Mayor proclaims September ‘Hunger Action Month’

MARBLETON – With all the volunteer hours Marbleton town officials and staff spend on helping with food-drive distributions, the decision to approve September as “Hunger Action Month” was simple.

Kay Robertson is manager of The Community Food Closet, which is partnered with Food Bank of Wyoming to distribute without questions to help curb hunger. She was on the Marbleton Town Council’s Sept. 12 agenda to read the proclamation.

In Sublette County, 12.1 percent struggle with food insecurity and one in six children don’t know where their next meal is coming from, she said. In the county, 1,190 residents depend on Food Bank of Wyoming and the Food Closet’s generosity.

Mayor Jim Robinson completed the proclamation, saying, “We’re glad to be of assistance. Our Marbleton employees rise time and time again.”

The full council – Jeff McCormick on the phone, Roger McMannis, BJ Meador, Robinson and Karen Wenz approved the proclamation.

Visiting FBW officials thanked Robertson and the Marbleton community for its support.

“We are here to support Kay and we couldn’t do it without our volunteers, so thank you very much, Kay, for everything you’ve done for the Food Bank of Wyoming.”

It is really important for communities to keep their neighbors in mind and to volunteer, donate and advocate to relieve hunger and food insecurity.

“It’s a pleasure to live in a small community like this,” the mayor said. “We wouldn’t be where we are without our volunteers.”

Other agenda items related to community generosity – the council approved contracts for services of advertising to the Big Piney Booster Club for $500, to the Big Piney Sports Calendar for $175 and a Puncher corporate sponsorship for $100.

The council also approved its annual $10 contract with Sublette County Unified Fire.

Pumpkin walk

Plans for this year’s Jack-O-Lantern Jamboree chili cook-off, pumpkin pie contest and pumpkin-decorating contest (with adult and junior divisions) took shape with town clerk Shannon McCormick and deputy clerk Ashley Jones in charge. They are considering having a panel “of dedicated judges” for the chili and pumpkin pie entries.

“The council is good with letting you have it,” Robinson said.

Last year’s very popular jamboree took place inside and out with a pumpkin walk and ghostly, creepy effects.

The Jack-O-Lantern Jamboree will be on Friday, Oct. 28, at the Marbleton Town Hall, more details to follow.

Other business

Carlos Montes appeared before the council to request a conditional use permit (CUP) to install a 1995 doublewide home in town on his property. Tim Tolton told the council it was sitting on his property and he told Montes if the council allowed the CUP, they would “move it to town."

Town zoning doesn’t allow trailers more than 10 years old without the permit, which the zoning board approved. The council approved the CUP.

“I’m in favor – he has his own property,” Meador said. “I started out with a trailer house.”

A public hearing was opened for the second reading of Ordinance #2022-04, Liquor License Fee by Resolution; it was approved. A public hearing was opened for Resolution #2022-06, Rezoning/ Affirming Rezoning, to complete the clarification of The Painted Kettle’s building as a commercial building at Rob’s Roost.

Sam Bixler updated the council on submitting an ARPA grant request for two new water wells and one tank; the council approved sending him to Cheyenne for the State Loan and Investment Board’s Oct. 5 meeting. He described two upcoming grant programs and a third round of federal money available soon from the Inflation Reduction Act.

Bixler also told councilmembers of the Wyoming Business Alliance’s Governor’s Forum on Nov. 14-15 that he plans to attend and suggested they consider memberships.

“We spend a lot of money trying to attract businesses here,” Robinson said. “This could be a next good step to network. Good for the community; it’s probably money well spent.”

Flicks N’ Pins manager Mike Orham reported men’s and women’s bowling leagues start Oct. 3 and he’ll order about 40 cases of new pins. And although movies are slow right now, he’s expecting big screen hits beginning Oct. 21.




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