Morris family – ‘2022 Landowners of the Year’

G&F names Mountain Springs Ranch near Boulder

SUBLETTE COUNTY – Every year, Wyoming Game and Fish recognizes “landowners of the year” statewide who show outstanding efforts for wildlife management, habitat improvement and conservation.

The DeWitt and Katherine Morris family, which owns Mountains Springs Ranch about 9 miles northeast of Boulder in Sublette County, is one of seven 2022 Landowners of the Year. The family placed part of the ranch, which lays within the Sublette Mule Deer Migration Corridor, under a conservation easement. It provides crucial winter and year-round habitat for moose and winter habitat for elk and the ranch sits within sage-grouse core habitat.

“During the initial start-up of the Sublette County Invasives Taskforce, the ranch was one of the first to sign up and allow treatment of invasive cheatgrass,” according to Game and Fish. “The family allows Game and Fish and other partners to monitor cheatgrass treatment work and follow-up applications at various locations.”

The ranch borders the Scab Creek elk feedground and the family is active in assisting with hunter access, especially for veterans and youth during the late antlerless elk seasons.

The family also has assisted Game and Fish with brucellosis elk trapping efforts at the Scab Creek elk feedground.
The family has worked with Game and Fish and other agencies to convert fences to wildlife-friendly standards. The ranch is home to Camp GROW– Green River Outreach for Wilderness Foundation – a nonprofit organization founded in 2009 to introduce others to wild places. 


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