Market report - April 4

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Riverton Livestock Auction feeder cattle sales report

Receipts: 586. Last Week: 454. Last Year: 530. Compared to last Tuesday, on a light offering; slaughter cows mostly steady, slaughter bulls steady instances 1.00 higher, feeder cows steady, feeder calves compared to two weeks ago: steady to 2.00-3.00 higher, instances 8.00-15.00 on replacement quality heifers. Demand moderate to good. Slaughter cows accounted for approximately 4 percent of the run, slaughter bulls 2 percent, feeder cows 3 percent, feeder bulls 2 percent, calves 89 percent with 61 percent steers calves, 39 percent heifers of which 54 percent weighed over 600 lbs.

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