Mocieka hearing now March 23

Courtesy photo

SUBLETTE COUNTY – An evidence suppression hearing set for March 9 in a felony drug case was rescheduled because one of the deputies was undergoing medical treatment out of town.

The evidence suppression hearing is on behalf of defendant Tanner C. Moceika, of LaBarge and Marbleton, charged in 9th District Court with one felony count of meth possession.

Public defender Rachel Weksler requested the hearing to call Sublette County deputies Danielle Cooper and Krystal Mansur to testify about their search of Moceika’s home after finding an unlatched door, records show. Weksler claimed that their search was illegal and evidence obtained should be suppressed.

Sublette County Deputy Attorney Adrian Kowalski refuted the defense claim and Judge Kate McKay continued the evidence suppression hearing to Thursday, March 23, at 1:30 p.m.