Migration corridor documentary released

WYOMING – A new wildlife documentary highlighting obstacles in Wyoming’s migration corridors was released last week.

Barriers, produced by the Wyoming migration Initiative at the University of Wyoming, showcases the struggles hooved animals face in Wyoming and tells the story through migration data and maps. Specifically, the film centers around three major obstacles: fences, roadways and new developments.

“Almost everyone who spends time in open spaces has encountered the remains of an animal that suffered from one of these barriers,” the film’s co-producer Gregory Nickerson said. “We hope this film makes clear that research and technology can help us move beyond just accepting these losses. People have the tools to help animals keep moving.”

The film, which was released Tuesday, Jan. 18, draws upon years of cooperation with various researchers and entities.

Much of the film focuses on elk, mule deer and other large game, but it also shows how biologists across the globe conserve migratory ungulate populations.

Barriers is available on YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook now.