Maxfield elected as Big Piney mayor

Joy Ufford photo Council member Tyler Maxfield withdrew his name as candidate for the Big Piney Town Council and won as a write-in for mayor. Former Mayor Michelle Hymas did not seek re-election to the mayor position but secured enough write-in votes for the council seat.

Incumbents are reelected in Marbleton

Marbleton and

Big Piney municipal elections went off without

a hitch on Tuesday, May 14, resulting

in one brand new mayor, one new councilmember

and three returning to their seats.

In Marbleton, the larger of the two towns,

the two town council incumbents and declared

candidates Jeff McCormick and

Roger McMannis were reelected by 53 voters.

They will be sworn in at the Marbleton

Town Council’s June 10 regular meeting,

according to town clerk Shannon McCormick.

Marbleton has a total of 296 registered

voters, according to deputy county clerk

Tracey Hoover.

The races in Big Piney were a little more

suspenseful, with three council seats and the

mayoral position potentially opening up.

The ballot was open to write-in candidates

who also made their intentions known.

Write-in Tyler Maxfield was elected with

52 votes as mayor to replace Michelle Hymas,

who had stepped up from her previous council

seat. A total of 63 voters cast ballots of 163


Maxfield’s two-year council seat goes to

write-in Hymas, with 30 votes, followed by

write-ins Zach Wenz with six votes, Seth

Linn with two and Stafford Polk with two.

Single votes were also cast for Dick

Wenz, Sherri Redden, Matthew Guenther,

Cole Clifford, incumbent Scott Scherbel

(whose term isn’t over) and Joanie Christie.

Incumbent Sherri Redden narrowly held

onto her four-year seat at 29 votes with the

two council openings going to the top two

vote-getters. Stafford Polk gathered 37 votes

and will also be sworn in to join Scherbel,

Hymas and Redden.

Challengers Zach Wenz received 28

votes, Laura Clark had 14, Matthew Guenther

had two and single votes went to Hymas

and William Farringtin.

Big Piney election winners will be sworn

in at Big Piney Town Hall before the June

18 meeting so they can take their seats at that

time, according to town clerk Kristi Gray.


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