Meeks' assault: Critical of no arrests yet

The back parking lot of the Cowboy Bar, where Chris Meeks was found badly beaten and unconscious.

SUBLETTE COUNTY, Wyo. – The victim of a recent brutal assault on Saturday, July 9, Chris Meeks and friends plan to address Sublette County commissioners at their July 19 meeting about the lack of any arrests in the aftermath of his beating behind the Cowboy Bar.

Meeks was found unconscious around 11:55 p.m. behind the Cowboy Bar after a restless and rowdy crowd brought a series of calls for law enforcement presence – almost all about the Corral Bar. Sheriff KC Lehr said the last full night of the Green River Rendezvous was the most hectic he’d seen in 10 years.

Meeks was life-flighted early Sunday morning, July 10, from the Pinedale Clinic after two off-duty EMTs stabilized his injuries; he had to be resuscitated during the flight to Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center. He was treated in the ICU and left the same day to recuperate, according to a family friend.

“He looks bad, but better than when he was released (he was unrecognizable),” the friend said. “He will require some surgeries and they are worried about blood clots right now. He sleeps quite a bit so I hope it isn’t too much for him.”

No arrests

Facebook updates said Meeks’s friends and Meeks himself wanted to address the commissioners to find out why no one has been arrested although some people apparently saw the assailant run away from the bar and jump into a vehicle.

They divided blame between the Sublette County Attorney’s Office and Sublette County Sheriff’s Office, which is responsible for investigating allegations and turning evidence over to the county attorney.

The family friend asked to not be identified because she was threatened by a woman she considers a suspect; the information was reported to SCSO investigator Lance Gehlhausen, she said.

Monday, Sublette County Clerk Carrie Long confirmed that she received a call that morning asking what time Meeks could address the county board about the lack of arrests for his assault. Meeks or his friends could speak during the public comment period, about 12:30 p.m. on Tuesday, July 19, she advised.


“I’m aware of the posts,” Sheriff Lehr said Monday. “I’m not concerned. Our investigator has been in touch with Chris and his family since he returned from the hospital keeping them updated on the process of the investigation.”

Asked if two certain people – Misty Jones and Chett Whitman – had been interviewed about the assault, the sheriff said, “I know both Misty and Chett have been questioned with regards to the Meeks assault. I can’t elaborate on their involvement at this point in time.”

Because of numerous issues on the Sublette County commissioners’ agenda beginning at 9 a.m., Clerk Long announced it would be live-streamed on Zoom at this link: Commission Meeting, Meeting ID: 891 3589 2014, Passcode: 096299.