Lummis part of group asking for carbon capture update

WYOMING – U.S. Sen. Cynthia Lummis joined a bipartisan group of senators sending a letter to the White House Council on Environmental Quality’s Chair Brenda Mallory about carbon capture technology use. The group pressed Mallory to update Congress to what extent the Utilizing Significant Emissions With Innovative Technologies, or USE IT, Act has been implemented.

The bipartisan legislation was designed to support research into carbon utilization and direct air capture.

Thirteen senators attached their signatures to the letter.

The letter states carbon capture projects have been internationally recognized as an essential element in reducing carbon dioxide emissions. It also recognizes the ability to maximize development of these projects will require the creation of pipeline networks capable of transporting captured carbon dioxide to markets for commercial use or to reservoirs for permanent sequestration.

“A key barrier limiting CCUS project deployment has been the complicated maze of permitting requirements,” the letter reads. “Therefore, CEQ will play a pivotal role in implementing the law and removing barriers to encourage these innovative projects.”

The letter requested a full accounting to Congress on the progress by June 10 and every three months thereafter.

“Wyoming is the biggest net energy supplier in the United States, but we are also hard at work to ensure we produce that energy in the cleanest manner possible,” Sen. Lummis said. “I want our innovation here at home to help drive America’s continued energy dependence.”