Miller adds new event to Big Piney Fall Fest

A dream job is one you

wait seven years for even while you love the

job you already have.

“The staff here is amazing and everybody

does their fair share and more,” said

Big Piney Library Director Tawnya Miller,

promoted to the position last month.

When Miller first started working at the

Big Piney Library, her job was covering

books. Over the years, Miller’s enthusiasm

for the library as host of unique, educational

and interesting events gave her an outlet to

bring her creativity to the forefront.

Miller now has two loose-leaf notebooks

filled with posters for her brainstormed

“free” ideas that can brighten quiet evenings

and weekends.

From the free DIY classes, when residents

offer to share a skill or hobby with

others, to the upcoming Big Piney Fall Festival

on Oct. 5, Miller takes great pride in

what the Big Piney Library brings to the

community. Topics have ranged from soap

making to stained glass to serious aspects of

women’s and local history.

“The DIYs are all straight from members

of the community,” she said. “I didn’t necessarily

need to start that.”

Miller’s big move last month from the

library staff’s third desk to the larger first

desk in a line – acquiring a pink and gold

“Boss Lady” mug along the way – means

she will write more grant applications and

take charge of all acquisitions. As director,

Miller plans to talk to patrons and find out

what they want or need from the Big Piney


As populations of Big Piney and Marbleton

decline with the economic slowdown,

Miller said she continues to undertake outreach

and plan more intergenerational activities

to strengthen connections between

residents and the library.

“I love my community and this job gives

me the opportunity, along with my awesome

coworkers to impact the community

in a positive way and do some really cool

stuff,” she said.

Two events she has created for the library,

April’s Heritage Month and October’s

Fall Festival, will stay on her plate.

The library’s first Fall Festival emerged

five years ago with willing staff, volunteers

and businesspeople pitching in as vendors

or hosting autumn-inspired games like

building scarecrows and bobbing for apples.

Each year, Miller reaches out a little farther

and last year, Fall Festival had 47 vendors.

Past vendors have offered everything

from teeth whitening to photography to essential

oils and snacks, as well as kid and

adult beverages

Having a Fall Festival vendor space is

Courtesy photo

New Big Piney Library Director Tawnya Miller is looking forward to the upcoming Fall Festival on Oct. 5.

Miller adds new event to Big Piney Fall Fest

By Joy Ufford, [email protected]

totally free, according to Miller, who invites

anyone who wants to sell almost anything,

raise money for school trips or benefit a

nonprofit to contact her at the library to reserve

a space. The only request she makes

is that vendors commit to the new 10 a.m. to

1 p.m. timeframe, earlier this year so people

can continue on to the Big Piney Homecoming

girls’ volleyball games at 1 p.m.

This year the Big Piney-Marbleton

Community Development Group will be

awarding a prize to the booth showing the

most Puncher Pride. As it is Homecoming

weekend that weekend, we encourage vendors

to decorate their booths with red and white.

One new attraction this year is the firstever

special Glamper (glamorous camper)

Gathering to owners of vintage camper

trailers and RVs – in any stage or era of

renovation – to come and park outside the

Big Piney Library. Miller has two vintage

campers of her own that she plans to tow

into town for people to view and others are

welcome to sign up.

The 2019 Big Piney Library’s Fall Festival

is on Saturday, Oct. 5, from 10 a.m. to

1 p.m. For more information about being a

vendor or bringing a “glamper,” call Tawnya

Miller at 307-276-3515 or email her at

[email protected]


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