Outstanding students recognized

Robert Galbreath photo The SCSD9 May Students of the Month include, from left, Riley Martin, Big Piney Middle School, Clay Lozier, Big Piney Elementary, Steele Lozier, Big Piney Elementary, and Caden Clifford, Big Piney High School.

May 2023

BIG PINEY – The Sublette Count School District No. 9 Board of Trustees recognized four exceptional Students of the Month at its May 16 meeting.

The LaBarge Elementary School May Student of the Month, Jack Corriere, will be honored next fall.

Faculty at Big Piney Elementary School (BPES) nominated two students for the May award. Teacher Megan Kershner presented Clay Lozier as the May Student of the Month for demonstrating an extraordinary work ethic.

“I love watching Clay grow and become a stronger student,” Kershner said.

Lozier treats all those around him with respect and is responsible about completing his schoolwork.

“Other people love to be around Clay and talk to him because he makes everybody laugh,” Kershner remarked.

A fellow teacher at BPES spoke of Lozier’s perseverance.

“Clay is an extremely hard-working student and has progressed so much in school,” the teacher wrote. “He does not give up and he is a cheerleader for other students. When things get challenging, he is patient, kind and friendly to everyone around him. Clay is admirable to the adults and students around him.”

BPES Principal Amy Bell honored Steele Lozier as the May Student of the Month, nominated by teacher Kassidy Wigginton.

Wigginton praised Lozier as a “delight” to teach in the classroom.

“I enjoy Steele’s sense of humor and his curiosity,” Wigginton told trustees. “Steele is respectful to everyone around him and takes great care of anything he is responsible for. We can always count on you to do what you are supposed to do and always ask questions when you are not sure.”

Lozier sets the bar high for himself and “strives for excellence” in each task, said Wigginton. The BPES teacher singled Lozier out for showing “courage of epic proportions” throughout the course of the school year.

“Steele doesn’t let anything hold him back and he jumps in ready to learn,” Wigginton added. “Even when things get frustrating, Steele stands up, dusts himself off and keeps going. We are so proud of you, Steele, for how far you have come this year through your hard work and perseverance.”

Big Piney Middle School (BPMS) Principal Tyler Walker recognized seventh-grader Riley Martin as the May Student of the Month for “putting his peers’s needs before his own.”

“Riley is one of the most selfless students that I have seen in the school system,” Walker said.

BPMS teacher Jacquelyn Todd commended Martin for his “kind-hearted” personality and willingness to help others.

“Riley serves as a peer mentor for our students in the middle school,” Todd wrote. “In class, he is always polite and is not afraid to step up and ask questions or offer assistance to others.”

Art teacher Matt Guenthner complimented Martin’s talents in the studio, stating that Martin will “become a masterful artist.”

Guenthner also applauded Martin’s maturity and willingness to come to the assistance of others.

“Riley marches to his own drummer, but is still part of the greater community and works great with others,” Guenthner said. “His courage to not give in to peer pressure will be an amazing asset to have as he gets older.”

Martin is unafraid to “be his own person,” sad teacher Candace Kennedy.

“I love Riley’s positive attitude and his ability to lighten up a room,” Kennedy said. “Riley is truly what all students should aspire to be.”

Big Piney High School (BPHS) sophomore Caden Clifford received the May Student of the Month award from P.E. teacher Brian Willford for his “outstanding character” in and out of school.

“Caden is a perfect example of a student who meets all of the values at our school,” Willford remarked.

Clifford embodies excellence and is “one of the most respectful students” at BPHS, said Willford.

“Caden always shows respect to staff, students and himself, as well as opponents from other schools when he is competing in athletics,” Willford continued. “I can always count on Caden to do his best.”

Willford described Clifford as a “great leader” who can be counted on to make responsible decisions.

Clifford holds himself and others to a high standard, said science teacher McKenzie Sullivan.

“I know I can always count on Caden to do the right thing, even when my back is turned,” Sullivan added. “He doesn’t slack on any of his commitments and doesn’t let a bad day interfere with his work.”

BPHS Principal Jeff Makelky commended Clifford as a “positive leader” among his peers.

“Excellence comes to mind when I think of this young man’s effort to continually improve himself in the classroom and his athletic activities.”

Social studies teacher Laura Ure called Clifford a “rockstar” at school.

“Caden is selfless and disciplined,” Ure wrote. “He has the heart of a team player. He puts the needs of others in front of his own. Caden is always a leader to the upperclassmen – he pushes them to be better people.”

A “great future” awaits Clifford because of his work ethic, dedication and determination, said teacher Jennifer Kozeal.

“Caden – what can you say and still give justice to this hard-working, unique and intelligent young man,” said Kozeal. “He has made such a positive impact in out building and every sports team he has been part of. I feel lucky I get to be part of Caden’s story, which I am sure is far from over, and will continue to be great.”