Motion made to join Bohm, Covell trials


Courtesy photos

SUBLETTE COUNTY – The separate trials of two Marbleton residents facing almost identical charges for meth delivery and possession might be joined together into one trial for both.

Jayden L. Bohm and Leon E. Covell IV were charged separately – after the same series of incidents – with felony meth delivery, conspiracy to commit a meth delivery and meth possession – and both pleaded not guilty in 9th District Court with both jury trials “stacked” to begin July 17, court records show.

They were arrested after one confidential source contacted Sublette County Detective Karson Turner on Jan. 20 to claim they could help set up a meth deal with Bohm at the Spur Bar, records show. On Feb. 3, a different confidential source contacted Turner about another meth deal that Covell allegedly participated in, according to court records.

Sublette County Deputy Attorney Adrian Kowalski filed the trial-joinder motion in late April.

“Here, joinder is appropriate because both Ms. Bohm and Mr. Covell are charged with the same offenses, which arise of the same set of acts or transactions and there is minimal if ant apparent prejudice,” he wrote. “The same witness testimony and evidence is expected to be produced in both trials.”

Both had bonds set at $15,000 cash only; both later posted reduced surety bonds.

Covell was arrested May 10 for a bond violation.

Their pretrial conferences are set for June 22 at 10 a.m. and 11 a.m. in 9th District Court.