Multiple grizzlies relocated from north of Pinedale

PINEDALE – Just a few days after Wyoming Game and Fish Department captured and relocated a sub-adult male grizzly bear from north of Pinedale without incidents; the department successfully captured and relocated an adult male grizzly bear following incidents.

On July 14, Game and Fish – in cooperation with U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and Shoshone National Forest – successfully captured an adult male grizzly after it killed cattle on a U.S. Forest Service grazing allotment north of Pinedale. The entities involved were able to move the bear to Five Mile Creek drainage about five miles from the east entrance of Yellowstone National Park.

Three days earlier, Game and Fish captured the sub-adult male grizzly while mitigating cattle depredation north of Pinedale. It was relocated to the Long Creek drainage, about 14 miles northwest of Dubois.

Relocation, in accordance with state and federal law, is based on the age, sex and type of conflict the bear was involved in, as well as human activity in the area. Bears that are considered threats to human safety are not relocated.