Public Health announces new vaccine registration system

SUBLETTE COUNTY – Sublette County Public Health is implementing a new vaccine registration system as the county’s vaccine amount remains steady but the amount of those registering to get vaccinated has steadily dropped.

Public Health Nurse Manager Janna Lee announced this move in last week’s COVID-19 briefing. Public Health is moving to a digital system in its drive-through clinics but the registration system remains essentially the same. Those seeking registration can do so at the same website, then go through the new PrepMod registration system. While finding a clinic, people can search via zip code to select whether they want to be vaccinated in north or south county.

Clinic registration is still open May 4 at the fairgrounds before Public Health starts transitioning to smaller clinics in the senior center because of lower numbers. Public Health is once again offering the Johnson and Johnson vaccine in addition to the Moderna vaccine. Lee said they’re in the process of getting ultra-cool storage containers to start receiving the Pfizer vaccine.

During that briefing she went through a PowerPoint presentation on vaccination information. The presentation explained how the vaccines work and what the differences are between the two different kinds of shots. Lee also explained the goal of each vaccine, including the Moderna efficacy rate that shows its 94.1-percent effective against symptomatic transmission and about 99-percent effective against serious illness and hospitalization. She said Pfizer is close to that as well.

Lee also explained that side effects are natural bodily reactions to building an immune response.

She also explained the safety review of the Johnson and Johnson pause before expelling ongoing myths around vaccinations: Vaccines cannot give you an active case of COVID, it cannot affect or interact with DNA, all steps have been taken to ensure vaccine safety and vaccines are continually being monitored for safety. Dr. Brendan Fitzsimmons reiterated that while explaining the basics of cell biology and replication.

Lee said Public Health has fully vaccinated 2,059 people as of the start of this week. That accounts for 2,135 first doses and 1,874 second doses of the Moderna vaccine for a total of 4,009 shots administered. So far 185 doses of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine have been administered.

The Wyoming Department of Health statistics show 25.52 percent of Sublette’s adult population over 18 is fully vaccinated. Neighboring Teton County leads the state’s vaccination rate with 64.81 percent of its adult population vaccinated and 31.04 percent of Sweetwater County’s adult population has been fully vaccinated.

Lee encouraged people to sign up and for those with questions to call Public Health.

In addition to COVID-19 vaccines, Lee explained the various school vaccine clinics that Public Health is coordinating before thanking the school nurses who administer them.

WDH reported 11 new cases of COVID-19 in Sublette County since the April 23 briefing, which brought the active case count to 17 as of April 30. Lee said, on average, about two or three people every day in the county have been confirmed positive with COVID-19 and two to three individuals every week have required hospitalization with more severe symptoms.

“I think what we’re seeing here is that this pandemic is almost becoming an endemic,” Dr. Fitzsimmons said. “In other words, it’s here all the time. We’re seeing this in Wyoming, our numbers have been very steady with something like 60 a day, and that’s been going back two months now.”

Emily Ray said the county’s clinics are continuing to test for COVID-19 while also aiding patients with non-COVID-19 issues. Masks are still required in the clinics and those with questions are welcomed to call the clinics.



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