Marbleton passes FY 2023-2024 budget

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SUBLETTE COUNTY – The Marbleton Town Council approved its upcoming $2.67-million budget after its third reading at a special meeting on Monday, June 19.

Councilmembers Jeff McCormick, Roger McMannis, BJ Meador and Karen Wenz approved Ordinance No. 2023-02 for the Fiscal Year beginning July 1, 2023, and ending June 30, 2024, and Mayor Jim Robinson signed it.

Town Clerk Shannon McCormick prepared the final document that shows Marbleton’s cash reserves and committed funds totaling $2,669,817.

These include Taxes & Royalties, $734,000; Licenses & Permits, $8,400; Intergovernmental Revenue, $120,000; Capitol Projects Grants, $1,009,717; Misc Revenue, $470,000; Water Revenues, $189,500, and Sewer Revenues, $135,200.

Fiscal Year 2023-2024 expenses are budgeted to total $2,669,817. This includes Town Administration, $578,807; Legal/ Judicial, $84,000; Fire $10, Animal Control, $44,300; Streets, $536,500; Parks, $458,500; Capital Projects, $633,000; Big Piney Airport, $10,000; Water Expenses, $189,500 and Sewer Expenses, $135,200.

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