Predator conflict guide relates real experiences

“Reducing Conflict with Grizzly Bears, Wolves and Elk,”


ranchers Albert Sommers and Cat Urbigkit

named as two of its many contributors,

the new 84-page guide, “Reducing

Conflict with Grizzly Bears, Wolves and

Elk,” readers can be sure they are listening

to voices of experience of conflicts

between wildlife and livestock.

The Western Landowners Alliance

released the online guide of facts, references

and information for anyone who

wants to know more about the subject.

While aimed at landowners and wildlife

managers, it is also relevant to anyone

with conservation concerns about a particular

species or questions about how

ranchers and landowners view predators.

“Each of the contributors in this guide

brings a wealth of real-world experience

in ranching and wildlife management

and knows first-hand the difference between

what looks good on paper and

what works on the ground,” said WLA

spokesman Jon Haubert. “… The private

and publicly owned working landscapes

of the American West are the last best

places, indeed perhaps the last chance,

for these large species to exist in the

lower 48 states.”

The guide addresses crops and forage,

brucellosis, hunting and depredation and

also shares stories and resources. It can

be downloaded as a free pdf at https://


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