Marbleton proclaims Arbor Day


Courtesy photos Marbleton staff Todd Brown and Tim Murphy, from left, councilmember Roger McMannis, and Nate Wilson from Wyoming State Forestry shovel some dirt around the new tree. Roger McMannis, right, reads the Arbor Day Proclamation while councilmember BJ Meador and town clerk Shannon McCormick show off their Tree City USDA banner. Todd Brown holds the new tree upright as Tim Murphy waits in the backhoe.

Marbleton staff dug a hole and planted the town’s Arbor Day tree on May 17 right before the rainstorm came! They planted a lanceleaf cottonwood at the Marbleton Community Fishing Pond, along with three other lanceleaf cottonwoods and one Canadian cherry, said rec center manager Eddy Delgado and parks-streets supervisor Kara Losik.