Partnerships in Sublette County

I have been the manager of the Sublette County Conservation District for seven years now and I can say that this county is blessed to have the partnerships in place when it comes to natural resource issues and projects. There isn’t a project that doesn’t have multiple partners helping on it, from town, county, state, federal and private organizations. This network makes Sublette County unique in the fact that this hasn’t always happened in other places that I have worked. These partnerships bring a wealth of talent and financial grant writing expertise to assist landowners and public lands within Sublette County.

A couple of examples are the Sublette County Cheatgrass Taskforce, Wildfire Response Team, Sage Grouse Local Working Group, Fremont Lake Advisory Group and the Sublette County Forest Collaborative. These groups as well as others workday in and day out to conserve and put conservation on the ground within Sublette County. Look at the Sublette County Weed and Pest Website ( ) to see presentations on cheatgrass control and projects within the county. You can also see on our website some documents that talk to wildfires and what to do before and after a fire ( Another good resource is to look at the Town of Pinedale’s website to see water quality reports ( regarding Fremont Lake and the town’s drinking water.

As I wrap up this article it snowed overnight, which is a big plus to adding to our meager snowpack helping us hopefully have enough water this summer for all the uses in Sublette County that rely on snowmelt. If you ever have any questions regarding natural resources feel free to contact us and if we don’t know, I will bet that one of our partners does and we will get the answer to you!