Lots of changes!

New facility under remodel.

Sublette County Conservation District is

in the middle of a lot of changes this winter.

In January, SCCD broke ground on a remodel

of a building we purchased last year.

The remodel will create the necessary office

and lab space for staff to conduct business

efficiently. The building is located at 217

Country Club Lane in Pinedale. With the

purchase of our own building in December

of 2017, the Board of Supervisors will be

able to achieve the long-term goal of SCCD

having our own building and getting away

from having to pay monthly rent. We are

excited to now have all staff and equipment

in one building.

We had plans to bring our sister federal

agency, the Natural Resource and Conservation

Service, with us, but after two canceled

requests for proposals, they will not

be moving with us at this time. The board

is still interested in sharing a roof with them

in the future, so if and when the federal

government decides to reissue an RFP for

NRCS’s lease we will throw another proposal


This spring we are starting the Roosevelt

Fire revegetation and restoration project.

This is a multi-agency effort to address

natural resource issues within the Roosevelt

Fire burn area that occurred in 2018. SCCD

will work with land-management agencies

and private landowners to reduce erosion,

monitor revegetation and mitigate grazing

from the affected area. This is similar to the

Lots of changes!

From Michael Henn, SCCD district manager

effort that occurred as a result of the Fontenelle

and Cliff Creek fires.

We are also assessing and making

changes to our surface water-quality program

in order to better understand the health

of the waters within our county and analyze

change over time based upon the historical

data that has been collected over the years.

We are excited about the knowledge that

Brad Blackwell, our new surface water program

manager, has brought to the program.

SCCD is planning an open house when

we get moved into the new building, so stay

tuned for an announcement later this year.

As always, if you have any questions regarding

natural resources within the county,

feel free to contact our office at 367-2257.

– The Sublette County Conservation

District posts an article once a month with

news and updates. Visit https://www.sublettecd.

com/ for more information about

programs and events.


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