‘Life. Are You Ready?’

Students participate in real-life challenges

The Sublette County

Fairgrounds will be the location on Oct. 8

of a party, a car crash and a trial.

The Wyoming chapter of Students

Against Destructive Decisions has partnered

with the Sublette County Sheriff’s

Department, Wyoming Highway Patrol

and Sublette County Emergency agencies

for a freshman impact program.

The “Life. Are You Ready” program

uses the morning to conduct seven stations

focused on educating students on traffic

safety issues, vaping, social media dangers

and impaired driving.

Each station will demonstrate to freshmen

and sophomore students from both

Big Piney and Pinedale high schools

simulated life experiences and how

certain decisions can have life-altering


Sublette County Sheriff K.C. Lehr explained

to members of the Pinedale Town

Council that the education portion of the

program project will be followed by a

“mock” party and decisions students make

at that party will result in a “mock” crash.

Lehr said the air ambulance is going to

participate to make the entire process more


This year, the county received a grant

from the state chapter of SADD. The project,

geared toward freshmen entering high

school, will also be expanded to include


“I hope it is successful and we can do it

every year,” Lehr said.


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