Hampton Jones in 36th at 15-02.
  • Shot put: Howard in 19th place at 35-09, Hymas in 24th at 35-02, Stoutenburg in 51st at 30-02, D.J. Varela in 59th at 28-07, Jorge Garcia in 81st at 25-07 3/4, Levesque-Vickrey in 91st at 22-03 and Kaiser in 99th at 9-09 1/2.
  • Discus: Howard in 15th place at 111-06 1/2, Stoutenburg in 39th at 88-05, Hymas in 47th at 83-00, Varela in 49th place at 81-07, Hampton Jones in 69th at 71-11, Garcia in 77th at 64-03, Levesque-Vickrey in 93rd at 52-07 and Kaiser in 102nd at 26-09.