Marbleton calls March19 emergency meeting

Joy Ufford photo The Marbleton-Big Piney Medical Clinic is asking people to drive up to the front of the building and talk to a medical professional. Marbleton employees volunteer to help guide visitors when the clinic is open.

MARBLETON – Minutes after Gov. Mark Gordon closed all nonessential busi- nesses in the state, Mayor Jim Robinson opened an emergency meeting March 19 at Marbleton Town Hall with a full council and staff – seated in widely spaced chairs placed around the meeting room.

Other than the council and staff, the only other attendee in person was Big Piney Mayor Tyler Maxfield.

Robinson called the emergency meet- ing the day before, asking people to call in – via conference call – after hearing that the town’s movie theater and bowling alley Flicks ’N Pins might have to close.

“I just don’t think that’s the mayor’s job,” he said. “I think it’s a mayor and council and community discussion.”

Marbleton has been proactive in facing the coronavirus pandemic, he added, start- ing with staff discussions several weeks ago advising to give people space, wash hands well and for people feeling sick to stay home until they get better, he said.

The town also covered employees’ flu shots if anyone had missed one and began cleaning

and wiping surfaces in high-traffic areas. “Marbleton is not panicked but we are concerned,” Robinson said. “I feel person-

ally concerned.”
Two Marbleton employees, Shannon Mc-

Cormick and Sam Bixler, are the contacts for anyone needing assistance or wanting to vol- unteer while a countywide volunteer system is set up and enacted, possibly by Tuesday.

“We’ve got a lot of people calling to volunteer, which is one of the great things about small communities,” he said.

“If you are feeling sick, call the Marble- ton clinic first at 276-3306,” he added. “Call Town Hall at 276-3815 if you have any questions and they can relay them to us and we will find an answer.”

Robinson read the first paragraph of the Governor’s Order to close most public places except essential services through April 3.

He surveyed councilmembers Mack Bradley, Roger McMannis, BJ Meador and Jeff McCormick as well as the theater/ bowling alley manager Mike Orham, who all agreed the town’s entertainment facility

Jwould close that night.
Before April 3, the status can be revis-

ited, he added. Orham said some employ- ees want to work and will tackle chores and cleaning.

Mayor Maxwell said the contacts in Big Piney are Kristi Gray and Josh Rogers at 276-3554 and Robinson said Marbleton staff would pass along any calls they get. Anyone with needs or with time to volunteer also can email [email protected]

“If you know someone in need we would like them on our list of people to reach out to, even the ‘too proud to ask,’” he said. “Let us know.”

He also encouraged the public to support local businesses like The Bench Grill and

Waterhole #3 by ordering a take-out lunch – “These are trying, trying times and will take a big chunk of revenue away from our businesses. Shop local as much as possible.”

Marbleton employees started contacting businesses about the statewide closure after the meeting and by Friday morning, every- thing was closed except convenience stores and The Bench Grill and Waterhole #3, both serving take-out only. Marbleton Liquor is closed but selling alcohol through its drive- up window.

Marbleton Town Hall will remain open regular hours, closed for lunch from 12 to 1 p.m. People are asked to call 276-3815 or email [email protected] and come into the building only if necessary. Marbleton also has a Facebook page.


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